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4th BIALL since Owen!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

It’s the time of year again when I have to tear myself away from my family and head off to my librarians conference!  I can’t believe its the 4th time I’ve left Owen for the annual event, time really does fly!

Every year I’ve got Bryan to take a photo of Owen and I outside nursery so here is the set so far…

Traditional pre Biall conference pic

Third year I've left Owen at nursery to leave for BIALL conference

1 year on

Leaving Owen at nursery before I go to Brighton!

Yes I do seem to always wear the same jackets *sigh* and you can tell the year’s I flew as I had my Mr T t-shirt on for those, just off to Glasgow this year though so just a train trip!  The big scary thing this year is that I am actually speaking at the conference rather than just attending, not sure why I thought it was a good idea but there we are, Friday morning at 11.30 please pray for me!  At least I’m well prepared, I think… and hubby and boss have both approved the content..just hope the 58 people booked for the session don’t fall asleep!  You can follow the conference on Twitter under #biall2013 if you so wish to!

First A&E trip

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Monday afternoon came the phone call you dread.  “Nursery” came up on the screen and I took a deep breath and answered it.  “Don’t panic but Owen’s had a fall, please can you come and take him to A&E for stitches in a cut on his head”.  ARGH!!  My baby!!  etc.

I phoned Bryan and we both raced to nursery, him in the car and me by foot.  I got there first and went in to find Owen calmly sitting with the manageress pinching the wound to help it set in place.  I was told he had screamed and cried for a bit when it happened – a good thing apparently as it means he was not unconcious at all.  I was told the doctor’s surgery may be able to handle it but when I phoned they told me to go to A&E.  By this time the car was outside so we went out to meet Daddy.  First the staff apologetically got me to sign a letter about head injuries to say they had indeed given me a letter about head injuries.  They kept the Accident Report Form for the next morning when I was rather more composed!  It’s sad that there is so much paperwork in the way of child care these days, the staff would much rather spend more time with the kids – or let you out the door to the hospital faster!  However it is all deemed necessary by the powers that be so it must be done!
On way to A&E after falling at nursery

Aberdeen has a seperate A&E for children so we took Owen in there (same reception as when he had his hip problems so it wasn’t too new and scary).  Owen declared “I got sore bit” to help the receptionist and pointed to his head.  A short wait later a nice male doctor came and took us through to one of the wee rooms and had a look at him.  He cleaned the wound, gave us a second handout about head injuries, and said a nurse would be through to glue Owen together.  Another wee wait (“where’s the man?” “I get glue?”) and the nurse came in, talking about Humpty Dumpty much to Owen’s pleasure!  We were asked to lay him on the bed and they squirted some glue and sent us home – with a handout of course!  This one was on the gluing procedure and its aftercare.
Super star sticker for being good boy whilst glued together

Owen was most excited to get a sticker – and some chocolate from Daddy, and off we went home.  We have to keep it dry for 5 days to allow it time to work and then it should fall off and that will be that.  Not as scary as first trip to A&E could have been but unfortunately it is unlikely to be the last trip!  Still if he’s as brave as he was with this it won’t be too traumatic for Mummy!!  The doctor did say it will probably scar but should fade in time, so here’s hoping that’s right.  Still, who hasn’t got a scar from some incident or other when they were wee?!

Old man

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Owen is really growing up amazingly fast.  Almost 2.5 years old already he has nappy trained himself and chosen a career…

Owen the Pirate

Gorgeous boy

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Just scrolling through my past few posts and realise you’ve been deprived of photos of my dearest lad.  Of course you can see him anytime you like on my Flickr page, but for those who can’t be bothered clicking here he is last weekend when we visited my gorgeous rocking horse..oh and my parents as he’s at their house!
Me and my boy on my horse

As you can see, I *ahem* kept him company for health and safety reasons…

Feeling old

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

On Monday my Dad turns 60 (regardless of what he says about being 21…).  Then next Saturday my Mum reaches 64.

