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2014 wrap up

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Ok so no I haven’t blogged much this year and I’m sorry, and yes my new year resolution is to try harder next year, obviously!  Anyway here’s a round up of 2014 for you so if you’ve not been following my Flickr page for the year in pictures this should cover the main bits!  Happy Reading!

Choosing photos to put on this post was very hard, could have had hundreds, it would seem that we have been living life to the fullest this year with lots of wonderful memories to carry forward, so that has to be good!

In January we had a once in a lifetime trip to Old Trafford.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the home of football, or more specifically Manchester United.  Bryan’s lovely firm Adept4 gave us tickets for a match, which also gave us access to the VIP Corporate Suite, so the game itself was quite an experience.  We took his Dad, Reg with us and it was quite something to see the 3 generations enjoying themselves.  It seemed a long way to go just for a match so we had a few days down there and did the stadium tour, ate in the Red Café and managed to get to Imperial War Museum and finally Legoland Discovery for me.  Amazing time!

Man U tour - Robertsons at Old Trafford

We had another holiday in May, this time stayed with 2 of my English cousins and their families.  David lives near a train station that could take us straight to London so we left him our car for a couple of days and went down.  Was lovely to catch up with David and Tony and to get to know all their boys – and Owen had the time of his life on a constant “play date”!  We enjoyed Hollow Tree Farm, Hamleys, changing the guard at Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, Tower of London and Dryburgh Abbey (broke the journey down in the Borders!).  It was great to get away and have some quality family time and all the places we went were fabulous.  Luckily my boys enjoyed London as much as I’d hoped so fingers crossed for many return visits!

The night before we left was great excitement too, in January Owen had joined a boy’s Street Dance class and every year the dance school does a show at the Beach Ballroom.  Owen and, his chum from nursery, Lakshman were amazing – even though they were on in the second half which was way past their bedtime!  The cute thing was that Owen’s girlfriend was in the first half with her ballet class so there are a couple of photos of the young love back stage!  Unfortunately after that girls were allowed to join the street dance class and the boys lost interest – so Owen has moved onto swimming lessons and Gaelic youth club as his after school activities.

The lad and his gal backstage as their dance school's show

School, oh yes, this year our baby turned 5 and started at the Gaelic school, he’s loving learning a new language – and trying to teach us it.  I’m quite looking forward to P3 when they introduce English into their daily lessons and I might be a bit less lost with the homework!  Our house is covered in flashcards with the Gaelic, a phonetic version and then the English translation so we can try and work the language into our day.  I must say Bryan is much better at it than I am but I do try!  Owen has settled into school well and made friends easily, quite a few of whom are in P3/4 so that’s good for him I think (although he does now know the word Boobs…).  He was Star 11 in the school nativity and learnt his lines well.

School boy!!

Of course these were not the first lines he’s ever learnt as in March he got auditioned to be in the Terence Davies movie of Sunset Song!  He made it to the short list so his audition video would have been shown to the Director.  I’ll be interested to see who Young Euan was when the movie comes out – not that I can let Owen watch the whole thing until he’s older as its quite a dark story!

Bryan and I are fine too, he’s recently changed role at his work and now has to travel quite regularly.  This is taking some getting used to as my schedule used to depend on him being there to look after Owen but we’re getting there.  I did make him take lots of photos during his trip to Amsterdam, but usually he’s just down to headquarters in Manchester.  My work is ever busier, this year we’ve provided the venue for 4 weddings, several parties, dinners, networking events and meetings.  Of course I need to do this on top of my usual Society work.  I’ve been networking with BNI, Aberdeen PA and we joined local Chamber of Commerce to try and raise our profile.  I also became Chair of the BIALL Website Committee – which is a bit more time consuming than I had allowed for!  Still – never a dull moment!!

Creagan is still on the market unfortunately but this year they have closed for the whole of the winter and they even travelled, to America.  My parents are on “babysitting” for 22-24th December as that’s part of the school holidays but I’m at work, then they are going to stay for Christmas Day and we’re hoping Reg and Sasina will join us so Owen will get all his grandparents to himself.  Boxing Day we’re off to the pantomime with Ray, Nicole and their kids and then on the Saturday we’re getting to see Lee and our 4 nieces and nephews as he has custody of them this year.  So it should be a fabulous family orientated festive season, just as it should be!

