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Gigging again

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

I had a scary wee time when I couldn’t afford any gig tickets but now I seem to have got myself a few tickets doing reviews for a couple of (obviously) FAB music websites.  Last night I saw the Proclaimers and had a moment of “how lucky am I getting to do something I love for free – and then share my views on it with everybody?”.  So yes, I am back into the gig scene a little (phew!) and I have done a few reviews recently.  Hue and Cry, supported by Oliver Richards, is reviewed here.  I had previously enjoyed The View for the same website.  Over on a different site I have reviewed: Proclaimers supported by Blueflint, Twin Atlantic with Charlie Simpson (squeel!) and Dead Sarah, Madonna (thanks to my folks for that ticket!), Steps (Shockolady and Mr Smith) and The Wanted (very greedy with 3 supports – Lawson, Fanfare and Ben Montague).

Many many thanks to the lovely people that run both these sites and give me such amazing opportunities – and I know my friends appreciate my need for a +1 at most of these too, nice excuse for a night out!  Even managed a catch up with hubby’s Aunt at Twin Atlantic which was lovely!

Oh and if you have any feedback of how to do better with my reviews, please let me know, I’m happy to take constructive criticism!

Katy Perry

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

So, last October I went to see Katy Perry and wrote a review for my chum who was maybe going to use it on their website.  It just occured to me that they hadn’t used it so I thought I would stick it on here instead… 

Katy Perry played the AECC the Saturday before Halloween. It would be interesting to see if the audience would have been as eye catching any other time of the year.  Obviously there would have still been the blue wigs and high heels, but maybe not the zombies (although they were very effective costumes!). Audience apart, it was an amazing spectacle of an evening. The support act One Land seemed to be a lady in a floaty nightie, a quick Google search found she’s Danish and popular back home. To be fair the songs were enjoyable.The main act was very well constructed, an Alice in Wonderland inspired fairy tale ran between the songs, with the lyrics and costumes tying into what was happening on the big screen. Cupcakes and sweeties featured highly, and Katy Perry often looked sweet enough to eat!Outfits ranged from a white 50s prom style dress with twirling red and white discs, to a black slashed looking catsuit, to a long red and silver evening dress. Im sure I’m not the only girl in the room desperate to be let loose on her wardrobe!

She covered all her hits including Ur So Gay, Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night and E.T.  Everyone joined in with a cover of Adele’s hit when it made an unexpected appearance.

There were a few surprises through the evening, (she sings live you know!) like when Katy Perry picked a young man out of the audience to join her on stage for a smooch, then pretended her husband was coming. She also impressed the locals by having researched the area, and not just doing the usual ‘your city is lovely’.

Then there was the encore.  Katy had of course kept Californian Girls for last, and out she went with a bang..and beach balls…and foam machines! What a show that girl puts on, what a high note she finished on, what a night we had!  Hurry back please gal.

Yes please!

I did take a few photos and videos and they are available online at:

Excited much?!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Well I have to admit to being very excited, I have been introduced to a lovely lady who has said I can be a reviewer for her website.  This means….FREE CONCERT TICKETS!!!!  It’s like heaven or something, hurrah!  Of course I have to try and write good stuff for her so she keeps “using me” so to speak.  Fingers crossed.  The theatre reviewing I used to do was good practice, plus we recently had a seminar at work called Proof Reading for Professionals that I attended.  So it has to be said I’m trying!  My first review is on the website at:  Yes I went to see The Wanted, for free, in good seats, with my fab chum Gill.  We may have screamed a bit at young boys…
The Wanted go up on a platform

“My Mummy Rocks”

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

So says one of Owen’s t-shirts, and last weekend I really proved it right.  At last it was time for my Christmas present from Bryan.  I had had it in my possession for some time but the wee bit of paper wasn’t doing much for me, despite its shiny hologram, except for giving me a great sense of anticipation.  So what was the present – a weekend camping T in the Park ticket obviously!  As many of you will know, I go most years.  I did miss the first 2 years, then I think the year before we got married as I was saving for the honeymoon, last year I was pregnant so decided against it and the year before that we were saving up to start a family so I was good then too.  Several times I have said “this year is my last”, and I have said that a few times in the past couple of weeks it must be said.  Well, we’ll see huh?!

