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Cultured boy!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Yesterday Owen had his first trip to the theatre.  We went to see Peppa Pig, the live stage show.  I was slightly concerned how an 8 month old wee boy would take to the theatre but he totally loved it!

As usual I had free tickets as I was writing a review so we had really good seats, we also got spoilt rotten in the interval!  We had exclusive use of the stalls bar with Owen getting free ice cream from lovely Joyce – which he also loved, although it was cold, don’t you know?!

Having some ice cream at the interval of Peppa Pig

Now I’m not saying he sat still right through the performance, he spent most of the time either standing on my lap or sitting on my hand on the arm of the chair!  But he watched most of the show, with just a few distractions of other children playing with their fibre optic light stick toys from the merchandise stand.  We had taken his George toy (that’s Peppa’s brother for those of you who are out of the loop) and he cuddled/sucked that for some of the time.

By the end of the show he was grinning like a loon, although so obviously fighting sleep as he’s not used to being out that late (yes folks it was after 5pm when it finished!).  Luckily nursery had been really helpful and given him his afternoon nap early so he was fresh and ready for the 4pm show but he was asleep almost as soon as I put him in the car seat when Daddy picked us up afterwards.

Theatre funs is tiring

All in all his first theatre trip was a great success and the way he smiled at me at the end, clapping his hands, I could tell he was saying “thank you Mummy, that was AWESOME”!  Just hope I can keep him away from all the merchandise now, he could end up bankrupting us and turning our house pink!! 

Joys of a long weekend

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Tomorrow is a local holiday so I’m off work and enjoying that glorious Sunday evening when you DON’T have to go to work the next day!  Guess I will get that quite a bit more soon as my maternity leave has now been sorted out at work.  A lovely lady is currently having the odd bit of training here and there with the plan being that she starts properly on Monday 31st August and then I finish on Thursday 3rd September.  Baby due on 5th October so that gives me 4 weeks to sit around and look at my huge bump and encourage it to come on time!  Apparently I have to spend some time on my hands and knees too so that baby gets into the right position to pop out easily.  Yes, I’ve been reading up! 

Bryan and I went to our first joint ante natal class last Tuesday.  Crickey, never mind sex ed in schools, just send in a mid wife with her tales of “Mum’s first Poo”, stitches and everything else and I doubt anyone there will ever want to risk it!  We did learn some new stuff so it was useful, and strangely in a class of 8 couples we knew 2 of the other couples!  Dave and Jenny were there who I kinda shared a flat with the year I met Bryan.  Really quite weird that both couples are still together 11 years later and due to have their first babies within the same month!  Bryan went to uni with one of the other guys, although he can’t remember having met his lady before so not sure if she’s a more recent addition!!

Since I last blogged I’ve been to Ray’s leaving do (moving from K10 to 4MS), Gill’s 30 birthday spa break at Ardoe House (lovely dinner and scalp massage, not at same time), Edinburgh to visit Angela and Louise (managed to also see Lorna and Jennie), Ray and Nicole’s for a bbq and then again to learn Lucas’ bedtime routine so we can babysit sometime!

The spa break was lovely, there were just 4 of us went.  We made use of the pool, had a lovely dinner, bed and breakfast and had a treatment each.  Well actually, Julie didn’t want one so I was cheeky and had two…  Gill had never had “proper” champagne before so the rest of us arranged for us to be served some when we got to the bar before dinner.  I must admit I had a wee splash, couldn’t resist!

Gill, Sarah, Julie and Maria with champers More photos on Flickr.

The next day 3 of us went to the cinema on the way home to see My Sister’s Keeper.  Oh dear, how sad?!  It’s a really good, well acted movie but not good for hormonal pregnant ladies.

My trip to Edinburgh went well, Angela was a wonderful hostess and spoilt me rotten with lovely cherries and salads and stuff.  We spent Saturday at the Botanics and the weather was just glorious for us.
Girlies in the gardens!More photos on Flickr.