Obviously their birthday’s are theirs, and I do hope they have lovely celebrations.  But still.  I’m taking this personally.  I’m going to have “OAP” parents.  Add to this the fact that my darling little baby Owen turns 2 on 18th October (already?!) and I’m feeling rather old.  Certainly can’t deny being a grown up now can I?!  Even had a conversation with one of my friends about giving up my stupidgirl tag.  I can’t bear that obviously but I did discuss it.

That’s really all I have to say on the topic, just that its scary, getting old.  Of course the greys don’t help trying to deny it.  So I dyed my hair this week.  Oops.  Colour was a bit darker than usual, I now have pretty much black hair.  Which it must be said I have always wanted to try.  I just didn’t mean to do it just before 2 important functions at my work and then going to visit my parents.  Actually it was probably kinda fitting for the first function as we had the crime author Stuart MacBride into the library to do an author event for us.  He has nothing against the colour black.  Last night though was the President’s Dinner at my work, lots of VIPs from organisations around the city, including the Lord Provost.  I bet he didn’t like my hair.  Oops.

Dad won’t like it either when we go down to support him in his old age…I mean celebrate his birthday!  Ah well, such is life.

I am very excited about our impending visit though, we’re going down on Sunday so we will wake up with him (not literally obviously) on his 60th birthday.  SIXTY!!  The plan is that we have a family day out to Blair Drummond Safari Park so fingers crossed the weather lets us do just that.  I used to go every year when I was wee as we got a free family pass in exchange for having their brochures in the hotel.  I hadn’t been for years until this summer when I went with some fellow Law Librarians.  We had a fab time and I went home with my face painted as a dalmation…
Dalmation me!

Anyway I know you don’t care about me, so here’s the update on Owen…
He’s doing great, can count to 2, speaking lots of words now, obcessed with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Hi ho being frequent words on his lips!), loves cars, tractors, our cats, flirting with girls. He is really intelligent, last week I told him we were going to see his Grandda at lunchtime, he pointed to Bryan and said Dadda’s Dadda – which is right. It wasn’t a fluke either as back home that night he pointed to the football strip Reg bought him and that he was wearing proudly and said Dadda’s Dadda again!

Last time I took him to my parents’ place we drove down at his bedtime, the plan being to let him sleep in the car then quietly transfer him into a bed at their house. However I got out the car to find he’d woken up and was saying “Grandad” very excitedly. We’d got him and all the bags into the house and the monitors set up when he realised he shouldn’t be awake and started crying, but as soon as he was put into bed he rolled over mid cry and went to sleep! Bless him!
Owen and his Grandad

Anyway lunchtime over so will shut up for now, but will try and report back after the weekend!

Spot the difference

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

So tonight I head off to Newcastle for the BIALL conference.  Can’t believe that’s been me back at work a whole year since maternity leave!  And yes, I was jammy enough to spend my first couple of days “back at work” at a conference in the lovely location of Brighton!  Anyway I thought it would be fun to take the same photo this morning as I left Owen at nursery as we did when I said bye to him last year.  And here they are for you to spot the difference….

2011 1 year on
2010 Leaving Owen at nursery before I go to Brighton!

My 2010 in 10 Photos

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Okay, so I have totally stolen this idea from someone else but his is cool so I wanted to copy him.  Someone posted a link to his blog post on Twitter and I liked it so decided to nick the idea, but I’m so rude I also forgot who posted the link and where the blog post was.  If someone would like to remind me I will give full credit, but in the mean time – here is my year in 10 photos. 

First off I would like to say that although this sounds like a great idea, its actually a really hard thing to do!  Especially when (a) you take as many photos as I do and (b) your husband says you’re allowed a maximum of 2 of your beloved baby Owen around whom your life revolves.  I was tempted to cheat and use photos of things to do with Owen but not of Owen (ie his report card from nursery the day he took his first unaided steps there) but I knew that was cheating so I have tried not to do that.  Although I’m not promising his name won’t appear in my reasons for choosing certain photos, but this is my blog and I’ll bend the rules if I want to!  I was going to do the photos in chronological order but I think as I’ve just used the O word several times we’ll start with him and take it from there!

