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Bouncing back…slowly…

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I think I blogged yesterday during Owen’s afternoon nap.  Normally he naps for up to an hour, morning and afternoon.  Yesterday it was 1.5 hours in the morning, and 2 (that’s TWO!) hours in the afternoon!  If I hadn’t been distracted by someone threatening me with legal action, which was all a bit disturbing and upsetting, I might have been a bit panic stricken.  However sleep is often the best cure and he did wake up with a smile and seem a lot better for it.

He slept well last night as well, except a bit of gurning about 4am.  A couple of times I nearly went through with his sugar free paracetamol but then he went quiet again, so I just left it.  I don’t think we were awake longer than half an hour.  After our day off I’d apparently forgotten to set my alarm clock, so it was very kind of him to wake up 2 minutes before it normally goes off – and then to go back to sleep whilst I had my shower and breakfast.  Bless him, he’s so well trained and knows our routine so well!  When I went in to get him up he seemed his usual self, smiling and happy.  He’s not quite back to normal but there was no crying this morning, until we got to nursery and I went to leave.  Apparently he wasn’t too much extra trouble at nursery, just a bit sensitive and wanted extra attention.  Quite understandable for a wee sickboy really!

On the bus home he was charming ladies, young and old with his smiles, and I think there were even a couple of waves (waving is still a new and not quite mastered skill).  I was sat next to a bearded man who was saying hello to him – well I think Owen grabbed at him, as he’s prone to do.  Anyone sat near us is obviously there for his entertainment.  Anyway part way up the road the man took Owen’s hand and rubbed it on his beard.  Owen looked rather unsure, so he did it again.  We then got the most hilarious facial expressions – it was as if he was smiling and grimacing at once, in the most adorable way.  He would move away and then reach up for another touch of it and the face would appear again.  Most of the people on the bus, well at the front as it was a bendy bus, were laughing at him as well.  It really was quite hilarious – and it was lovely afterwards as well as several people said goodbye to Owen as they got off the bus – and he loves attention and being waved at.  Quite a tonic for me too after a stressful few days!

Poor wee mite!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

So Owen is ill.  I mentioned at the weekend that he wasn’t quite right.  We thought it was just teething as he does now have 4 teeth.  But no, yesterday I had the first phone call from the nursery.  They were asking if they could give him sugar free paracetamol, which I of course agreed to.  When I collected him Angela said even the other children were giving him funny looks as they are not used to him crying.  The medicine had helped but he was certainly not himself.

Usually on the bus he’s standing on my lap, watching and smiling at everyone and everything, this time he just sat on my lap and did the sleeping with his eyes open thing.  No one got smiles.  We got into the house and I put him on the floor to take his jacket and shoes off – usually this is when he shoots off to play with toys.  Nope, just sat there and looked sad.  Poor teething baby I thought and made his dinner.  He cried through much of that.  Daddy took him for his bath whilst I popped to Asda to get some more sugar free paracetamol from the Minor Ailments Service so we could take a bottle to nursery.  When I came home they were obviously still bathing Owen.  Then when Bryan lifted him out he started crying.  It seemed that picking him up hurt, and he seemed to be reluctant to move his right hand.  We took him downstairs and tried to get him to crawl.  Nothing.  Right, that’s just not right, time to phone the doctor.  I really love NHS 24, I wish we never had to use it but they are so lovely and helpful – well apart from when I mentioned his arm and there were questions about trauma and I could tell they thought we’d abused him and hurt his arm.  Yikes.  I was told we had to see a doctor that night, which I was actually quite relieved by as Owen was obviously in a lot of discomfort.  They phoned us back with an appointment at G Docs, the out of hours clinic, at 8.10pm.  So off we all trundled, Owen in his PJs wondering why we were in the car at bedtime.