This weekend is mostly about relaxing with my feet up but I did go to the theatre on Friday night with Gill’s 4 year old son Dan.  I had been asked to review The Tweenies and he seemed like a fitting companion for such a job!

Health wise I am keeping better since my little scare the other week.  I did nearly faint again more recently but nurse Bryan knew what he was doing this time and we were soon able to continue on our way to work.  Must admit I’m quite relieved the hot weather did not last any longer than it did.  I am now eating 6 meals a day and drinking tons of water and that seems to keep me right.  Bump is growing steadily, so much so that some people have been rather surprised when I’ve said I’m not due until October.  I had some more tests done last time I was at the midwife; everything is fine and dandy so that’s good!

Bryan took some fab photos today for our “family album”.  Here’s a wee example:
Maria Robertson - PregnantMore photos on his Flickr page.

And I think that’s about me up to date! 

Must slow down!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

April was a busy month, went to the theatre to do reviews three times for a start.  Saw Measure for Measure which was quite hard viewing as I’m not used to listening to Shakespearean speak.  It was also really long and pregnant ladies like me do need to pee occassionally so I was wiggling lots by the end!  Then there was the bizarre Interiors.  Lastly was After Mary Rose, will add the link once my review goes online!  Added 4th May.

I was out at the theatre 4 days in a row this week, once for Mary Rose and 3 times for the wonderful Carmen and the bizarre but captivating Lying, Cheating, Stealing by the Scottish Ballet.  This time I was able to watch the take a class as well, quite interesting to see the dancers just being themselves – and to see them doing the splits – just to stretch themselves!!  The show was amazing, I loved the costumes and the dancing.  LCS had music by Icebreaker which gave fantastic opportunities for the dancers to show off their choreography to the full but I don’t think I could have sat and listened to the album! 

As I was helping out I got to go back stage and see some of the gorgeous costumes close up.  One night I left at the same time as one of the amazing dancers as well, William Smith, and got all star struck and tongue tied.  Just like a teenager with a crush!  On Saturday between watching them take a class and do the Matinee I sat in the sun in the park and saw quite a lot of them coming and going which thrilled me, yes I’m easily pleased.  Was quite bemused to only see them eating or drinking two things – coffee and cigerettes!  Hmm, what happened to “my body is a temple”?!

As a contrast to my theatre trips this week I also went to the cinema with my friend Gill and her two children.  We went to a preview of Coraline which was really good!  Wee four year old Daniel summed it up at the end by saying “it was very good but I don’t want the DVD as it was Scary!”  I loved it lots and probably will need the DVD although not sure if it’ll be as good at home when you don’t have the amazing 3D aspect!

Other than being cultural, I have been slowly growing.  Yes baby bump has now appeared, as I did previously blog.  I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and it started to appear 2 weeks ago.  I thought I would be able to wear my old size 14 clothes for quite some time but apparently not!  So have done some shopping and now have enough maternity clothes to keep me covered!  this week coming I have my second mid wife appointment and my first ante natal class so it will be quite exciting!  I have already learnt one thing – its antE natal, not antI natal.  I sent out a communication to all the members at work with the wrong spelling.  Oops.  For those who don’t know anti is against something and ante is before something.  Once pregnant you should not be anti natal.  Unfortunately spelling has never been my strength!

I am now trying to calm my social life down ready for the baby coming and stuff.  May’s diary is a lot less hectic than April’s, and I did lots of fun stuff in April so I have lots of happy memories to keep me going!  I had my birthday; Bryan and I’s trip to Edinburgh; the theatre trips; a visit from our friend Gary and the Robertsons when I got to change my first nappy; some meals out with different friends; a visit from my Aunt Kathleen, Uncle John and cousin Claire to see the house; Claire stayed over and we walked round Perwinnes Moss, played Wii, had pizza, went to the ice cream van, and had lunch and shopping trip to town!  I did my last waitressing job until baby’s old enough to leave, I was quite useless as I got tired far too quickly, I just have no energy anymore so won’t be working again.  Will miss the teamwork of it though, the caterers I work for have a lovely team, so I will look forward to going back next year sometime!