That's me that is

Photo 1 – Owen!  Yes this year my life revolved very much around this little chap.  I had the first 6 months off work on maternity leave to look after him and try and work out this being a Mum thing.  I’ve had an amazing time watching him grow and develop: from the first tooth, to the first time he stood up clutching at the coffee table, to his first toddle.  He started nursery in June and loves it, he started solid food in March and loves it even more!  He can now give hugs and kisses, put things in the bin, stroke the cats nicely, say a few words, shake/nod his head meaning no/yes, say “uh-oh” when he does something naughty (so hard to keep a straight face) and he loves books.  He sleeps well most of the time, smiles a lot and is generally amazing and wonderful.  Everyone told me that a baby changes your life and that idea used to scare me but I’m glad I came round to it as the love you have for your own wee person is just phenomenal, and the resulting deeper love you have for the man that made it possible and is there by your side through it all is just about as fantastic.  I think the other important “parenting” lesson I’ve learnt is that there is no right way.  Every baby and parent and situation is different and once you accept that life gets a lot easier.  Online social networking sites are great in this as well, I met some fab Mums when Owen and I were on maternity leave and able to go to things like Kids & Co and Mainly Music groups at the church but once I went back to work I didn’t have the chance to do these things.  However I had added several of the Mums as friends on Facebookand now I can keep in touch with all the lovely ladies, and get advice on things from time to time from them or other parents I’ve met online.  So hurrah for all my Twitter and Facebook buddies – thank you!

I picked this particular photo as it was an idea I nicked (yes I do that a lot, sorry!) from a free PixiFotophoto shoot at Mothercare, so as well as being of the wee man it signifies all the free stuff you can get when you have a baby: from the benefits the government give you, to the things like Bounty packs of “useful items” they hope you’ll then buy lots of (well done Petit Filous, that worked with us!).  Also the building blocks were borrowed from Lucas, Ray and Nicole’s little boy.  Borrowing his stuff is also something we do a lot, and something we really appreciate.  Babies grow out of clothes and toys so quickly so being able to use someone else’s is a wonderful thing.  Lucas lends us lots of his things and its wonderful to have access to his “cast offs”!  We are also very lucky in having fab friends and neighbours who pass us lots of toys and clothes as well, save us a fortune!  And once we’ve finished with them we can pass them onto one of our friends with a smaller baby and save them money too.

Anyway, enough about Owen, there must be more to life…?!

Dad catches a guinea pig for Owen to see

Photo 2 – my parents, the proud Grandparents!  This photo was taken in February when Owen (oops did I mention him again?!) and I went and spent a week with my parents.  We had a lovely holiday: going to Auchingarrich Wildlife Park and stroking various animals, going to Loch Katrine for a walk, going to a local fete so Mum could show off her grandson to the locals, just chilling out and smiling at Owen!  The best bit was that my parents weren’t working, they were able to just enjoy themselves and our company.  So nice to see them out the house doing “normal” things.

As for the guinea pig, well a certain young man loves animals and points whenever we are out for a walk and see a dog.  He can make a Woof noise and the other day was looking at a pig picture and Oinked!  Bless him! 

But yes, grandparents.  Mine will only have one grandchild as I am an only child and so will Owen be, so it was predicted they might be a bit doting, which they seem to be fulfilling nicely!  Bryan’s Mum unfortunately died at Easter due to a brain tumour, so Owen only met her once before going to her funeral and sadly won’t remember her.  Although he does see photos of her regularly so won’t forget her any more than the rest of us.  Bryan’s Dad and his wife Sasina see Owen fairly regularly and every time he seems to get a present as well as lots of cuddles – so obviously Reg hasn’t tired of grandchildren even though Owen is his fifth!