The doctor gave him a through examination and declared he had a ear and throat infection.  The arm thing must just be that achy feeling you get with flu, think we all know how rotten that feels, poor wee mite.  The really interesting thing she told us is that when a baby is ill it often regresses back a step so because crawling is a new thing to Owen he will have stopped doing it as he’s ill, not necessarily because it hurts to lean on his arm as we were afraid it seemed to be.

She gave us a prescription and told us we had 15 minutes to get to Sainsburys before the pharmacist shut – off we raced.  Got there in time – and they didn’t have any of the stuff we needed!  DOH!  They also told us all pharmacists in Aberdeen shut at 9pm.  Drat.  Owen was so tired with it being 2 hours past bedtime that he was asleep before I got back to the car in a strop.  So we went home and put him to bed, when he woke up gurning near bedtime we gave him some sugar free paracetamol – and he slept right through till 7.45!  Bless him!

I arranged to be off work today once he was in bed and arranged with Bryan that one of us would go to Asda pharmacy at 8am and get his prescription before Bryan went to work.  Sorted.  Until I got to Asda and the pharmacy opened at 9, I’m sure it said 8 on the website!  Grrr!

At least it gave Owen and I a reason to go for a walk and get him some fresh air, maybe not ideal to do before his breakfast but he napped most of the way there and back so it was fine.  Today mostly he has napped, eaten, and of course, taken drugs. 
Today mostly we will be cuddling Bunny Babbitt

He does seem to be quite a bit better already, when I phoned nursery this morning they said usually 2 doses of the medication is all it takes for them to bounce back so I’m hoping when he wakes up from the current afternoon nap he will be feeling quite a bit better.  His naps have certainly been longer than normal today so I’ve managed to answer work emails and do some household chores.

Fingers crossed we’re through the worst of it.  Its horrid watching your wee one suffer and not being able to “fix it”.  Listening to an album of Disney songs on Spotify has helped, I even let him watch a bit of TV as sitting still seems to be his favourite thing.  The cats have been giving him attention too which is nice and has made him smile a couple of times.  They have each had a good brush during his naps so they seem quite chuffed I’m off work, George is curled up asleep beside me now, I did wonder if they missed me now my maternity leave is over.  Expect they like the peace and quiet though really!
Not a hair out of place

What we’ve been up to since I last blogged

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

As promised, some time ago sorry!

Well the boy has obviously been growing up!  He now weighes 1.5 stone and is nearly into 1 year clothes!  He has been wearing 9-12 months clothes for quite some time so I guess its not surprising but he is still only 8.5 months old, bless the wee lump!

I’ve started buying clothes for him.  We’ve been really lucky and been given a lot of hand me downs and presents so far so we’ve not actually needed to buy him any clothes.  We did buy him a couple of things but now we’re going to have to buy everything as the hand me downs are drying up!  Knew this would happen as he gets older and sizes last longer – at least we get the chance to get our money’s worth out of stuff from now on apparently.  Anyway I’m taking advantage of any vouchers and special offers I can – is a fun challenge to see what barguins I can get!

So what have we been up to?  Well before I went back to work we used to go to Kids & Co every Tuesday morning (babies play, Mummies gossip!) and Mainly Music every Wednesday morning (singing and dancing and having a fab time!).  Both groups were at our local church, neither was very religious but it was nice to feel part of the community and to see the same lovely folk each week.  In the modern way, I added as many as possible on Facebook so we can keep in touch now I’m back at work.  The last couple of weeks I was able to take Owen to Jo Jingles which started up in our area.  This is another music group but instead of all singing and dancing together each child sits on its own mat and gets given various things to play with. 
Where's Owen?!

Owen loved both music classes and I’ve always sung to him quite a bit – hence him learning how to clap his hands!
Video here if the embedded version doesn’t work!

We went to a Bookstart Rhymetime in our local Library and Owen got his first Library Card.  Proud Librarian Mummy!  Not that I’ve let him borrow any books yet as he tends to suck them lots and so I only let him do it to his own books.
Signed up with the library, like a good Librarian's son!