I had a weekend with my lovely pal Jennie, down in Edinburgh.  We did a lot of chatting and sofa worshipping.  Also some shopping, we met our friend Lorna in Loopy Lorna’s Tea House (no relation!) which had the scariest toilet but very yummy cakes!  Photos on my flickr page, along with some other photos from the weekend!  There’s also photos of Jennie and I’s attempt to make some easter bunnies, the kit was for age 5+ but I think there must have been an upper age limit as we didn’t seem to do very well…  Was exhausted by the time I got the train home, even though we tried not to do anything that would tire me out!  Silly lack of energy!  When I got home I had to make lots of fuss of the cats as it was actually Benson and George’s 2nd birthday that Sunday – my wee boys are growing up!

Benson inspects their birthday haul

So that’s me up to date!  Hope all is well with you and yours too!

Week off

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Finally, Bryan and I got a week of work, well I did, he could still only get 3 days bless him!  We went down to Edinburgh for the 3 days.  To make up for not getting our wedding anniversary night in a nice hotel I booked us into The Scotsman Hotel, which was lovely.  The staff were so caring and attentive, the room was lovely, and breakfast was.. well as I was told on check in – award winning!  I fell in love with the bathroom, it had a huge bath with shower attachment if you needed it plus a separate shower cubicle with multi jets (although I wasn’t sure mini bump would like those).  There was even a night light under the sink so you could see the doorway in the dark and then it was light enough in the bathroom to have a pee or whatever without turning the main light on and waking yourself up – genius!

Whilst in Edinburgh we managed to meet up with a different lady each night for dinner – I’m so kind to Bryan!  Hee hee!  We saw Jennie the first night at the Albannach which is a pub Bryan and I used to eat in quite regularly.  Then we met Lyndsay the next night at Grape, she’s now back in the country planning her wedding after 2 years in Australia with Kieron so we had a lot of catching up to do! 

We also managed to visit some shops and go to the cinema and see The Boat That Rocked – which I totally loved!  Ooh and I only took one photo our whole trip which was this cute wee guy

On the Wednesday morning I slipped out of the room for an early morning swim in the hotel pool, which apparently isn’t a good idea for a dyhyrated pregnant lady.  I nearly passed out at breakfast and terrified one of the waitresses, but they gave me iced water and fussed over me lots, bless them!  Poor Bryan had to drive all the way home though with me watching for laybys in case I needed him to stop in a hurry!

So my last couple of days were spent on the sofa watching daytime tv and catching up with emails and paperwork with my feet up!  I did go to the theatre on Thursday night to see The Idiot Colony with Eilidh which was really good.  I also entered Benson in a cute cat comp so please go and vote for him now!!

Today we have friends coming for lunch so I’d better get washed, dressed and shopping! 

Happy Easter one and all!

More theatre!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Monday night I met Donna for a lovely dinner and natter and then we went to see Cabaret at the theatre.  Yesterday I met with the electrician to discuss some stuff that needs done with the house and today I get to do a mystery shop assignment in a jewellery shop.  Good to keep life varied and interesting I always think!


Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Ok so I’ve been a bit blogless recently, I’m sorry!  Benson seems to be well on the mend although he still is a bit patchy on the fur front bless him.  He’s a lot happier since the operation and seems to have more energy again so that’s all great.  Now he’s off all the medication he doesn’t take up quite as much of our time either although he still needs lots of love and attention obviously, and its hard not to give it when he’s so darn cute!  Whilst he was away for his various hospital visits George has discovered the glory of cuddles as well, although he’s still quite shy about it and he jumps off when Benson comes in the room but it is nice to get lap warming sessions from each of them!

As my Benson worrying decreased it was replaced with my Mum.  She has been having issues for a while, it was thought to be her knee but was then realised to be her hip, which needed replaced.  She finally got the operation and it went really well, and she’s been making fab progress ever since!  It is a bit weird when your Mum phones you sounding all proud of herself because “I had a shower” or “I walked down one drive, along and up the other drive” but these are all steps along the road to recovery and they are each great achievements!  I went to visit last weekend once she was out of the hospital and she was “kind enough” to show me her staples, luckily I was allowed to leave the room on the Sunday when the district nurse came to remove them!  Although apparently it tickled more than hurt so I think that was quite a relief!