This year as well as the fact that I didn’t pay for my ticket (thanks Bryan, love you!) I also got wonderful accommodation.  My dear cousin Lynne had offered me space on her floor in Kinross when I said I was going.  She then bought a new house – in Newburgh, in January!  Whilst I was happy for her to have a lovely new house I was slightly distraught at where I would sleep – I really am too old/boring to be in a field with a load of drunken folks!  Anyway as time wore on the flat in Kinross wasn’t selling, so I eventually put on my “if you don’t ask you don’t get” cheeky hat and asked Lynne what she thought.  So Lydia and I had a lovely dry flat to live in for the weekend, with running water, a clean toilet, a fridge and a shower.  Hurrah!  T in the Park is lovely enough to provide a free bus to and fro Kinross so we were sorted!  We did walk out to the field on the Friday in case the bus didn’t work out, thinking it was easier to find the route in the daylight, but after that we bussed back and forth.

Our line up was:

Friday                 Editors, La Roux, Matthew P, Florence and the Machine, Muse and Calvin Harris
Saturday             a bit of Scouting For Girls (stupid queuing), Newton Faulkner, Joshua Radin, The Proclaimers, Shed Seven, Vampire Weekend (girls mud fighting, hilarious), Skerryvore ceilidh band, Paolo Nutini, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mumford and Sons and then Eminem
Sunday                Skunk Anansie, The View, Tricky, Ellie Goulding, a bit of Dizzee Rascal, Gossip, Biffy Clyro , Jay-Z, Bombay Bicycle Club, Madness and KASABIAN

You can see my photos and videos at:  If you hit the Slideshow option at the top right apparently you can waste 35 minutes of your life sitting back and watching my weekend, but make sure you have your speakers on as its the music that counts!

Lydia and I were most pleased that we only saw one person each with wellies the same as ours.  I love my peacock feathers!
T in the Park 2010 - clean wellies

Highlights of the weekend were: Mumford and Sons, Calvin Harris, Kasabian, dancing to Eminem’s Loose Yourself in The Moment in a big open space with Lydia in the dark, watching some girls mud wrestling (nearly peed myself laughing!) and a very nice pie and chips that just hit the spot!

Being old and boring I was most impressed at the caring additions that T in the Park had made to previous years: folk walking round with free water and fruit, the picnic tables where we managed to sit at for each of our meals, laminated pouches for tickets so they didn’t get dog eared and soggy, and hand sanitisers near each block of toilets.  The toilets seemed to stay rather usable and supplied with toilet paper all weekend – we only had one bad experience but that was a back corner row of 8 cubicles that didn’t have supervisors watching over them – we should have guessed and ran away rather than using them and nearly puking!!!!  There is also now a Healthy T area with local, good food.  We ate in the main arena for our first meal and then found the special fenced off bit – and didn’t eat anywhere else for the rest of the weekend!  I had an amazing Roast lamb with rosemary and thyme roll (wholemeal of course) with salad and homemade coleslaw one time and yummy lamb stovies another.  There was also an orgasmically good chocolate muffin at one point…

I thought it was good on the Saturday how the main bands were staggered – so we managed to see just about everyone we wanted, Sunday they were more similar times so this wasn’t so easy to do.  This is always a problem for me – wanting to see everyone that is on and being limited by the time/space issues.  When 3 different stages have bands you want to see on at the same time it is logistically impossible to see them all and so you have to miss someone out (sorry Ash!  I wanted to see you but just couldn’t!  And Faithless and Prodigy).

Talking of problems with music – what was up with the sound system?!  NME and Main Stage both seemed to have issues all through the weekend.  You won’t have known if you watched on TV as of course the camera was right there but we could hardly hear Florence and the Machine and there were others that were bad too.  Biffy Clyro were painful to hear from where we were, so we left – we’re seeing them in November anyway and were actually getting to the point of thinking we should sell our tickets! 

This year there were some lovely colourful flags on the stage between Main Stage and King Tut’s tent.  Although they were really nice to look at they were awful in the wind and it was terribly windy early on, on the Sunday.  We were sat at a picnic table under the flags for lunch listening to The View – or rather trying to!  You actually couldn’t hear the band over the noise of the wind in the flags.  Gutting!  Unfortunately the wind also meant the wee screens to each side of the main stage had to be taken down, well I presume that’s why they went down low and then went back up later.  This was a shame too as you couldn’t see the performers so well, but understandable in the wind! 