Cinnamon toast I requested this morning

Photo 3 – food!  As anyone who follows my flickr page knows, I occasionally photograph nice food before I eat it.  This is partly due to my intense love of food and partly due to participating in an online group collecting photos of food (good excuse I thought!).  Anyway I chose this photo to represent the ones I’ve taken in the past year as it was tasty, pretty, and made by my own pet chef Bryan!  This year he has made some yummy things (I particularly liked when he went through a phase of trying to make the perfect chocolate cake) and his kitchen talents have grown somewhat.  I am happily taste testing anything he passes in my direction. 

So that takes me to another hidden meaning behind a photo – its ironic given Bryan’s developing cooking skills that 2010 should be the year that I finally make it down under 10 stone.  I think I’ve hated my weight since my early teens and had several issues to go with that along the way.  Today I’m not toying with making a New Year Resolution to myself to loose weight, for the first time in a long time.  Its such a lovely feeling.  As is standing on the scales any morning I want and them not hitting double figures.  As to how I managed this, well, I’m not sure!  I’d got down to 10 stone 4 before getting pregnant with Owen and I lost most of the pregnancy weight through birth and breastfeeding, as you do with first babies.  Then I think its been a combination of trying to juggle work, housework and mothering – just carrying around a 2 stone little boy is good exercise never mind the fact you are always on the go.  Think the main thing was some of the germs he brought me home from nursery though – one week I had a sickness bug, two weeks later diarrhea and then three weeks after that we all had the winter vomiting virus.  Just the last one made me loose 3 pounds overnight!!  Anyway, however it happened I love it – just need to get sale shopping for some new clothes as my size 14 wardrobe just hangs off me now  *cheesy grin*!  The day of the AGM at work I realised my trousers were actually indecent so I had to run to M&S at lunchtime and buy some size 12 trousers ready for the meeting that evening!

THe Hillside Posse and resulting kiddies

Photo 4 – friends!  This group is the majority of the Hillside Posse who we lived with in Edinburgh when we went to visit in May, Ray and Nicole being the other couple that came out of that flat share.  We miss all our friends from Edinburgh now we live in Aberdeen and we didn’t manage to see these ones much in 2010 unfortunately.  We did however have a lovely weekend with them at Creagan in November when my parents went on holiday and asked us to house-sit.  Nice getting to use a hotel as self catering!  And Bryan had quite a fun time in the big kitchen too – we had a lovely 3 course dinner on the Friday night!  During the weekend we also found out that Iain and Laura were giving Rose a new brother or sister in June (ish).  Lovely news!  We’re obviously “that age”, most of our friends have or are having babies and a few joined the crowd in 2010 – including two sets of twins, one to my cousin Dave and his wife Bec and the other set to my friend Tony and his wife.  Unfortunately I still haven’t met either set but I have seen lots of photos!

Evening ride

Photo 5 – Brighton carousel!  In June I had to go back to work after maternity leave.  I managed to organise it that my first day back at work I was actually at a conference in Brighton.  The downside was that after spending all my time with Owen I was going to be away from him for several days, the upside was that I have several Twitter friends and they were lovely enough to agree to having a night out on the Saturday night as my conference finished at lunchtime.  It meant staying away from Owen an extra night, but I knew he’d be fine with Daddy!  It was actually a good way of going “cold turkey” from him ready to go to work the following week, leaving him at nursery for eight hours was nothing!  The conference was also shock treatment to get my brain working again ready for thinking of Society matters rather than mushy banana and dirty nappies!  The night out with Twitter folks was great fun and proved that it is possible to meet some lovely people online, some of them I’d been speaking to for over a year so I was quite sure I knew them well enough to know they weren’t the stereotypical axe wielding maniacs your Dad warned you about meeting online!

Oh, and I went on the carousel on Brighton beach with Law Librarian friends during the day and Twitter folks in the evening.  I do love carousels after all!