Other than that our days were made up of going for walks, doctors check ups, and visits from friends.  Lunches out were managed occassionally although any leaving the house seemed like a huge mission back then!  What to take?  What would Owen do?  Would we get home safely?  Quite funny looking back on it now when I jump on a bus with him every day to get home from nursery!

We had a family holiday – well a long weekend in Edinburgh.  My lovely friend Jennie let us use her flat to stay in so we had a fridge and cooker which made it easier with Owen.  We bought a travel cot so he slept in that in our room, he’s such a good sleeper it wasn’t a problem all sharing a room again.  Other than I had a cough so risked disturbing him!  I got some medicine on the way down from the Minor Ailments Service at the local pharmacists so that helped!  Of course that was mid May and its the cough I’m still suffering from!  Was lovely to catch up with our Hillside buddies, and I took Owen into my old work to show him off.
The Hillside Posse, plus new additions
Stampa book!

An amazing thing happened on Friday 28th May – Nicole and I actually had an evening together, just the two of us, with no husbands and no babies.  Much as we love them it was nice to have some girlie time together, just the 2 of us.  We couldn’t remember the last time it had happened but hopefully it will happen again soon – ooh must see about arranging that!  We spent some time getting “prettified” and then went out for dinner.  It was a really lovely night – and we did scrub up nice!
Me and Nicole ready to go out

I’ve already blogged about going back to work.  Its still going well, with Owen still loving nursery so that’s cool.  My trip to Brighton was great, the conference was really good and the night out was awesome.  My usual “posse” was quite depleted at the conference so I did that networking thing and made some new friends which was good.  I may have also been snapped by the official photographer drinking Champers before noon with James!  Check out my cool bag though!  @Jaffne made me it, she’s so cool!  You can see some of her craftiness here.
morning champers at @Biall2010

The night out with Twitter folks was really good, apparently after speaking to folk for about 3 years you do know them quite well, even if you’ve never met them.  I have some utterly awesome friends, just a shame Brighton is so far away!  A couple of them that I was looking forward to meeting didn’t make it but one special chap I didn’t think was coming did so that was fab.  You know who you are folks! 
Euzie and V The ObscureEmargee

And yes, I went on the Carousel – twice – once with a Law Librarian Carousel-Virgin and once with 2 Twitter chums.  Hurrah!
Evening ride

So yeah, life is good!  Hope yours is too?!

Stupid germs and stuff

Monday, July 5th, 2010

So I’d been warned that babies at nursery bring home germs and that Mummies often catch it worse.  I have proven the theory.  Hurrah – or something!  For several weeks I’ve had an annoying tickley cough, so last Monday I saw a doctor and got some medicine.  On Saturday morning I was changing Owen out of his night time nappy and nearly fainted.  No it wasn’t that bad a nappy – indeed I didn’t even get it open before putting him safely back in his cot and going to get Bryan.  We phoned NHS 24 and they arranged for me to see G-Docs, the out of hours doctor up at the hospital.

Got there and he found I had low blood pressure which got lower when I stood up – not good.  He decided it was either that the medicine was lowering my blood pressure, I was getting a virus or I was pregnant.  At the use of the P word I burst into tears.  It is rather unlikely as I have a coil but we did a test all the same – phew, negative!  The advice was to stop taking the medicine, go home and rest “eat, drink, watch Dr Who”.  Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

We had a quiet Saturday afternoon, with me going to bed at 8pm, and I woke up far worse.  Sunday was mainly me sleeping, drinking water and coughing.  Happy Birthday Bryan – here’s the baby, I’m out of it.  Poor man!  He made the best of it and took Owen to the beach where he had his first ever paddle in the sea, they then went to the supermarket and did the week’s shopping and came home with a get well card and a shell from the beach for me.  I hardly ate all day, which is most unlike me as any of my friends will know.  In the afternoon I called the lady who had done my maternity leave cover  and arranged for her to work the next day for me.

