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Benson update

Friday, February 13th, 2009

This morning I had a call from the vets, Benson is progressing very well, his wound looks good and he seems to be really enjoying peeing and doing it lots!!  We’ve arranged to collect him at noon tomorrow – hurrah!!

So I get to spend Valentine’s Day evening with my 3 boys on the sofa, all being well!  Bit different than the wedding anniversary treat we had booked for ourselves of D,B&B at a lovely looking hotel in town but after this week, it will just be nice for the 4 of us to be together to be honest.

Have a good weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!


Thursday, February 12th, 2009

I’ve not blogged for ages, sorry but things haven’t been great.  Our house was burgled, our cat has been ill, we’ve been struggling through snow etc etc.  Am going to try and get back on track now though.  But first, must report on poorly pussy! 

Ok, so story so far, Benson has been ill on and off from November with cystitis.  When he was at the vets over Christmas it was announced to be chronic cystitis.  He appeared to be doing well after that but he took bad again following the weekend.  We took him to the vets on Monday night and they couldn’t get the cathether in to clear the blockage this time.

So we ended up rushing him to the Dick Vets in Edinburgh on Tuesday afternoon. 

They tried a couple of things to help him but in the end they had to take the horrible big step of removing his penis as this is the bit that keeps blocking.

Anyway this morning’s report is that he is doing really well, wound looks perfect.  He peed by himself 3 times during night.  He has been licking the wound so has a collar on but has just been having cuddles in kennel and is comfortable and happy.  So they will start him on antibotics today and see how he goes.  Only bad thing is he hasn’t eaten but they aren’t worried about that considering what they did to him yesterday, they will be tempting him with lovely things today.  He should ready to come home Saturday as things stand at the moment.

There can be complications with the surgery but when the surgeon called yesterday after doing the surgery she was very pleased with how it went so hopefully he will heal up well.

He will still have cystitis and need medication for the rest of his life probably but it should be more manageable now.

Thanks so much to those of you who have supported us through the last few days, it hasn’t been easy but we’re now able to look forward to getting our boy home again.

Lifetime achievement

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Well, many of us spend our lives looking at calendars, or deciding which celebrity or cute beastie we want to look at for the next year.  Few of us get the chance to actually be on one of those calendars.  Today I am happy to announce that I have made that amazing leap and can now be enjoyed for 31 days in December 2009 by whoever may wish to.  And don’t worry – my eyes won’t follow you round the room.  Nay!  For my face ain’t on it – just my BUM!  My Dad will be so proud, or something.  Do not worry, I have not turned to seedy means to make money to cover Benson’s vet bills (although that may come soon!), nope I am just guilty of having fun online.  And yes, that is my work’s library in the photo – but it was lunchtime, honest guv!  Anyway if you want to hear the full story of how this happened you need to venture to Kevin Yezbick’s blog, which is also where you can download it if you want to share in the joy!

Whilst I’m here I will update on Benson as he was at the vet’s for a check up this morning.  He seems to be doing ok so we now start to reduce the amount of medication he’s taking.  If this goes well we reduce further and further, if not we have to get him back to the vets and increase it again, or try the one last drug that might help.  If non of that works there is one more option but its a bit severe and we hope not to have to go down that path.  Basically he has chronic cystitis and there’s no cure for that.  It’s not as bad for girl cats as it is for boy cats as it can cause the willy to block (this has already happened twice to Benson) and then they need a cathether to empty it out and it can be dangerous as if it doesn’t get treated quickly it can lead to renal failure – ie death – ie very undesirable.  So the severe option is to give him a sex change – cut off his willy and then it can’t block.  Ouch.  There are other complications so we’re hoping not to need this but it is something to bear in mind, bless him.  We were thinking we might consider letting him outside to see if that helps but from what the vet says it won’t help the condition much, whilst adding in the possibility of being hit by a car or being out when he gets blocked and us not knowing and so he doesn’t get treated. 

So at the moment we just have to keep medicating him and see how he gets on.  Will keep you posted but in the meantime you might like to see the gorgeous new photos Bryan has taken with the lovely new camera lens he got for Christmas.  Newest ones are at the bottom.

End of year wrap up

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!  Hurrah, 2008 is over and done with, lets move quickly on!