I’ve not been to as many concerts this year, but I did review The Answer, X Factor Live Tour and Fatherson with Model Airplanes.  I paid for a ticket (!) for the Levellers and also went down to Glasgow for McBusted with 3 chums and we had a fabulous time.  I was so excited at seeing the boys I was nearly sick – although that could have been the height of Glasgow Hydro, luckily turning yellow and shaky gets you a lower seat!  Most exciting was our friend Dan’s first ever gig, he plays guitar and his instructor arranged an afternoon in a pub for his students to show off their talents.  Dan played and his Granddad sang, it was great.  Bryan took some photos and then later we did a photo shoot with him and his guitar, some of which Dan’s parents emailed to the guitar company as they came out rather well!  Owen joined in too with Dan’s banjo…!

Music Man!

Owen actually took the next photo, of us all, using the remote at his birthday party, which we had in my library.  Even Iron Man turned up to join in the festivities!  It was a great day with lots of his friends and a face painter and various activities.  My library was NOT quiet for a moment that day!

Owen 5th birthday

I’m still loving our house by the sea, and Owen’s collection of sea shells is still growing steadily!  Unfortunately our hot tub spent a lot of this year on its side but the leaks do seem to be getting smaller so hopefully soon it will be sorted…maybe…

Gosh nearly signed off without mentioning #wilddolphins that would not be right!  This summer Aberdeen played host to 50 big dolphins decorated by different artists, there were also about 18 done by schools that were in public libraries.  We spent many an hour travelling round getting a photo of them each, such as top right.  It was a wonderful project, took us to new places, had us walking for miles from one to the next, encouraged an interest in different art techniques, and got us talking to all sorts of other people out dolphin hunting.  Plus it was all for charity and each big dolphin was auctioned at the end and raised a lot of money.  Some lovely people even put the dolphin they bought in a public place so we can still enjoy one – SpiderDolphin is at the children’s hospital for example.  Missed them when they left though, quite strange how attached you got to them!

Our first dolphie!  #wilddolphins

And that’s about 2014 as it was for the Newtonhill Robertsons, have to say it’s been rather good to us.  Hope it’s been a good year for you too – and that 2015 is even better for everyone!

Little drops of happiness

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The current time is quite stressful.  We have sold our house, but not yet confirmed a purchase of somewhere to move into.  Our cat had a recurrence of his stress induced cystitis after a flood of viewers (and associated cleaning) so has been unwell.  Our house has been smelly after the ill beast peed everywhere.  Bryan has changes going on at work.

I’m glad to say that Benson seems quite better now *touch wood* and after a weekend with a Rug Doctor and some Flash the house is smelling better too.

I also am pleased to announce that one of my random photos has been used by a publisher in Amsterdam for their guide to Edinburgh.  If you would like to see it as published go to:

Another lovely thing that happened at the weekend is that my lovely Nirvana Spa representative friend was looking for guinea pigs for some new make up techniques she’s been trained in so I volunteered and she came over and “did my face” for want of a better term!  This is the before and after, I think its quite obvious which is which!
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa

Add to that the fact that Mickey Mouse is coming to town and I got Owen and I seats for it and you have to admit there are still reasons to smile!  (but shhhh, not told the boy about that one yet!)

My 2011 in 10 Photos

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Last year I did this same idea and reading back over it now its a lovely overview of the year, although I seem to remember it took me ages to do!  So, the rules – 10 photos from 2011 that I took with no more than 2 of a certain young man who I apparently go on about a bit too much!

Well, I’ve just spent…forever…looking through my photos and trying to pick the right 10.  It’s not easy.  I have managed to pick 10 with which I can demonstrate, explain and summarise my 2011.  However Owen is in 4 of them, I am justifying this by the fact that only 1 of the 4 is a photo of Owen, the other 3 he is just a small part of a photo.  So there.  They are my rules, so I’ll bend them if I want to.

Without further ado, please scroll down for My 2011 in 10 Photos.  This year I present them in chronological order.
Pretty rainbow over my lovebird companions

Photo 1: my beloved Jaffne and a gorgeous rainbow (and that bloke Ahlun who she was hanging around with).  I had various trips south to see Jaffne and we had much fun together as usual.  This lovely day we went for a walk over to Crammond Island and we were just so lucky with the weather – a common theme this year, often had very good luck with lovely weather it must be said.  We went beach combing, ate ice cream and saw many pretty sights.