T in the Park 2010 - Mumford and Sons

Photo 6 – T in the Park / Mumford and Sons!  Being a terrible mother, obviously, I left Owen with his Dad for another weekend in July and went to my beloved T in the Park music festival with my chum Lydia.  We had perfect accommodation as my poor cousin hadn’t sold her flat and was kind enough to let us use it so we had showers and a kettle – much better than the campsite in the muddy field with all the drunken folks!  It was the only concert I attended in 2010 which is a big weird for me (I’ve got 3 tickets so far for 2011 so don’t cry for me) but it was fab.  Especially Mumford and Sons, as shown, think Bryan and I have almost worn out their CD as we listen to it so much.

Pristine white

Photo 7 – abandoned stuff!  Again, if you follow my flickr pages you will have seen various pictures of random abandoned items.  You may have thought “what is she up to?”.  Or you may be @sianz or @special_noodles and know that I am just trying to be a bit creative and have been inspired by your work!  It’s amazing seeing what people leave lying around – and what they throw out, and sometimes these things can make quite cool photos, nice change from fluffy kittens and chubby babies anyway.  Also, it makes you walk around with your eyes wide open, you never know where you might see the next thing for the collection – makes walking to work far more interesting!

Away oot!

Photo 8 – weekend with Jennie!  Ah yes, so I left Owen with Daddy – again!  This time I had a weekend in Edinburgh with my chum Jennie.  Saturday was shopping all day – with a lunch break to meet up with our friends Lorna and David…and then a pub break to meet up with Kieron and Lyndsay (from photo 4!)..and then back to the shops again.  Then we took Lorna home, got her dolled up and went back to Jennie’s and we got dolled up before we hit George Street (for a while anyway, shopping is tiring!).  Was nice to just chill out and be girly. 

Jennie and I made a pact when we left Edinburgh that we would try to see each other every 3 months, obviously that’s not always possible but we do what we can!  She was in Brighton for the night out as well and we spent the Sunday together afterwards, but usually we take it in turns to visit each other.  Poor lass, one time she was up she ended up hoovering my entire house for me and another I was ill so she ended up just sending me back to bed every time I surfaced.  Hopefully in 2011 I can be as fabby a friend to her as she has been to me in 2010..if she dares see me again that is!

I am outnumbered by mens!

Photo 9 – my lovely Robertson boys!  Okay so Benson and the one who’s name starts with O whom I’m not to mention too much aren’t in this photo but my year has been very much about this lot of chaps.  Obviously Bryan is my hubby and I love him very much and I think this has grown somewhat over the past year watching him with our son.  George and Benson have been our cats for almost 4 years now and are very much part of the family, they are ace with Owen and very accepting of all they have to put up with from him.  Lee has always been Bryan’s brother (obviously!) but the last couple of months he’s been staying with us and we’ve been enjoying having him around and having the chance to get to know him better.  I also love it when he brings my nieces and nephews to visit – they were one of the main reasons we moved up here after all, we’re just hopeless at arranging to go visiting ourselves so this way we can be our usual lazy selves but still get to see them all!  Boxing Day was lovely as Lee and the kids were here, as were Reg and Sasina, and we all swapped gifts and then played with all the toys all afternoon – just what Christmas is about!

Growing up in a hotel I feel more comfortable with a fully loaded sofa, and when its with such lovely chaps one can’t help but thank one’s lucky stars.

And so to my last photo of 2010, which just has to be of…

Sun rise on Boxing Day

Photo 10 – snow!  Yes 2010 has definitely been the year for snow, I think we had it up to March and then it came back in November and stayed.  I don’t know anyone who was left “dreaming of a white Christmas” and I think I was one of the only ones that was genuinely sad when it thawed.  I almost got upset about it when it looked like I wouldn’t see my parents for Christmas but then Dad phoned and said they could come to us as we couldn’t risk being stuck in a snow drift with a baby in the car, so they came up on 23rd and spent Christmas Eve with Owen and I.  We did our present giving in the morning before Bryan went to work so it meant we got pressies early too – woohoo!! 