Didn’t get round to blogging for the last month, got tied up in preparation for Christmas – which suddenly loomed large!  Think I’m prepared now though, what?  Its over?  Oh well, guess its too late now then!

Benson has been keeping me occupied and away from blogging or organising myself for Christmas.  Poor wee guy actually spent whole of Christmas in the vetinary hospital.  It’s now confirmed he has chronic cystitis which means he will be ill for the rest of his life.  His bladder has now blocked twice – both times meaning several days in the hospital with a catheter and lots of drugs.  He’s now on a special diet and we’re looking for other ways to help him so we’re now growing trays of grass for him to eat, we bought a covered litter tray to give him privacy, his Aunty Nicole has given him a water fountain so he has fresh moving water which he is more likely to drink.  Might have to let him out but will see how he’s getting on at his next check up.  Obviously changing food and stuff affects George too but he’s being quite good about it all, just gets jealous when Benson gets his “special hugs” three times a day.  He doesn’t quite understand that we are just giving Benson drugs and that its not something he should be jealous of so we have to wrap him in a blanket and turn him upside down too!  Anyway if you have pets learn from our mistakes – if you take out cheap pet insurance it is only likely to cover the first year of any condition – this is bad if your cat then gets a chronic condition.  Luckily he’s covered so far but we’re well on the way to the maximum payout – yikes!

So what else did I do in December?  Well I took part in a criminal justice experiment that Robert Gordon University was running.  Obviously if I told you what it involved I would have to kill you but it was quite interesting to be part of!

I had a night out with Donna and Lydia who I went to France with in the summer.  It was to be a girly Christmas night out but for various reasons we ended up with just four of us.  That was actually lovely as there was only one new person who’s name I needed to remember and we could all hear each other talk over the table!  We had a nice dinner in Saigon’s and then went to a couple of bars before calling it a night.  I treated myself to a new dress for it – now that I’m down to a size 12 I was looking for an excuse for a new frock and a night out – and a 30% off voucher for Monsoon – seemed to suit!

Donna’s Christmas night outMarianne, Donna, me and Lydia        New size 12 Monsoon dress!New dress!

I was lucky enough to get asked to review this year’s Panto so I was able to take Donna and the two of us returned to our youth screaming “he’s behind you” etc!  It was a fab show with fireworks and Peter flying over our head, I really enjoyed it.

Still trying to get in the mood for Christmas preparation I went to see Four Christmasses, again with Donna and Lydia.  It was really good – but I still wasn’t kicked into Christmas mood!  Next it was down to Edinburgh for the Scottish Law Librarians Group Christmas Networking Meeting with Jenny.  We got the train down and back in the same afternoon, managing to fit in time for a go on the carousel and dinner at TGI Fridays whilst we were down there.

Maria on the carouselGeorge the carousel horse!     Dinner with the Law Librarians in Edinburgh!Librarians can party too!

I was supposed to go to an enchanted forest thing with lights and music in Aboyne but that day Benson took ill again and I went to the vets instead of the forest.  We did make it to Ray and Nicole’s for Sunday lunch, possibly the last time I’d see them before the baby arrives – so exciting!  I spent the evening of the boy’s work night out with Nicole as well – and felt an elbow or knee moving in her belly – most surreal and amazing!  Still waiting for the baby to arrive, I’m at the stage of jumping whenever the phone goes – but then it is due TODAY!!  Exciting!

Ooh after the Sunday lunch at R&N’s we popped into Bryan’s Dad for a wee visit.  As it turned out brother Lee was also there with his family so we got to see them all which was lovely.  Bryan took some lovely photos of them as well so that was cool, we don’t see our nieces and nephews a lot so it was really great to spend some time with them.

One more night out before Christmas was with Gill and her friends James and Corrie.  We had dinner in our local pub and then a few other folk (including Gill’s poorly hubby) joined us for a drink.  We all had a good natter and a laugh.

Gill and Stuart Gill and Stuart – the couple we bought our house from – who’d have thought we’d end up as buddies?!

My work closes at 1pm on Christmas Eve and is shut until Monday 5th January so I’m having a lovely break.  We managed to see a few friends and family on 24th, Stephen and Lee popped by and then we went down to Reg’s.  Was nice to spend some time with him and Sasina, we chatted through Santa Clause 3 and ate chocs. 