Steam train compartment

Photo 2: the Robertsons and trains.  Unfortunately baby Maya isn’t in this photo, although she was in Nicole’s belly at the time!  Anyway at Easter we took Lucas and Owen to ride on Thomas the Steam Engine at Brechin.  Owen is quite train obsessed and I hope in the future he will appreciate the awesomeness of his first ever train journey being in a steam train.  It was a hard call as to who enjoyed themselves most that day it must be said – the train was pretty cool!  We spent many happy days playing with Ray, Nicole, Lucas and, since October, Maya. 


Photo 3: Royal Wedding in my work’s library.  I love my library, so much so I talked myself into working on the extra public holiday this year.  Well, I say “work” but our social events are often enjoyable and this was just one of the ones I really enjoyed.  It would be rude to complain about drinking champagne and eating cupcakes at 10am wearing a pretty dress and tiara and watching a wedding with most of the rest of the country (or was that world?!).  It was lovely to share the day with other people who were excited about the wedding, reminded me of when Charles and Diane got married and I watched it with the ladies who worked at the hotel my parents were employed by at the time.

My job was great in 2011, got lots done, got to know some of members much better, had some great events (chocolate tasting, cheese tasting, trip to Pitlochry to see My Fair Lady, farm trip when I got to sit in a John Deere tractor, a BBQ, walking tours of Aberdeen, a quiz, Stuart MacBride author event and, many lunches and dinners.)  Then in November the Society gained its first ever Lady President, this means I have a lady boss – a very keen, enthusiastic lady who is doing great things – and gave me an excuse to wear an Ann Summers outfit to work!  Click the events link above and scroll down to the bottom to see photos!! 

Oh yes, 2011 – the year the doctor told me I had to watch my weight didn’t go any lower – my dream!  I am now a size 10 and most of my clothes hang off me.  Totally awesome.  Obviously I haven’t taken photos of myself really so am cheating mentioning this as its on a link rather than in one of my 10 photos!  But it is important enough to be mentioned, goodness I’ve hated my body most of my life, never realised that the result of childbirth would be that I finally get the figure I’ve always dreamed of!  Anyway, back to the 10 photos.

Owen finds 2 eggs from his Grandparent's new chickens

Photo 4: my folks, their chickens, eggs and Creagan.  My parents got chickens at their restaurant this year, Owen is now really quite obsessed with chickens and eggs.  Ask him what he wants for dinner and the answer is usually “egg”.  He loves going to visit my parents, or just their house and chickens as we did when they were on holiday and we were in charge of the chickens!

One of our visits was for my Dad turning 60, I now have OAP parents – crickey!  For his special occasion we all went to Blair Drummond Safari Park-and we all had an ace time!  I couldn’t believe both my parents thought it was the first time they had seen live meerkats, poor deprived folk.

The scary thing is that at the end of the year my parents sent out a letter to their regulars and family to say that they would be putting Creagan on the market in 2012.  I had, of course, known for a while this was on the cards.  Indeed I have been told I need to move all my stuff out.  This is quite a mission as I still have loads of stuff there.  Obviously I’ve lived without it for a while though but things like my Wade pottery collection, postcard collection and rocking horse are essential – I just don’t know where to put them!  Luckily the property market is an unknown quantity in that it could take 2 weeks or 2 years for Creagan to sell, so I’m not panicking yet.  For those that know my parents, they hope to buy a B&B or place with self catering in Scotland.  They won’t fully retire but need to tone it down a bit as…well, they aren’t getting any younger bless them.  Big news but could take a while before anything happens.

Enjoying the beach

Photo 5: Summer holiday in Carnoustie.  Yes, this is Scotland in the sunny picture.  Bryan and I hadn’t been on holiday together since our honeymoon in 2003 so decided it was about time we did!  I was given the choice of the whole world and told to “just book something” and we ended up self catering in the every exotic Carnoustie.  We had a fabulous time though and traveling with a wee lad it was the best way, just a wee car journey and we could take as much paraphernalia as we needed.  I love my 2 lads and it was amazing to have a week just the 3 of us with no other complications or distractions.  Plus there was a swimming pool at our accommodation so Owen and I went swimming each morning whilst Bryan had a lie in and then during Owen’s afternoon nap, or once he was in bed, I went back for a “proper” swim and Bryan had some alone time.  This arrangement suited all of us very nicely.  We had lots of trips out – St Andrews Aquarium, Camperdown Wildlife Park in Dundee, Arbroath beach and mini railway, Brechin castle centre with its big bouncy cushion type things.  All great fun!