Anyway between the four of us, my parents and hubby and I haven’t enjoyed 2009 that much.  My parent’s gorgeous dog Budd was killed on the road, our house got broken into, Benson got so ill with cystitis we had to have his penis removed and then Mum had her hip operation.  We’re hoping that things can start looking up now and are trying to be optimistic about the future.

I have managed to get to my target weight and (far more importantly!) we have Ray and Nicole’s lovely news of the birth of their son Lucas to be happy about.  So here’s hoping I’ll be happier and more bloggy in the coming months!!  I never think its worth blogging/sharing when you’re all gloomy and dull, so if you haven’t had an email or a phone call for a while – that’s the reason!

So what else have we been up to?  Hmm not a lot really, I’ve been to the theatre doing reviews again.  I really enjoyed the romantic Brief Encounter but wasn’t quite so keen on Medea – so depressing!

Yesterday I spent most of the day with Nicole and the gorgeous Lucas who is eight weeks already!  He was a wee sweetie and slept a lot of the time so we had a jolly good girly gossip which was lovely!  Today Lydia is meeting us for a walk on the beach, it was a lovely sunny day yesterday when she suggested it but we could do with the exercise and it’ll be good to catch up with her so we’re still going!

Well I think that’s pretty up to date with my life.  Will try not to leave it so long before my next post!

Benson home!

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Ok, so on Saturday we drove to Edinburgh and brought Benson home from the vet hospital.  He is now a bit Poodle of Frankenstein.  That is he has various shaved bits, like a poodle, and a vicious looking scar, like Fr-yeah you get where I’m going huh?!  Unfortunately he also smells of the vets so his brother isn’t too welcoming, even after a seperation period where Benson got lots of cuddles to rub my scent on him!  Either that or George is scared of the cone helmet thing Benson has to wear to stop him licking his stitches.

Anyway he seems pleased to be home, is eating and peeing as he should do so fingers crossed he will heal up nicely and be much better now.  Please?  Here’s hoping for his sake, oh and our bank balance sake as we’ve used all the “credit” from our pet insurance now.  Yikes!

There is life other than that which revolves around Benson, pills and pees.  I did go to the theatre last week to see The Miser and wrote a review about it.

Also in one of our wedding anniversary cards my Aunt had included some photocopies of some old family photos, one of which is my Great Great Granmother wearing the brooch that was stolen from our house last month.  I love old photos so thought I would share them with you.  My Grandad is the gentleman with the donkey, I love and miss him tons.

Old family photos

End of year wrap up

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!  Hurrah, 2008 is over and done with, lets move quickly on!

Didn’t get round to blogging for the last month, got tied up in preparation for Christmas – which suddenly loomed large!  Think I’m prepared now though, what?  Its over?  Oh well, guess its too late now then!

Benson has been keeping me occupied and away from blogging or organising myself for Christmas.  Poor wee guy actually spent whole of Christmas in the vetinary hospital.  It’s now confirmed he has chronic cystitis which means he will be ill for the rest of his life.  His bladder has now blocked twice – both times meaning several days in the hospital with a catheter and lots of drugs.  He’s now on a special diet and we’re looking for other ways to help him so we’re now growing trays of grass for him to eat, we bought a covered litter tray to give him privacy, his Aunty Nicole has given him a water fountain so he has fresh moving water which he is more likely to drink.  Might have to let him out but will see how he’s getting on at his next check up.  Obviously changing food and stuff affects George too but he’s being quite good about it all, just gets jealous when Benson gets his “special hugs” three times a day.  He doesn’t quite understand that we are just giving Benson drugs and that its not something he should be jealous of so we have to wrap him in a blanket and turn him upside down too!  Anyway if you have pets learn from our mistakes – if you take out cheap pet insurance it is only likely to cover the first year of any condition – this is bad if your cat then gets a chronic condition.  Luckily he’s covered so far but we’re well on the way to the maximum payout – yikes!