Christmas Day was spent, just the two of us, as is our tradition.  It was a bit sad knowing that Benson was stuck in the hospital whilst we were all at home, George enjoyed all the attention though and loved being spoilt.  We put the tree up for the day so we could open our presents underneath it and George was quite bewitched by it.

George loves the pretty treeGeorge   

We got some lovely pressies between us as well – thanks to all contibutors!  This year’s lunch was to be goose, Bryan loves to do something different – and he did it very well!  There was lots of food and it was all gorgeous. 

Table laid readyTable laid out ready            Roast Goose and all the bits!Food all set out, roast goose

Boxing Day we left poor George all on his own and went to visit my parents for another lovely lunch – the traditional turkey this time!  It was lovely to see my parents – and to get more pressies obviously!

Dad, me on my rocking horse, and Mum  Spending Christmas with my parents and hubby  Dad, me on Firefly and Bryan

The next day we were able to collect Benson from the hospital and bring him home.  We’d had a problem after the first day because he smelt funny to his brother George and there was a lot of hissing and ignoring so this time we were careful to cuddle him lots in another room first so as to rub some of the hospital smell off.  It did take them a while to accept each other but it wasn’t as upsetting as last time.  We’d kept the wrapping paper for them to play with as they’d loved that last year but I think they are too old for such frolics now so they didn’t seem to enjoy it in the same way.

Benson comes home

The last day of the year was spent: at work (Bryan), out for lunch with Gill and the kids (me)!  I also got my last competition win of the year in the post – a Carling t-shirt.  I expect I entered to win a fridge full of beer or something exciting but still, Bryan can never have too many tops! 

As for Hogmanay, well we just enjoyed having our family back together.  Benson is on a lot of medication so he sleeps a lot at the moment but we had a game with Bryan’s new remote control General Lee and all had lots of cuddles.  Bryan cooked haggis with mash potato and roast butternut squash for our dinner and we watched some tv and nattered the night away. 

I’ve been trying out Twitter an online communication tool, and was messing about on that during the evening.  I ended up getting involved in a Tweeplay which was quite fun and has been recorded on my Twitter friend’s blog.  Different but entertaining none the less!  I also took the following piccie for infobunny but I won’t bother explaining why as you really needed to be there to get it!

George with some whisky

After midnight I went outside with a sparkler, inbetween trying to persuade the cats that the fireworks outside and on the tv wouldn’t hurt them.  We watched the fireworks and listened to the bells and bagpipes in Edinburgh.  Midnight on Hogmanay is the one time I miss our flat in Edinburgh – we used to be able to stand on our balcony and watch the fireworks whilst being able to see and hear the same fireworks close up on the tv – best way to do it – no crowds, no being jostled by foreigners, clean toilets, warmth and whatever food or drink you desire!

And so we’ve seen the back of 2008 – hurrah.  Here’s hoping that 2009 brings happy times for one and all.  Have a good ‘un!

Catch up time

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

No, I’ve not posted for a while.  Yes, I’m a bad little blogger.  No, I’m not going to make excuses for my evilness (although did I mention that Benson has been ill so we’ve been in and out of the vets?).  Yes, I will try and make it up to you now.

First off, I just watched the final of Dirty Dancing, the time of your life.  Not usually one for that kind of show but I watched it one Sunday evening and have been hooked ever since!  I do of course love the movie and love watching good dancers so it does suit me rather well.  Am pleased to say that the guy I liked most the first week won, along with the Scottish lassie so hurrah for that!  Now just wondering how to persuade hubby that he wants to go on holiday here.

Since I last blogged Bryan and I had a week off work to do some decorating.  We hadn’t done any since we moved in and so it was “about time”.  If you want to see the “before” situation.  It was the hallway and the 3rd bedroom we decided to focus on and we did get them both done in the week.  Putting the cats in the cattery for the week was definately the way to go as that was one less thing to worry about and meant they didn’t have to put up with the paint smells, or get stuck to the walls!  We have both agreed that we are not fabulous painters, but at least its freshened up and we managed to sort a few issues at the same time so its certainly an improvement! 