The weather was very mixed, Friday it rained as we drove down but was dry all the time we were outside.  Saturday started off raining but dried up before I got soaked through!  We did start to feel a bit miserable at one point but went to the Ceilidh Tent and got warm and dry – and discovered a fab band called Skerryvole!  I do love a man in a kilt, as you maybe know, and I am always in awe of anyone playing the pipes as I failed miserably at learning to play just the chanter!  Sunday was dry but windy – and it got a bit too sunny for my liking, I do burn easily!
T in the Park 2010 - me in a Mucky Puddle, Peppa Pig style

Anyway that’s a wee overview of our weekend, could wax lyrical about the bands we saw but that would just bore most of you so suffice to say I had a fab time and really enjoyed myself, just disappointed about some of the sound quality – after all it is the music I go for!
T in the Park 2010 - Lydia dancing to Eminem

Awesome pic

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Daddy took, and photoshopped, this today.
Owen Robertson

I love it!!!

I am saddened

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

As I posted on Twitter and Facebook about 3am this morning when I found out:

  • Genuinely gutted. Just heard that Nizlopi have split up. Sad, sad day but at least I had one awesome night with them on 20th April 2008

For those that don’t know what or who this is, they are were a band.  Luke and John, two lovely guys – and yes I did meet them.  I was their “street team” at the gig in April 2008 and helped spread the word about the concert; for which they thanked me personally, bless them.  And they came and offered me a blanket when I was standing outside in just one of their t-shirts getting folk’s email addresses for their mailing list and telling them to buy t-shirts when they got inside – of course I declined the blanket as otherwise folk wouldn’t see the t-shirt! 

Nizlopi did folk music, with a twist, but became best known for The JCB Song which was an internet hit and thrilled people like me who like all the fab stuff they mention in it – like JCBs, Dads, Transformers and BA Baracus! 

The guys are awesome musicians and I wish them all the best in their solo futures.  But in the meantime I will be sad.

Luke sings and dances like a god

This is a photo I took at their concert in Aberdeen, I was sat on the front of the stage at one point but was enjoying myself too much to take many photos, and I seem to remember I had the camera on weird settings and couldn’t clear them.  I do have a very special video clip where Luke sings straight into my camera during the set – but I ain’t sharing it!

Funnily enough we had started discussing names for the baby we intended to try for at the time.  Bryan had said we should have twins of each sex and call them Luke and Leia, like in Star Wars.  Possibly a joke to start with but we actually liked the names so they were both on the table.  After meeting Nizlopi Luke I realised this was an even better name as, not only did it have a geeky connection to the much loved Star Wars, but it had a connection to the world of music as do ours.  (Bryan after Bryan Ferry and Maria after West Side Story).  So that was a decision made in my book, Luke Robertson it would be if we were blessed with a boy.  Until 9 months later when Nicole and Ray had Lucas Robertson.  The boys will hopefully grow up as best buddies so couldn’t have such similar names.  Ah well, c’est la vie – looking back I’m quite happy we ended up with Owen, I love the name – and wee guy!

In the email to their mailing list Luke included a lovely poem which I shall share here in the hope of increasing his adoring fans.

  • Oh what a time what a world in crisis
    Being made out of volcanic speed
    A time of greed and need
    Of deep fissures between us all
    And these flowers of hope amid the rubbish heap
    The deep strange story in our troubled chests that seems to shine a light on a possible future
    I know we can make it to the world we envisage
    And to not do so is weak and leaves us all desolate
    So lets go there together forever singing
    That laughter is in us all for the giving
    We’ve gotta keep going to where we know we’re bound
    Straight on brothers straight on sisters!

Librarian roots/routes

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Having read my friend Jennie’s blog on this subject, and her friend’s post that started her off, I have been told its “my turn” so here goes!

When I was at school I had no idea what I wanted to be, I remember alternating from racing driver to vet to farmer’s wife.  But realising: I was female so not a good driver, I didn’t like seeing animals in pain, I can’t cook so couldn’t use up all the eggs….!  As my parents are self employed and run a restaurant with rooms the one thing I was sure of was that I didn’t want to work as long hours as they did/do.

One day I was on study leave for my Standard Grades and was lying on the floor outside a bathroom whilst Mum cleaned it (I remember this all quite vividly!) when she made the suggestion “what about a librarian?”.  Suddenly there was a large click and I saw my destiny, or something!!  I love working with and helping people, using computers and reading so it seemed to mix them all together into a perfect pot.