This photo was taken from the house on Boxing Day morning as the sun was rising in gorgeous colours.  Aberdeen gets some gorgeous sun rises it must be said, another reason why I love it.  I also love the area where we live, happy surburban life so this photo signifies that as well.

So that’s it, my 2010 in 10 photos (with apologies if I mentioned Owen too often…oops, I just did it again didn’t I…?!).  I kinda feel there should have been a photo of my beloved iPhone4, without which my 2010 would not have contained as much photography or social networking, and it would have been a sad, sad place…

Toddler alert!

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Well that’s Owen walking now, video proof here.  He’s so cute about it, been building up to more and more steps unaided but sometimes still needs a finger to hold onto.  Not a whole hand, just a finger, he is a big boy after all!  On Saturday Bryan and I spent quite some time at opposite sides of the lounge going “come give me a hug Owen” and he toddled from one to the other of us, hugged us and then walked to the next person and hugged them.  So cute, I had a lump in my throat a couple of times.  Oh and he can do kisses now, sticks his lips out as far as he can – unless he’s blowing a kiss in which case he whacks himself in the face (see video of this too!).

Owen now has 6 teeth, 4 up top and 2 down bottom and likes all sorts of different foods.  Give him a whole apple and he’s happy for ages…and the lounge gets littered with bits of reguritated apple skin!!  Generally he eats well, and anything we give him.  There are favourites – such as banana, blueberries, chocolate buttons (yes he’s mine!) and haggis!  When he first discovered lasagne and garlic bread he literally giggled with delight through the entire meal.  He no longer has bottles, although he still has some milk before bed but just normal cow’s milk, we’ve finished with that super-expensive, annoying to make formula stuff!

Trying to think what other major developments I should report on..  He says Da, Ta, Ma and versions of Duck, Cat and Tractor.  The other day his Uncle Lee spotted that he’d said Tractor with a Devon accent – no idea where he got that from… (for those who don’t know I was born in Devon and lived there till I was 8 which is where my love of tractors came from.  Owen has a John Deere calender in his room which one of my Twitter friends gave me and the first time he said tractor was when we were changing it to November and seeing what the new picture was.  Proud moment, and luckily Dad heard it from the next room so it was verified!). 

Owen does some cool things, like tonight it got past 7pm and suddenly he just crawled to the bottom of the stairs, waited for me to follow him, then went up the stairs, into his room (once I opened the door) and stood up next to his cot.  Yes Mummy, bed time now.  Bless him!  He has ways of making you do what he wants, like when he brings you a book and then turns round and sits on your lap – or if you’re not on the floor stands between your legs and reaches up the way so you pick him up.  A lot of the time he points at things he wants – like the bubble machine in the bath, he loves baths and bubbles.  He does sometimes cry if he doesn’t get what he wants, can understand how kids become spoilt brats as giving them what they want shuts them up but we try not to give in too often – especially if the cheeky brat points at my chocolate!!  Generally though he’s a happy, smily wee guy.  The other morning he woke up giggling and kept giggling whilst we got up and ready for nursery.  Oh and nursery, he loves nursery and the ladies that look after him.  The other night with all the snow we offered one of the ladies a lift home and he was sooooo delighted that she was getting in his car, just giggled and smiled.  So nice to know he’s happy there, much easier to leave him in the morning when he’s all excited to be there and see all his wee friends.