Anyway its now a week later (forgot I’d started this post, sorry!) and I’m almost back to normal.  But I’ve missed a bit of the saga – on the Monday I went to see my GP, I have now been diagnosed as having vasovagal.  And no, that’s not a “nasty girl thing”, its a tendency to faint.  It makes perfect sense really.  When I get overly hot and/or dehyrated I have been known to get fainty.  Week 25 of pregnancy I really did faint and thought it was just a pregnant thing.  Several years ago seeing Oasis, I blacked out and came too with the sound and lights technician peering at me, and found I had been dragged into his wee box before someone bounced on me.  When I did my work placement in London I went to a concert at Wembley one night, after spending my lunch hour buying a ticket, only to end up on the floor as Bjork sang on!  So now I have a name for these episodes, and know that I have to be careful and not let myself get too hot and too dehyrated.  Really not sure why having a name for it makes it less scary, but it does, so that’s me happy!  Well until I faint again!!  But now I know to watch for the warning signs, and when they come I need to sit or lie down and drink water.  Simples!

Owen’s health and development update

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Update as promised

Owen is certainly growing well, as Daddy’s biceps will show!  He is now 5 months old and is quite tiring to hold for long as he’s a “decent size”.  He is really interested in anything and everything, especially the cats!

On the 18th March (5 months to the day after he was born) he had his 6 month check with the health visitor and weighed 18 lbs 8 (8kg 390).  He is now 68 cm long.  She was pleased to tell me he is growing in proportion.  She asked loads of questions about how he was getting on and apparently he can do everything he should for his age plus some!  She also said we’d proved ourselves to be “good parents” and so are deemed as needing little guidance and assistance.  I felt so proud I thought I’d burst! 

It was actually just what I needed to hear as we’d just had a couple of incidents which had knocked my confidence.  Firstly we were in his first “road traffic incident”.  We were going into town, stopped off to see my friend for lunch on the way.  She offered us a lift into town and we declined the offer politely as we didn’t have a car seat so it wouldn’t be safe.  Oh the irony.  We then got on a bus which ended up getting the rear end of a trailer through its front door.  It was quite a jolt but Owen was in his BabyBjorn carrier, strapped to my front, and slept through the whole thing.  It really shook me up as it made me realise I can’t keep him safe from the world, even when I’m with him.  Still no one was hurt and as I say, he didn’t even notice. 

Unfortunately he noticed the second incident.  I had gone into the kitchen to puree some apple for his lunch.  He was sat at the back corner of the sofa, between the cushions, with his toy laptop on his lap, happily “working away”.  I’m not very good in the kitchen so took longer than I should have and there was a horrid *Thud*.  Somehow he had managed to get to the edge of the sofa, whilst still playing with the laptop, as I was listening to its noises so I knew he was okay.  Anyway poor wee guy had a grazed nose and as I got to him started crying at full gusto.  I felt soooo bad and awful, and no, he’s not been left on any raised surfaces since.  Anyway I phoned the lovely and helpful folk at NHS 24 and talked it through with them, then got him an emergency appointment at the doctors that afternoon.  Luckily babies bounce well so he was, and is, totally fine.  But what a horrid scare.  So yes, he can move, roll over, wiggle around etc now.  Well done Owen for that development!  And at least he fell from a low sofa onto a carpet and not from his high up changing table onto the wooden floor beneath.  I used to leave him up there and start the bath running or get more nappies out of the cupboard or whatever, but not anymore.  Look on the bright side and learn a lesson for the future, that’s what I say.

Breaking news, as this just happened yesterday – we now have permission to stop using Owen’s splint!  He has been growing steadily, so much so that he is now in 6-9 month clothes and we’ve been struggling more and more to get his splint on at night.  Yesterday morning it had come off totally so I phoned the hospital and they’ve agreed he can probably live without it.  He has a check up appointment on 14th April so hopefully at that we’ll get the all clear on his under developed hip.  He certainly loves standing, bouncing and using it!