I did take a night off to go to the theatre to review a play called Offshore, another night we went out for dinner and then to the cinema for Burn After Reading.  On the Friday night Bryan went to meet Ray and they had dinner and saw the new Bond movie, whilst I stayed home and cleaned the house ready for my friends Angela and Louise coming to visit the next day.  I took them to Haddo House for a Christmas Craft Fair, we had lunch in Ellon and then a walk on the beach at Newburgh before heading back to town for dinner and the Bond movie! 

 Louise and Angela with Bond’s car
The next day we did lunch and a few shops before they caught the train home.

Our newly decorated guest room was a bit better organised by its next inhabitants – my parents – came to visit.  I had an Italian evening arranged for work that I’d managed to persuade them, and Bryan, to attend.  Mum and Dad arrived in time for it and then stayed with us for 2 nights.  I took the following day off work so I could spend it with them and we went and had lunch with my Great Aunt Dorothy, her daughter Moira, and a family friend called Noreen. 

 Folks and Ladies

That evening Bryan cooked us dinner, after working all day bless him, and I got the whole evening to enjoy having my nearest and dearest under one roof.

We had Friday night last week in the pub with Hugh and Linda, which was my first time in our local, and I think I might be found in there again!  The Saturday night Nicole and Ray came for dinner and I was allowed to feel Bump Robertson kicking – which was totally amazing!  Not long now till we get to meet Master or Miss Bump either!  This weekend Bryan had Friday off and has been playing a horrid zombie killing game since I dropped him at Asda on my way to work!  Friday night was my work’s Annual Dinner so that was very stressful for me as organiser but it all seemed to go well and everyone I spoke to seemed to be having a good time.  Photos are on the website, bottom of the events page.  Not sure how I ended up in the photos, I’m supposed to stay the other side of the camera!!  Yesterday I had to get the silver candlesticks back to work from the venue.  I also met up with my friend Jo, and her family.  Amazing how quick the wee ones grow!  We went to a softplay thing which was a first time experience for me, I was just glad I didn’t drink at the dinner as I think those places could be torture with a hangover!!

I’ve finally got back into my Wii Fit exercise routine as well.  Have been enjoying loosing weight, especially when I realised that my size 14 clothes are too big!  Although I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe so have only bought a few size 12 things, am just going for the “baggy” look the rest of the time.  Amazing how much some of my trousers drag on the floor though!!!  Have entered a few competitions to win vouchers for clothes shops and have been watching out for mystery shopping opportunities in my favourite shops so I can get some free clothes that way!

So that brings us up to date, I’m sure there have been some random things I meant to blog but will add them in if I think of them.  Will try and get round to taking photos of our redecorated rooms at some point too.  Oh and I believe I’m supposed to shop for Christmas at some point.  Hmmmm, not got that far yet, although did update my Amazon wish list recently!  Bryan went through the Empire Top 500 and worked out which ones were missing from our collection.  I’ve seen 221 of them so got some watching to do, not that I really fancy all of them obviously! 

Right, now for Sunday evening washing up before an early night me thinks!  Have a good week y’all!

Difficult life decisions

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

All my childhood I lusted after a rocking horse.  I also had a love of carousels.  Then one day Aunty May, a wonderful family friend, spotted a carousel rocking horse in a local antique shop.  Much excitement ensued, ending up with a very large parcel being under the Christmas tree for me that year!  (Don’t worry environmentalists, he wasn’t wrapped in paper, it was a satin sheet that covered him!).  I was 20 at the time.


With my moving around and being in flats until recently he has stood in the dining room at my parent’s house and I only get a ride when I go home.  Yes, he is strong enough to take my mighty weight, he is a marvellous beast!  However the day has come when my Dad wants to redecorate and poor Firefly won’t match in.  Now I have to make a decision of (a) having him at my house, (b) putting him in the garage at parent’s place, or (c) selling him.

The first option (a) isn’t really an option, unless we get rid of the dining room table or the sofa bed in the spare room, and even then he would have to fear for his life with our cats.  The next option (b) seems a shame, especially as I’m not sure we’ll ever afford a house big enough to take him, so what would be the point?  That just leaves (c) which would be very sad, especially if we do ever do the scary baby thing.  I mean, wouldn’t an ickle Robertson just love having a Firefly to grow up with?

Much mulling over to be done I think.  Nicole suggested asking a museum or something to house and exhibit him which is a nice idea so I might look into that as well.  I was in the Hamilton toy museum in Callander at the weekend but they just don’t have the space for him.