We had a long weekend booked last weekend to go to Edinburgh and attend 2 birthday parties of our friends (a 3rd birthday and a 31st!).  Unfortunately with all the snow we decided it was best not to go.  I grabbed the chance to take Owen to Codona’s Winter Wonderland so he could meet Santa.  Good time to go too on the Friday as there was hardly anyone there so we could take our time and let him have the chance to examine things in his careful considering way.  Not that Santa got any smiles, it must be said.  But once we moved through to see the reindeer there were huge smiles – and would he let go of his present?  Nope!  He didn’t open it either, just gripped it in front of him as if his life depended on it.  Was a bit of a mission getting his snow suit back on and getting him in and out of his car seat to go home!! 
We met Santa Loving the reindeer and his pressie from Santa

As for us, well we’re fine.  We’ve both had various bugs and stuff that comes from having a wee one at nursery but we’re coping!  I’ve benefitted indeed, as I finally lost the weight I always wanted to and am less than 10 stone (for possibly the first time since I was in my early teens!).  Not sure I enjoyed the sickness bug, diarrea bug, winter vomiting bug etc etc that got me here but at least they all had a silver lining!

Last month we had a week off work, which was lovely.  My parents were on holiday in South Carolina so we went and housesat their house.  Nice to get away for a bit, and it gave me the chance to see some pals and Bryan the chance to play in the big kitchen! 
Owen takes a nap in the 4 poster bed room
The added benefit of parents owning a hotel is that we could have some friends to stay whilst we were there, so we’d invited all our Hillside buddies for the weekend.  Bryan cooked us a 3 course meal ready for their arrival on the Friday night and I laid up the Baronial dining room, so once the kids went to bed we all had a yummy dinner.  We also indulged in cooked breakfasts both mornings, naughty but nice!  On the Saturday night Bryan had help in the kitchen, all we could hear was Kieron yelling “yes chef”, “right away chef”, “is this how you want it chef”, in his role of commis!
Creagan Visit

Anyway, must get to bed, Owen doesn’t always manage to sleep quite as long as we’d like and I can’t cope with 6am starts if I’m late to bed!  Hope that’s brought you up to date with us a wee bit though, couldn’t miss blogging that our baby is officially a toddler now though could I?!

Owen @ 1

Monday, October 18th, 2010

So yes, our wee boy is 1 already!  I can now try and stop panicking about cot death if I wake up and its not because of Owen making a noise.  I hate that feeling when you go “ooh I’ve woken up and its not cause my baby is crying, that’s nice…  Oh gosh, why isn’t he crying, what’s wrong with him, there’s no noise from his room”.  Anyway the statistics drop a lot as of today for him so fingers crossed we’re past another scary thing.  Of course there are plenty more things to worry about now anyway!

The boy is doing great, he can totter a step or two unaided.  Although usually finds this so funny he collapses.  Its very difficult to video but I have tried!  He loves books and sits and flicks through them for ages, sometimes several at the same time.  He can say Da, Ta, Du and Ma.  I do come last, even after the duck, it must be said.  He’s very keen on ducks though, we were looking through a book yesterday and a duck was under one of the flaps and he pointed at it and said “Du du du” very excitedly!  Pointing is his other thing at the moment: he points at places he wants to go, things he wants to have, people he wants to do things for him (I register highly at this one, lucky me!).

Happy chappy!

We’ve had him swimming, and he still loves his baths – especially the bubble machine.  The cats are still much loved by him, although they are learning to move faster as he can really move now, either crawling or with his baby walker.

He eats well and sleeps well – usually!  Had a bit of conjugitivis the past week so that’s upset him a bit, understandably!  Generally he goes to bed at 7pm and knows he’s not allowed up until 7.30am so if he wakes up early he just chats away to his teddies until I go and get him.

All in all, he is fab and amazing.  Its hard to believe he’s really ours but I tell you something – I ain’t never giving him back!
Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Owen

Monday, October 18th, 2010

As we thought he was too young to appreciate a card we decided to give him a Birthday greeting in the local newspaper instead –

His 'card' from us in the Press and Journal

P.S.  We were wrong, he got 2 on Saturday and 1 yesterday and keeps asking for them off the mantlepiece then sits and reads them over and over so thanks to anyone who’s sent one!!