So what else did I do in December?  Well I took part in a criminal justice experiment that Robert Gordon University was running.  Obviously if I told you what it involved I would have to kill you but it was quite interesting to be part of!

I had a night out with Donna and Lydia who I went to France with in the summer.  It was to be a girly Christmas night out but for various reasons we ended up with just four of us.  That was actually lovely as there was only one new person who’s name I needed to remember and we could all hear each other talk over the table!  We had a nice dinner in Saigon’s and then went to a couple of bars before calling it a night.  I treated myself to a new dress for it – now that I’m down to a size 12 I was looking for an excuse for a new frock and a night out – and a 30% off voucher for Monsoon – seemed to suit!

Donna’s Christmas night outMarianne, Donna, me and Lydia        New size 12 Monsoon dress!New dress!

I was lucky enough to get asked to review this year’s Panto so I was able to take Donna and the two of us returned to our youth screaming “he’s behind you” etc!  It was a fab show with fireworks and Peter flying over our head, I really enjoyed it.

Still trying to get in the mood for Christmas preparation I went to see Four Christmasses, again with Donna and Lydia.  It was really good – but I still wasn’t kicked into Christmas mood!  Next it was down to Edinburgh for the Scottish Law Librarians Group Christmas Networking Meeting with Jenny.  We got the train down and back in the same afternoon, managing to fit in time for a go on the carousel and dinner at TGI Fridays whilst we were down there.

Maria on the carouselGeorge the carousel horse!     Dinner with the Law Librarians in Edinburgh!Librarians can party too!

I was supposed to go to an enchanted forest thing with lights and music in Aboyne but that day Benson took ill again and I went to the vets instead of the forest.  We did make it to Ray and Nicole’s for Sunday lunch, possibly the last time I’d see them before the baby arrives – so exciting!  I spent the evening of the boy’s work night out with Nicole as well – and felt an elbow or knee moving in her belly – most surreal and amazing!  Still waiting for the baby to arrive, I’m at the stage of jumping whenever the phone goes – but then it is due TODAY!!  Exciting!

Ooh after the Sunday lunch at R&N’s we popped into Bryan’s Dad for a wee visit.  As it turned out brother Lee was also there with his family so we got to see them all which was lovely.  Bryan took some lovely photos of them as well so that was cool, we don’t see our nieces and nephews a lot so it was really great to spend some time with them.

One more night out before Christmas was with Gill and her friends James and Corrie.  We had dinner in our local pub and then a few other folk (including Gill’s poorly hubby) joined us for a drink.  We all had a good natter and a laugh.

Gill and Stuart Gill and Stuart – the couple we bought our house from – who’d have thought we’d end up as buddies?!

My work closes at 1pm on Christmas Eve and is shut until Monday 5th January so I’m having a lovely break.  We managed to see a few friends and family on 24th, Stephen and Lee popped by and then we went down to Reg’s.  Was nice to spend some time with him and Sasina, we chatted through Santa Clause 3 and ate chocs. 

Christmas Day was spent, just the two of us, as is our tradition.  It was a bit sad knowing that Benson was stuck in the hospital whilst we were all at home, George enjoyed all the attention though and loved being spoilt.  We put the tree up for the day so we could open our presents underneath it and George was quite bewitched by it.

George loves the pretty treeGeorge   

We got some lovely pressies between us as well – thanks to all contibutors!  This year’s lunch was to be goose, Bryan loves to do something different – and he did it very well!  There was lots of food and it was all gorgeous. 

Table laid readyTable laid out ready            Roast Goose and all the bits!Food all set out, roast goose

Boxing Day we left poor George all on his own and went to visit my parents for another lovely lunch – the traditional turkey this time!  It was lovely to see my parents – and to get more pressies obviously!