Combine Harvester groupies

Photo 6 – TRACTOR!!  This photo was taken at The Store in Foveran, where we went to a Farm Open Day and Owen and I were ecstatic to have a go in a John Deere tractor and sit in that huge yellow combine harvester.  It was brilliant!  Owen absolutely adores tractors – and as folk who know me have probably found out I love John Deere in particular.  We both had huge smiles all day, and Bryan seemed to enjoy it too, especially the yummy burger.

Dinner in the cemetary

Photo 7 – squirrel in London.  Okay so I just love this photo, the colours of the squirrel and the gravestone.  But also I had a brilliant time that day, several squirrels came over to speak to me and a lovely Australian lady gave me some monkey nuts to feed them in a lovely random act of kindness.  I ended up looking like the mad woman in the park with about 6 of them jumping on and off me and fighting over the nuts – amazing experience.

This photo also signifies my recent move to get more involved professionally.  I joined a committee which has given me the opportunity to go to meetings in London and Birmingham.  I also wrote a blog post for them – and an article for the Scottish Law Librarian’s Group newsletter (but its members only so I can’t share that!).  Feeling quite proud of myself but goodness knows what I can find to keep up with myself this year.

Wow! Disney!

Photo 8 – Disney and our wee man turns 2!  For Owen’s birthday we took him to The Disney Store for his first time.  Strange to think our son managed 2 years of life before making it into the wonderful world of a Disney store, especially as Daddy used to work in them and we are determined to take him to Disneyworld when he’s 5.  Owen was given the choice of the entire store and chose a little Simba teddy, bless him.  We forced him to add a cup to the purchase.

Unfortunately our savings account isn’t growing as well as we’d planned it to ready for our holiday once Owen is 5, but we have time to catch up, hopefully!  I am most determined that it will happen one way or another.  I’ve wanted to go to Florida Disney since I was tiny and now I have a child I have the perfect excuse – plus I don’t want him to grow up without the things I wanted.  Of course he will want different things than the things I wanted but you have to start somewhere and I won’t give up on the concept of us all going to Disneyworld.

We went to Crail

Photo 9 – my lovely gals in Crail.  Isabel, Lorna and Jennie are my special law librarian chums, we have an email based support system and in 2011 we went for 2 brilliant weekends away together.  Relaxing, chatting, eating and a wee bit of drinking and sight seeing.  Just what we all needed.  First weekend was at Loch Tay and ended up with my face painted as a dalmatian, second weekend was near St Andrews and included a dinner of chocolate eggs.  I love these ladies.  Lots.

Grandda Reg and his 'wee boy' Lee

Photo 10 – Bryan’s Dad and brother.  Obviously this photo was Christmas Day – I couldn’t get these macho men to wear silly crowns any other day of the year!  Lee lived with us throughout 2011 which was lovely, Owen totally adores his Uncle Lee – and is quite confused now he’s moving out – but that’s another story.  We invited “the Robertsons” round for Christmas Day and had a lovely time opening presents and eating too much – just as one should on Christmas Day!  We had a few days with them through the year and it was great to be together.  Watching Owen with his grandparents and the reactions they induce in each other is just amazing.

And that was my 2011, hope you enjoyed it too!

More photo stuff

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

To help me with my Photo A Day challenge I’ve now signed up for a “Joy of love” course that’s running this month.  You get an email with photography tips and a project for the day, will give me ideas to help my 2011PAD and will hopefully help me get better photos too!  Hurrah!  Anyway, if you want to see the photos of people doing the course, just go to the group page at:  Hope to see your photos there too – why not, its free?!

A challenge!

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

As I take lots of photos anyway, I decided to join this group on Flickr – 2011: The Photo A Day Challenge.  I have made a pact with myself to not let all the photos be of a certain young man, but we shall see how that goes and I promise nothing!  If you wish to check my contributions, and see my year in pics so far, you can just click on this link anytime you feel like it.  I figure it will be quite nice at the end of the year to look at the collection – might help me write my Christmas newsletter too.

I was inspired to do this, mainly, by two lovely young ladies who I have the pleasure of knowing on this wonderful beast that is the internet.  Both of them did a 365 days project last year which I enjoyed watching develop.  Poppet with a Camera’s results are available here, and Squeezeomatic’s results are here.  I had been wondering how each of them felt about it as they reached the end so was interested to read their comments under their last photos – Poppet’s last , Squeeze’s last.