I was already friendly with the Librarian at my high school as I spent a fair amount of time in her presence, so I asked her about routes to take.  One of our family friends also advised me as she was a librarian too. 

The university entry system at the time I used it meant that you picked 5 courses to apply for.  They then gave you conditional or unconditional offers and you could pick one, or two, offers to have until your results came in.  There was a degree in Librarianship on offer at Strathclyde or Robert Gordon in Aberdeen.  I thought this might be a way to go but did not want to be in Glasgow so applied for RGU.  The other option I liked was to do a degree in English first so my other choices were various English degrees around Scotland.  I got offered a few spaces and I chose a conditional offer at Edinburgh to do English as my first choice and an unconditional offer at RGU doing Librarianship as my second choice.

Then came the long summer of waiting for results and wondering where I would end up and doing what.  Part way through I realised I really didn’t want to do an English degree and then a Librarianship postgrad, I wanted to get straight into my chosen vocation.  There wasn’t anything I could do other than pray I didn’t do well enough in one of my subjects to meet the conditions for Edinburgh. 

I think this was maybe the first time I encountered the thing I now believe quite strongly in.  If you want something hard enough it will be yours.  As long as its not an impossible want, like my lottery win dream of having a house with a pool in the basement!!  If there’s something more achievable and you really, really want it and believe in it, it can be yours.  Nicole calls me “jammy” but I just think I’m stubborn and determined!  Prime example was when the MTV European Music Awards came to Edinburgh in 2003 and I really, really wanted to be there.

EMA Edinburgh

When I failed to get tickets to begin with I started trying anything else.  I entered competitions, emailed MTV and asked to clean toilets, bid silly amounts for tickets on ebay, told everyone how much I wanted to go in the hope someone would know a way, wondered about just hanging around outside and hoping for ticket touts, etc.  I think I did get offered a ticket if I slept with a man, but I drew the line there!  Eventually though it happened, someone came back to me with a “way in” and I ended up landing the dream job of seat filler.  Not only was I there, and in the VIP seats with an awesome view, but I got a free t-shirt and a brown bag dinner in the deal!!  A seat fillers’ job is just as it sounds, when the famous people go to the bar or the loo you sit in their seat so that when the camera scans round there aren’t loads of empty seats.  I spent the first part of the night in the Black Eyed Peas seat and then moved to Jackass boys’ seats.  I was really close to people like Mark Owen, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and most excitingly for me – Shirley Manson!!  (She’s the lead singer of Garbage and did the song Stupid Girl).  In fact I even managed to “acquire” her seat marker at the end of the night which has been one of my most prized possessions ever since! 

Anyway that was just an example of how I wanted something lots and got it eventually wasn’t it?!  Sorry for going off on a tangent!  So I was hoping not to get the grades I needed for the conditional offer for English degree at Edinburgh (to go back to Librarian roots/routes story!).  I decided that Chemistry was my worst subject and that I might only have got a C and then I wouldn’t have met the conditions.  I was so happy when my results came and it was just as I wanted!  So Edinburgh rejected me and off I went to RGU to do BA (Hons) in Library and Information Studies.

Four years later I thrilled myself by achieving a 2:1 and the Honours and then it was time to get a job.  My first “conquest” was as Children’s Librarian for Clackmannanshire, based at Alloa Library.  It was a fab job that included arranging puppet shows, being Santa’s elf, reading Teletubbies to nursery kids, arranging project support materials for schools and general management position duties.  Unfortunately it was a maternity cover contract and the lady whose job it was wanted it back 10 months later.

Next followed a short intermission, luckily I was able to fill this with hotel work for my parents, same as I filled all my school and uni holidays!  Then I got offered 2 jobs in the same week! 

Option 1 – Teenage fiction Librarian at George Watson’s (private school).
Option 2 – Reader Services Library Assistant at Advocates Library (private law library).

Option 1 had a much bigger salary and looked like I would get to read my beloved Terry Pratchett all day but option 2 won through as I could see the chances for progression further down the line – and the thought of working for grown ups was quite appealing.

And so I got into Law Librarianship, and have been there ever since in one way or another!  I left the Advocates Library to work for McGrigor Donald Solicitors in their shiny new offices at Tollcross but then went back to be in charge of Reader Services at Faculty. 

Reader Services Librarian was my dream job, although stressful and demanding!  It was varied and interesting with no two days the same.  It also had an unusual benefit in the world of librarians – a really nice salary!  Money has never been as important to me as being happy though, although when its on offer you certainly don’t knock it!  I worked with and for some fabulous people and in a gorgeous environment.  (I took most of the photos on the library’s pages of the website, especially love the ladder one on this page.)  Anyway must not get gushy and emotional!