Dad, me on my rocking horse, and Mum  Spending Christmas with my parents and hubby  Dad, me on Firefly and Bryan

The next day we were able to collect Benson from the hospital and bring him home.  We’d had a problem after the first day because he smelt funny to his brother George and there was a lot of hissing and ignoring so this time we were careful to cuddle him lots in another room first so as to rub some of the hospital smell off.  It did take them a while to accept each other but it wasn’t as upsetting as last time.  We’d kept the wrapping paper for them to play with as they’d loved that last year but I think they are too old for such frolics now so they didn’t seem to enjoy it in the same way.

Benson comes home

The last day of the year was spent: at work (Bryan), out for lunch with Gill and the kids (me)!  I also got my last competition win of the year in the post – a Carling t-shirt.  I expect I entered to win a fridge full of beer or something exciting but still, Bryan can never have too many tops! 

As for Hogmanay, well we just enjoyed having our family back together.  Benson is on a lot of medication so he sleeps a lot at the moment but we had a game with Bryan’s new remote control General Lee and all had lots of cuddles.  Bryan cooked haggis with mash potato and roast butternut squash for our dinner and we watched some tv and nattered the night away. 

I’ve been trying out Twitter an online communication tool, and was messing about on that during the evening.  I ended up getting involved in a Tweeplay which was quite fun and has been recorded on my Twitter friend’s blog.  Different but entertaining none the less!  I also took the following piccie for infobunny but I won’t bother explaining why as you really needed to be there to get it!

George with some whisky

After midnight I went outside with a sparkler, inbetween trying to persuade the cats that the fireworks outside and on the tv wouldn’t hurt them.  We watched the fireworks and listened to the bells and bagpipes in Edinburgh.  Midnight on Hogmanay is the one time I miss our flat in Edinburgh – we used to be able to stand on our balcony and watch the fireworks whilst being able to see and hear the same fireworks close up on the tv – best way to do it – no crowds, no being jostled by foreigners, clean toilets, warmth and whatever food or drink you desire!

And so we’ve seen the back of 2008 – hurrah.  Here’s hoping that 2009 brings happy times for one and all.  Have a good ‘un!

First chipolata of the year

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Been quite a busy week.  Monday went to see McFly with Donna, they were absolutely awesome!  Avenue and Reemer were the support bands and I was keen to see them considering the first time I saw McFly, 5 years ago, they were “just the support” for the wonderful and amazing Busted!  Avenue were quite good and had us on our feet singing along but I actually went to the toilet during Reemer – yes I left the room when live music was on!  Shock!  Horror!  McFly put on a great show and were just lovely.  I know its wrong for a woman of my age to scream her head off at young boys but at least now they are nearer 21 than being non legal!!!!


Tuesday night I was working late as we had AGM and then an author event with Charlie Allan which was quite entertaining.  During the AGM I was thanked lots for various things which was nice but quite strange as I was taking the Minutes and it seemed wrong to keep mentioning thanks to myself!  Nice to get credit for doing my job though.

Wednesday night I met Gill for dinner and then we went to see a very, very scary play!  Was nice to have a night out with Gill, makes a change from sitting on her sofa with a bottle of wine – and the play was really good.

The next night I actually was at home – all evening.  Most bizarre!  Was quite a relief actually, especially as Benson is still quite unwell and needed love and attention.  He was at the vet on Friday and has more drugs to try and sort him out.  Poor fella.

The weekend has been mostly lovely and relaxing.  I met Jenny after work on Friday night and we went for a lovely Chinese dinner and a good natter.  Saturday night I actually went out with my husband (more Shock! Horror!).  We went for dinner and then to the cinema to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which was very funny.  Today Bryan’s Dad came round to watch the football and Bryan made us all roast chicken with chipolatas (I’m not getting turkey at Christmas and may have made the occassional little complaint about this).  So here’s to Christmas, maybe I’ll start my shopping soon….

Catch up time

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

No, I’ve not posted for a while.  Yes, I’m a bad little blogger.  No, I’m not going to make excuses for my evilness (although did I mention that Benson has been ill so we’ve been in and out of the vets?).  Yes, I will try and make it up to you now.