But then, you never know how you’ll like something until you try it for yourself do you…  Watch this space, literally!

My 2010 in 10 Photos

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Okay, so I have totally stolen this idea from someone else but his is cool so I wanted to copy him.  Someone posted a link to his blog post on Twitter and I liked it so decided to nick the idea, but I’m so rude I also forgot who posted the link and where the blog post was.  If someone would like to remind me I will give full credit, but in the mean time – here is my year in 10 photos. 

First off I would like to say that although this sounds like a great idea, its actually a really hard thing to do!  Especially when (a) you take as many photos as I do and (b) your husband says you’re allowed a maximum of 2 of your beloved baby Owen around whom your life revolves.  I was tempted to cheat and use photos of things to do with Owen but not of Owen (ie his report card from nursery the day he took his first unaided steps there) but I knew that was cheating so I have tried not to do that.  Although I’m not promising his name won’t appear in my reasons for choosing certain photos, but this is my blog and I’ll bend the rules if I want to!  I was going to do the photos in chronological order but I think as I’ve just used the O word several times we’ll start with him and take it from there!

That's me that is

Photo 1 – Owen!  Yes this year my life revolved very much around this little chap.  I had the first 6 months off work on maternity leave to look after him and try and work out this being a Mum thing.  I’ve had an amazing time watching him grow and develop: from the first tooth, to the first time he stood up clutching at the coffee table, to his first toddle.  He started nursery in June and loves it, he started solid food in March and loves it even more!  He can now give hugs and kisses, put things in the bin, stroke the cats nicely, say a few words, shake/nod his head meaning no/yes, say “uh-oh” when he does something naughty (so hard to keep a straight face) and he loves books.  He sleeps well most of the time, smiles a lot and is generally amazing and wonderful.  Everyone told me that a baby changes your life and that idea used to scare me but I’m glad I came round to it as the love you have for your own wee person is just phenomenal, and the resulting deeper love you have for the man that made it possible and is there by your side through it all is just about as fantastic.  I think the other important “parenting” lesson I’ve learnt is that there is no right way.  Every baby and parent and situation is different and once you accept that life gets a lot easier.  Online social networking sites are great in this as well, I met some fab Mums when Owen and I were on maternity leave and able to go to things like Kids & Co and Mainly Music groups at the church but once I went back to work I didn’t have the chance to do these things.  However I had added several of the Mums as friends on Facebookand now I can keep in touch with all the lovely ladies, and get advice on things from time to time from them or other parents I’ve met online.  So hurrah for all my Twitter and Facebook buddies – thank you!

I picked this particular photo as it was an idea I nicked (yes I do that a lot, sorry!) from a free PixiFotophoto shoot at Mothercare, so as well as being of the wee man it signifies all the free stuff you can get when you have a baby: from the benefits the government give you, to the things like Bounty packs of “useful items” they hope you’ll then buy lots of (well done Petit Filous, that worked with us!).  Also the building blocks were borrowed from Lucas, Ray and Nicole’s little boy.  Borrowing his stuff is also something we do a lot, and something we really appreciate.  Babies grow out of clothes and toys so quickly so being able to use someone else’s is a wonderful thing.  Lucas lends us lots of his things and its wonderful to have access to his “cast offs”!  We are also very lucky in having fab friends and neighbours who pass us lots of toys and clothes as well, save us a fortune!  And once we’ve finished with them we can pass them onto one of our friends with a smaller baby and save them money too.

Anyway, enough about Owen, there must be more to life…?!

Dad catches a guinea pig for Owen to see

Photo 2 – my parents, the proud Grandparents!  This photo was taken in February when Owen (oops did I mention him again?!) and I went and spent a week with my parents.  We had a lovely holiday: going to Auchingarrich Wildlife Park and stroking various animals, going to Loch Katrine for a walk, going to a local fete so Mum could show off her grandson to the locals, just chilling out and smiling at Owen!  The best bit was that my parents weren’t working, they were able to just enjoy themselves and our company.  So nice to see them out the house doing “normal” things.

As for the guinea pig, well a certain young man loves animals and points whenever we are out for a walk and see a dog.  He can make a Woof noise and the other day was looking at a pig picture and Oinked!  Bless him! 