The only downside is that he’ll now be able to roll over in the night but as he’s in his cot with sleeping bags now anyway it shouldn’t be a problem.  Still, when I walked in this morning and he was lying on his tummy I couldn’t help myself have a little panic.  Hopefully it’ll be fine though, I’m sure he’s not the first baby to ignore the SIDS advice.  He started sleeping in his cot after we’d been away for a week as he was filling his moses basket.  It’s lovely being able to put him to bed in his own room and know you’ve got the rest of the evening to yourself, and don’t need to sneak in when its your bedtime!
First nap in cot and Grobag

I mentioned pureeing apple, well that was due to the fact that we are weaning Owen onto solids.  In February he got back to the point of needing fed every 3 hours, day and night.  I spoke to the health visitor and we agreed it was time to wean him.  The WHO guidelines like babies to get milk exclusively for 6 months but Owen was a big baby to start with so I’d always been told we would have to wean him early.  So on 25th February we started weaning him from breast milk to formula.  The aim was to get him sleeping through the night so we increased his bottle feeds until by mid March he was just getting one breastfeed at bedtime.  Soon that seemed redundant, and given all the problems we’d had with feeding I was happy to stop it so 17th March was his last feed – and neither of us have missed it. 

I managed to feed him on just breast milk (apart from the first couple of weeks when we were struggling) for over the essential first 4 months and I am proud of myself for doing that, I will admit.  However I am sooooo pleased to get my boobs back and be able to wear a normal bra (or none at night!) without breastpads!!  Yikes!  My first beer was some treat too!  I stopped drinking in June 2008 when we started trying for a baby and I only had the odd glass of champers on special occassions, until he slept through the night when I had a wee half vino a couple of times but was always worried he’d wake up and need fed before it was out my system.  Last night I was out for dinner with a gal pal and had 2 bottles of Miller when we went back to hers – no guilt or worry – just sheer bliss!!!

Anyway, back to the boy!  So the transition from breast to bottle was easy for Owen, but he still wasn’t sleeping through the night so on 3rd March we started him on some baby rice as well as the Hungrier Baby formula.  I was trying to hold out for as long as possible before introducing food, in line with the WHO guidelines but he was just too hungry so on 14th March we started him with his first “proper food”. 
 If the video won’t work you can view it here.

It’s a messy game feeding a wee one but good fun and interesting to see the reaction to different foods.  He now gets porridge with fresh banana for breakfast, a couple of vegetables mashed together for lunch then a fruit with baby rice for dinner – as well as 5 bottles of formula through the day.  And hurrah, he sleeps through the night!  7.30pm – 7.30am ISH!

As far as general development goes he really is a pleasure to be around, always smiling.  He now giggles as well, which is adorable.  He is teething a wee bit, maybe just movement under the gums, but he doesn’t cry about that just chews anything he can get his hands on and drools a lot.  Gel filled keys are always in the fridge to help when needed and he does love the coolness against his gums when they are bothering him.  He can sit up on his own now although he needs a hand near his back as he sometimes leans too far backwards or to one side and topples over.  He loves being held up so he can “stand” and bounce on your lap.  He can hold things and pick things up, he holds his own bottle sometimes and his favourite game today was taking his socks off and putting them in his mouth!

Obviously I may be slightly biased in my love and proudness of him but I’m telling you – he is totally gorgeous and adorable!
Bath time

Spoke too soon

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Or should that be blogged too soon?

So I though we’d got the hang of breastfeeding at last.  Turns out he was sucking rather than latching (and yes there is a difference, who’d have thought?).  He is fine and still well fed but I am now in lots of pain.  I kept thinking it was just due to the change from using breast shields but it has got to such a level that I now admit – we can’t breastfeed “properly”.  Ah well, back to breast shields.