First off, I just watched the final of Dirty Dancing, the time of your life.  Not usually one for that kind of show but I watched it one Sunday evening and have been hooked ever since!  I do of course love the movie and love watching good dancers so it does suit me rather well.  Am pleased to say that the guy I liked most the first week won, along with the Scottish lassie so hurrah for that!  Now just wondering how to persuade hubby that he wants to go on holiday here.

Since I last blogged Bryan and I had a week off work to do some decorating.  We hadn’t done any since we moved in and so it was “about time”.  If you want to see the “before” situation.  It was the hallway and the 3rd bedroom we decided to focus on and we did get them both done in the week.  Putting the cats in the cattery for the week was definately the way to go as that was one less thing to worry about and meant they didn’t have to put up with the paint smells, or get stuck to the walls!  We have both agreed that we are not fabulous painters, but at least its freshened up and we managed to sort a few issues at the same time so its certainly an improvement! 

I did take a night off to go to the theatre to review a play called Offshore, another night we went out for dinner and then to the cinema for Burn After Reading.  On the Friday night Bryan went to meet Ray and they had dinner and saw the new Bond movie, whilst I stayed home and cleaned the house ready for my friends Angela and Louise coming to visit the next day.  I took them to Haddo House for a Christmas Craft Fair, we had lunch in Ellon and then a walk on the beach at Newburgh before heading back to town for dinner and the Bond movie! 

 Louise and Angela with Bond’s car
The next day we did lunch and a few shops before they caught the train home.

Our newly decorated guest room was a bit better organised by its next inhabitants – my parents – came to visit.  I had an Italian evening arranged for work that I’d managed to persuade them, and Bryan, to attend.  Mum and Dad arrived in time for it and then stayed with us for 2 nights.  I took the following day off work so I could spend it with them and we went and had lunch with my Great Aunt Dorothy, her daughter Moira, and a family friend called Noreen. 

 Folks and Ladies

That evening Bryan cooked us dinner, after working all day bless him, and I got the whole evening to enjoy having my nearest and dearest under one roof.

We had Friday night last week in the pub with Hugh and Linda, which was my first time in our local, and I think I might be found in there again!  The Saturday night Nicole and Ray came for dinner and I was allowed to feel Bump Robertson kicking – which was totally amazing!  Not long now till we get to meet Master or Miss Bump either!  This weekend Bryan had Friday off and has been playing a horrid zombie killing game since I dropped him at Asda on my way to work!  Friday night was my work’s Annual Dinner so that was very stressful for me as organiser but it all seemed to go well and everyone I spoke to seemed to be having a good time.  Photos are on the website, bottom of the events page.  Not sure how I ended up in the photos, I’m supposed to stay the other side of the camera!!  Yesterday I had to get the silver candlesticks back to work from the venue.  I also met up with my friend Jo, and her family.  Amazing how quick the wee ones grow!  We went to a softplay thing which was a first time experience for me, I was just glad I didn’t drink at the dinner as I think those places could be torture with a hangover!!

I’ve finally got back into my Wii Fit exercise routine as well.  Have been enjoying loosing weight, especially when I realised that my size 14 clothes are too big!  Although I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe so have only bought a few size 12 things, am just going for the “baggy” look the rest of the time.  Amazing how much some of my trousers drag on the floor though!!!  Have entered a few competitions to win vouchers for clothes shops and have been watching out for mystery shopping opportunities in my favourite shops so I can get some free clothes that way!

So that brings us up to date, I’m sure there have been some random things I meant to blog but will add them in if I think of them.  Will try and get round to taking photos of our redecorated rooms at some point too.  Oh and I believe I’m supposed to shop for Christmas at some point.  Hmmmm, not got that far yet, although did update my Amazon wish list recently!  Bryan went through the Empire Top 500 and worked out which ones were missing from our collection.  I’ve seen 221 of them so got some watching to do, not that I really fancy all of them obviously! 

Right, now for Sunday evening washing up before an early night me thinks!  Have a good week y’all!