But yes, grandparents.  Mine will only have one grandchild as I am an only child and so will Owen be, so it was predicted they might be a bit doting, which they seem to be fulfilling nicely!  Bryan’s Mum unfortunately died at Easter due to a brain tumour, so Owen only met her once before going to her funeral and sadly won’t remember her.  Although he does see photos of her regularly so won’t forget her any more than the rest of us.  Bryan’s Dad and his wife Sasina see Owen fairly regularly and every time he seems to get a present as well as lots of cuddles – so obviously Reg hasn’t tired of grandchildren even though Owen is his fifth!

Cinnamon toast I requested this morning

Photo 3 – food!  As anyone who follows my flickr page knows, I occasionally photograph nice food before I eat it.  This is partly due to my intense love of food and partly due to participating in an online group collecting photos of food (good excuse I thought!).  Anyway I chose this photo to represent the ones I’ve taken in the past year as it was tasty, pretty, and made by my own pet chef Bryan!  This year he has made some yummy things (I particularly liked when he went through a phase of trying to make the perfect chocolate cake) and his kitchen talents have grown somewhat.  I am happily taste testing anything he passes in my direction. 

So that takes me to another hidden meaning behind a photo – its ironic given Bryan’s developing cooking skills that 2010 should be the year that I finally make it down under 10 stone.  I think I’ve hated my weight since my early teens and had several issues to go with that along the way.  Today I’m not toying with making a New Year Resolution to myself to loose weight, for the first time in a long time.  Its such a lovely feeling.  As is standing on the scales any morning I want and them not hitting double figures.  As to how I managed this, well, I’m not sure!  I’d got down to 10 stone 4 before getting pregnant with Owen and I lost most of the pregnancy weight through birth and breastfeeding, as you do with first babies.  Then I think its been a combination of trying to juggle work, housework and mothering – just carrying around a 2 stone little boy is good exercise never mind the fact you are always on the go.  Think the main thing was some of the germs he brought me home from nursery though – one week I had a sickness bug, two weeks later diarrhea and then three weeks after that we all had the winter vomiting virus.  Just the last one made me loose 3 pounds overnight!!  Anyway, however it happened I love it – just need to get sale shopping for some new clothes as my size 14 wardrobe just hangs off me now  *cheesy grin*!  The day of the AGM at work I realised my trousers were actually indecent so I had to run to M&S at lunchtime and buy some size 12 trousers ready for the meeting that evening!

THe Hillside Posse and resulting kiddies

Photo 4 – friends!  This group is the majority of the Hillside Posse who we lived with in Edinburgh when we went to visit in May, Ray and Nicole being the other couple that came out of that flat share.  We miss all our friends from Edinburgh now we live in Aberdeen and we didn’t manage to see these ones much in 2010 unfortunately.  We did however have a lovely weekend with them at Creagan in November when my parents went on holiday and asked us to house-sit.  Nice getting to use a hotel as self catering!  And Bryan had quite a fun time in the big kitchen too – we had a lovely 3 course dinner on the Friday night!  During the weekend we also found out that Iain and Laura were giving Rose a new brother or sister in June (ish).  Lovely news!  We’re obviously “that age”, most of our friends have or are having babies and a few joined the crowd in 2010 – including two sets of twins, one to my cousin Dave and his wife Bec and the other set to my friend Tony and his wife.  Unfortunately I still haven’t met either set but I have seen lots of photos!

Evening ride

Photo 5 – Brighton carousel!  In June I had to go back to work after maternity leave.  I managed to organise it that my first day back at work I was actually at a conference in Brighton.  The downside was that after spending all my time with Owen I was going to be away from him for several days, the upside was that I have several Twitter friends and they were lovely enough to agree to having a night out on the Saturday night as my conference finished at lunchtime.  It meant staying away from Owen an extra night, but I knew he’d be fine with Daddy!  It was actually a good way of going “cold turkey” from him ready to go to work the following week, leaving him at nursery for eight hours was nothing!  The conference was also shock treatment to get my brain working again ready for thinking of Society matters rather than mushy banana and dirty nappies!  The night out with Twitter folks was great fun and proved that it is possible to meet some lovely people online, some of them I’d been speaking to for over a year so I was quite sure I knew them well enough to know they weren’t the stereotypical axe wielding maniacs your Dad warned you about meeting online!

Oh, and I went on the carousel on Brighton beach with Law Librarian friends during the day and Twitter folks in the evening.  I do love carousels after all!