Hubby and I decided that we wanted to move to Aberdeen in 2006 and within 6 months we both had new jobs there and had bought a nice house and got moved in.  So now I’m Executive Secretary and Librarian for the Society of Advocates.  Although I don’t fully utilise my degree in this job we do have a lovely law library.  I get to use a variety of other skills as well, including event organisation which is always something I’ve enjoyed and my hotel background helps with dealing with caterers.

I can’t say that Librarianship was in my blood but I have no doubt it is the place for me.  I do take my alphabet skills home with my DVD collection being indexed and marked down whenever someone borrows anything!  My CD collection used to be in alphabetical order before I lived with Bryan and I have started putting it into categories and some semblance of order since starting maternity leave. 

Librarianship may not be a trendy or well recognised profession, and there are various moves to do away with the “old fashioned” title and turn us into Information Architects or whatever, but I love it.  I don’t fit into the stereotype of twinset and pearls and I rarely Shhh anyone (most memorable shhh from me was when given a karaoke microphone one evening – that’s a whole different story) but I think its something I’m rather suited to none the less.

Librarian loving!

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Just found an awesome video online – well my dear High School Librarian sent me it on facebook anyway!


Jonathan Rundman has a song called Librarian too which is quite cool.

Bless him!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hugh called me, from the gig, to say thanks for being pregnant and that they’re having a fab time.  Am so glad he’s making the most of my tickets.

I’m now listening to the new Kasabian album and enjoying the domestic bliss of washing up.  Bet it doesn’t take me as long to get home after the joy of the music!

Ditto my last entry!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Well sorry to be boring but we have had another nice weekend and another exciting development in the world of bumpiness!

First the weekend – Bryan spent it with his cousin Ray and their mate Gary.  I believe drink, pizza, xbox/PS3 and Star Trek movie were the main ingredients of the weekend.  Meanwhile I took the excuse to nip down and visit my parents’ for a wee trip.  My photos from the trip are available on Flickr, just click here.  My favourite picture is probably this one of a red squirrel:

Breakfast at Creagan

I spent the weekend watching him/her and the family eating nuts, running across the garden and playing together.  A couple of times I tried to creep up for a photo but gravel and heavy pregnant footsteps aren’t a good cover!

I must admit to watching Britain’s Got Talent this past week, and made Dad have it on in the kitchen whilst he tried to do Saturday night’s guests as I wanted to see the final.  I was supporting Julian Smith so was a bit disappointed he only got third but hopefully we’ll see more of him anyway.  I did think the winners were absolutely amazing as well.  Mum was supporting the Scottish lady so was disappointed she only got second but I didn’t see that refusing to smile was much of a talent….each to their own!!

I got two lovely surprises when I got to my parent’s place – neither of them could wait to give me…presents!!  Mum had found a lovely baby sleeping bag with “Rufus the Bear” on it, rather fitting as our first Gordon Setter was called Rufus!  And then they had seen in a shop a lovely baby swing, which was something I’d mentioned wanting a baby seat or swing.  Mum said it was too early to buy stuff for bump but Dad insisted that it might not be there nearer the time so they had to get it right then!  He was so proud of it and had it set up swinging and singing with a teddy in the seat to demonstrate when I walked in!!!  Think they might be excited about their first (and let’s face it, I’m an only child and not likely to do this again) and probably only grandchild!

Granny to be found this for bumpGrandad to be insisted on buying this

And lastly, what was the exciting development?  Well I could say that my parents now have wi-fi in the hotel so I was able to Twitter from the garden, the kitchen and my room quite merrily!

But actually, the truth is, that this morning the baby moved, and I was able to watch it!!  Yes my bump was wiggling!  It was quite a bizarre experience but I guess I’ll need to get used to it now its started!!  All references to Aliens will be happily ignored so dinna start!!

Tonight I went into town and met my friends Jenny and Rob for dinner and a catch up at Pizza Express.  Bryan was invited but had eaten enough pizza, and not had enough sleep, over the weekend so took a rain check!

Hope you’re enjoying the sun too, and not being as silly as me – walk on Aberdeen beach on Friday and got sunburnt bit under chin, drive to Trossachs and back and got one sun burnt arm.  Oops!