So now I’m quite disappointed in myself, all over again.  I just want to be as perfect a Mum to him, as he is a son to me.  I guess I just have to be satisfied that I am managing to breastfeed at all, some ladies can’t.  Tomorrow he turns 17 weeks and we are into the zone of “you can start weaning now if you like but its best to wait until he’s 6 months”.  Goodness knows I am looking forward to this whole fiasco being over, will be so much easier when he’s on Sugar Puffs and burgers!!

In the meantime I must share this video that is just adorable.  It was what I was woken up by this morning but is still cute, I’m sure you’ll agree…

If it doesn’t work here just go to my flickr page to see it.

By George, we’ve got it! I think we’ve got it…

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

…to paraphrase Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady.

To what do I refer?  Well I’m afraid this is where I started talking about my boobs again!  If you were brave enough to read my blog entry about breastfeeding you will know that Owen and I were not managing to proceed in the traditional manner.  We have been using breast shields, which works fine but you do get some leakage and you need to sterilise them in between every feed. 

Well, at the weekend, during one of his feeds, I glanced down at one point and there was Owen feeding, and there beside him was the shield!  I did a double take, then checked that I could feel milk leaving me, and sure enough he really was feeding without a shield!

Trying not to get too excited prematurely I squealed at Bryan.  Anyway the next couple of feeds he would knock off the shield now and then, until now I don’t even get the shield out, I just sit down with Owen and away he goes!

I’m still trying not to get excited and think we’ll never need a shield again but I had such lovely supportive comments from various people after my main blog on the topic that I just had to share my glee – and here’s hoping it lasts!  Of course this Sunday he will be 17 weeks old, which is the minimum age for weaning, so not much longer that he’ll be feeding!  I will try to hold out for the recommended 6 months exclusively on milk, but it depends if he gets super hungry before that and needs more.  At least when I’m weaning him off brest milk onto formula it won’t be a new thing as he had formula for the first four weeks or so until we got established feeding.

15 weeks old already!

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Well I just realised that at 2.50pm today Owen turned 15 – weeks obviously!  Hard to believe he’s been ours for that long but then at the same time I am now feeling a bit more confident as this Mummy-ing thing!  There have been quite a few “first”s since my last post – his first wee chuckle, first (and second the next day!) time going to a birthday party, first go on a bouncy castle, first attendance at a wee person’s music group, first trip to town shopping, first feed in public, first afternoon with his four cousins, first swing ride in a park, first look at a book and his first turning of a page himself.  The last thing obviously made his Librarian Mummy very proud!

Owen with his first ever party bagCara, Frankie, Maz, Blue & Berry...

Meanwhile I’ve had my first night out with a whole glass of wine, and another night I had my first beer since June 2008 when I gave up drinking and we started trying for a baby.  This is all due to the wonder of Owen now having his own bedtime.  I feed him at 7.30 and then we put him to bed and he tends to be asleep by 8.30 or 9 at the latest, so we have some time to ourselves.  He sleeps until at least 3 as a rule so its safe for me to have a wee drinkie once he goes to bed – woohoo!  The night I was out at Gill’s I was enjoying myself chatting to the girls so much that I didn’t get home until about 2am – and then Owen was awake an hour later!  That was hard, but worth it!  Nice to have some grown up chat for a change.

Form an orderly queue please

As for weight, Owen is now healthily over 15lbs and filling his 3-6 month clothes nicely.  On our shopping trip I chose him two outfits which are the first clothes I’ve chosen myself!  Everything else he’s worn has been hand downs or gifts – well except for the Manchester United clothes and the Mamas and Papas jacket that Daddy chose!  I am down to 10 stone 11 so only half a stone to loose before I get back to my pre pregnant weight – hurrah!  I’ve already past my pre trying weight as I was about 11 stone when we decided to try for a baby, got down to 10 stone 4 before I got pregnant and put on 3 stone!