T in the Park 2010 - Mumford and Sons

Photo 6 – T in the Park / Mumford and Sons!  Being a terrible mother, obviously, I left Owen with his Dad for another weekend in July and went to my beloved T in the Park music festival with my chum Lydia.  We had perfect accommodation as my poor cousin hadn’t sold her flat and was kind enough to let us use it so we had showers and a kettle – much better than the campsite in the muddy field with all the drunken folks!  It was the only concert I attended in 2010 which is a big weird for me (I’ve got 3 tickets so far for 2011 so don’t cry for me) but it was fab.  Especially Mumford and Sons, as shown, think Bryan and I have almost worn out their CD as we listen to it so much.

Pristine white

Photo 7 – abandoned stuff!  Again, if you follow my flickr pages you will have seen various pictures of random abandoned items.  You may have thought “what is she up to?”.  Or you may be @sianz or @special_noodles and know that I am just trying to be a bit creative and have been inspired by your work!  It’s amazing seeing what people leave lying around – and what they throw out, and sometimes these things can make quite cool photos, nice change from fluffy kittens and chubby babies anyway.  Also, it makes you walk around with your eyes wide open, you never know where you might see the next thing for the collection – makes walking to work far more interesting!

Away oot!

Photo 8 – weekend with Jennie!  Ah yes, so I left Owen with Daddy – again!  This time I had a weekend in Edinburgh with my chum Jennie.  Saturday was shopping all day – with a lunch break to meet up with our friends Lorna and David…and then a pub break to meet up with Kieron and Lyndsay (from photo 4!)..and then back to the shops again.  Then we took Lorna home, got her dolled up and went back to Jennie’s and we got dolled up before we hit George Street (for a while anyway, shopping is tiring!).  Was nice to just chill out and be girly. 

Jennie and I made a pact when we left Edinburgh that we would try to see each other every 3 months, obviously that’s not always possible but we do what we can!  She was in Brighton for the night out as well and we spent the Sunday together afterwards, but usually we take it in turns to visit each other.  Poor lass, one time she was up she ended up hoovering my entire house for me and another I was ill so she ended up just sending me back to bed every time I surfaced.  Hopefully in 2011 I can be as fabby a friend to her as she has been to me in 2010..if she dares see me again that is!

I am outnumbered by mens!

Photo 9 – my lovely Robertson boys!  Okay so Benson and the one who’s name starts with O whom I’m not to mention too much aren’t in this photo but my year has been very much about this lot of chaps.  Obviously Bryan is my hubby and I love him very much and I think this has grown somewhat over the past year watching him with our son.  George and Benson have been our cats for almost 4 years now and are very much part of the family, they are ace with Owen and very accepting of all they have to put up with from him.  Lee has always been Bryan’s brother (obviously!) but the last couple of months he’s been staying with us and we’ve been enjoying having him around and having the chance to get to know him better.  I also love it when he brings my nieces and nephews to visit – they were one of the main reasons we moved up here after all, we’re just hopeless at arranging to go visiting ourselves so this way we can be our usual lazy selves but still get to see them all!  Boxing Day was lovely as Lee and the kids were here, as were Reg and Sasina, and we all swapped gifts and then played with all the toys all afternoon – just what Christmas is about!

Growing up in a hotel I feel more comfortable with a fully loaded sofa, and when its with such lovely chaps one can’t help but thank one’s lucky stars.

And so to my last photo of 2010, which just has to be of…

Sun rise on Boxing Day

Photo 10 – snow!  Yes 2010 has definitely been the year for snow, I think we had it up to March and then it came back in November and stayed.  I don’t know anyone who was left “dreaming of a white Christmas” and I think I was one of the only ones that was genuinely sad when it thawed.  I almost got upset about it when it looked like I wouldn’t see my parents for Christmas but then Dad phoned and said they could come to us as we couldn’t risk being stuck in a snow drift with a baby in the car, so they came up on 23rd and spent Christmas Eve with Owen and I.  We did our present giving in the morning before Bryan went to work so it meant we got pressies early too – woohoo!! 

This photo was taken from the house on Boxing Day morning as the sun was rising in gorgeous colours.  Aberdeen gets some gorgeous sun rises it must be said, another reason why I love it.  I also love the area where we live, happy surburban life so this photo signifies that as well.

So that’s it, my 2010 in 10 photos (with apologies if I mentioned Owen too often…oops, I just did it again didn’t I…?!).  I kinda feel there should have been a photo of my beloved iPhone4, without which my 2010 would not have contained as much photography or social networking, and it would have been a sad, sad place…