Owen can now support his own head so we can now put him in his Bumbo seat, or the in door bouncer.  Its lovely that he can sit up supported and play with toys and as he can now grasp things he is enjoying playing with things – everything fascinates him and needs inspected.  It’s so cute watching him with new things, or with his favourite talking Winnie The Pooh teddy which he just loves.

Owen posing in his Bumbo seat

As I reported with his hip he now only wears his splint at night so that’s lovely as we get much nicer cuddles during the day, much closer!  His blocked tear duct seems to have cleared up so we’re not having to clean it and cream it twice a day, the down side is that when he cries we get real tears – which makes Mummy’s heart ache!!  We’ve still not managed to breast feed the “normal” way but we’re still happy using the breast shields, it doesn’t bother me anymore, I’ve just accepted that we use them and that’s that.  It does mean I’m constantly sterilising them and the machine is constantly on but such is life!  I also can’t just be lazy and stay in bed to feed him during the night, we have to come downstairs and get a shield from the steriliser – and it does leak sometimes so we couldn’t feed in bed anyway.  Never mind, small price to pay and it means I get to check email, Facebook and Twitter whilst the wee one fills his boots!  This is also why it was a big thing for me to finally feed in public, its a bit difficult to be as discrete when using shields, but it is possible!

At Lucas’ birthday party our wee guy started crying quite a lot and we were thinking he was teething but he’s only had a couple of crying bouts in total so I think it may have been his colic, or just that he was too warm or something.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell with babies.  He does like to chew or suck things but then babies like to investigate things in their mouths so it might not mean he’s teething – that will come soon enough I’m sure!

And that, I think, is that!

Cheeky chap with growing hair!

Kicky floppy baby!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Today we were at the hip specialist for a follow up appointment following the original ultrascan appointment and resulting return visit.  He is making good progress although not fully “fixed” quite yet.  So now he only has to wear his splint overnight and we can leave it in the nursery all day every day!  Hurrah!  We have another appointment mid April to check up on it and hopefully that will be our last.

It’s weird, I’d got used to holding him with the splint so he’s now less rigid – and I can’t hold him by his groin anymore!!  The splint was like a little baby holder so you could just hold it – and it kept him straight when feeding – its like I need to learn to hold him all over again!

He was just starting to get the hang of sitting upright, with assistance, so will need to relearn that as well I think.  But in the meantime he’s just enjoying kicking his legs freely!

 If the video isn’t working you can see it here, on Flickr.

To follow on from my last blog post, he continued to sleep through the night for almost a week but the last 2 nights has woken up hungry about 5am.  Not too bad, at least I’m getting a 5 or 6 hour stint of sleep and then going back to bed.  He is a good boy in so many ways!

Our snow is melting so we can start planning some trips out of the house, I think we’ll try a shopping trip in town next week with the pram.  Then in February we’re hoping to go stay with my parents for a few days whilst their hotel is closed and they can spend quality time with their grandson.  Plus Bryan can have some peaceful Man time – or maybe not peaceful as I think he’s planning a gaming weekend with some mates!  I’ll appreciate a change of scene anyway, much as I love my house!

Quick update

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

So last night Owen and I slept for 9 hours!  I think that’s the first unbroken night’s sleep I’ve had since I got pregnant.  It was wonderful and lovely – and very clever for a 10.5 week old baby!

Today we went to the doctor for Owen to get weighed (and to get some more free drugs for us both!).  He now weighs 14 pounds 10 and a half (6640 grammes).  No wonder I hurt my back when bathing him yesterday!  As we have some snow I took him in his sling rather than try and push a pram so my back was quite sore by the time I got home too – even though we cheated and took the bus both ways – well there was a blizzard on the way home so I thought it best.

There was a lady in the waiting room with 6 month old twin boys, apparently they don’t take naps at the same time but if one starts crying they both go – and they are too big to both get a cuddle at the same time.  Yikes!  Poor lady!  I shall think of her when Owen is crying or not sleeping and be glad there’s only one of him!