Any answers on a postcard/comments form please!  Prizes may be available if you fix this pickle!  Although don’t expect a go on Firefly as I’m a bit cagey about letting other people ride him!!

Firefly front viewFirefly front

Photo texting game

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

A few of my pals and I exchange random text photos from time to time, it’s a great game that I love!  Anyway I thought I would share some of the coolest photos I’ve received recently.

Jo’s blokey works on a farm, he’s taken me out before to see the cows but now I live up north its not so easy to go visiting so when Jo was out with him she sent me a picture of this year’s moo coos:

Jo’s cows.  They are so cute and mooy!

I met a lovely man at a party who works on a farm and sends me piccies of his pigs and things, this one’s a lovely one of the view at the farm:

Doug’s pond on the farm.   So hard to look at lovely photos like these when you’re stuck in an office but at the same time nice to remember that there’s life outside the office!!

Next up is a picture that filled me with joy as it was from Bryan and it was of a pressie for me – the best pressie I can get!

Bryan’s Kit Kats for me

Of course I have to find things to text back ad there was no question on Sunday of whether I should share this wee chap or not as he’s utterly adorable:

Lorna’s kitten.  His name is Sonic and he’s just moved in with my Mother in Law and her family.  There’s two of them but the other one wouldn’t pose for me quite as splendidly!

Now I’m onto the subject of cats of course I have to share my little chaps, or rather just the one as he’s been cute and lovely in his super blue bucket:

George in his bucket.  I hasten to add that it wasn’t me that tied tissue paper round his neck, I merely commented on how nice the red set off his blackness!  Bless him!  To keep it fair, here’s one of Bryan’s photos of Benson, the poser!

Benson posing

As I’m sharing, I would also like to share the gorgeous and lovely flower buds on the plants that I have grown from bulbs. I’m very proud of myself for getting to this point.  Bryan even had to stake them up for me cause they are so big they were getting floppy, very exciting!

Gladioli growing flowers!!


Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Captain Jack Sparrow watches the horizon

So today is the anniversary of the day that my gorgeous, much loved, chipmunk passed away.  Captain Jack Sparrow was only wee, and only in our lives a short while, but its amazing how big a space he left when he passed away and how easily I can still cry about it.  Although as Bryan will vouch I do cry at the smallest thing!

We adopted Jack (as he was known to his friends!) from a lady Bryan worked with.  Her boyfriend had just moved in with her and as one of them had a cat and one had a chipmunk it was agreed that one pet needed to go.  In fact the morning we collected him he had been caught on a claw and had a wee cut, bless him.  It felt like fate that he came to live with us, what with me being a long term Johnny Depp fan and utterly adoring the Pirates of the Carribean movies!

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

So Jack came to live with us and we had some jolly times together.  He was so cute and fun, always investigating anything new you put within reach, always desperate to eat any flowers he could see.  He’d sit and watch you, watch tv for ages or sometimes he’d watch it with you – especially liking that scene in one of the Ace Ventura movies where there’s squirrels and stuff running round his house.

His greatest joys were grapes, raspberries and walnuts although he was also fond of monkey nuts as I have blogged about previously.

He could be a pest, like the time he fell asleep inside a speaker and we spent ages wafting raspberries at the entrance and gently shaking the whole speaker trying to get him to come out so we could put him back in his cage and go out!  In the end Bryan was using his camera flash to try and waken him, which ended up with some fab pictures!

Captain Jack Sparrow through the round window…

He wasn’t a big one for cuddles but had his own ways of showing affection, sitting on your shoulder, nibbling your ear, running up and down your whole body if you were wearing clothes that he could get a grip of!

When we moved from Edinburgh to Aberdeen it was him that worried me the most, it was a long way for him to be shut in a small box and he’d not enjoyed the car even on the short ride to our flat initially.  When there were problems with the bridging loan for the house in Aberdeen I was squeeling at the solicitor – you have to sort it out I’m in the car with my chipmunk and we need somewhere to get him back in his cage!

There are no words that can express how much that wee guy meant to me and I know I’ll always remember him fondly.  All I can say is that you want a really fun and interesting pet, who is really easy to look after as they are really clean animals and keep their cages fairly clean…  Get a Chipmunk!  Meanwhile I’ll have to settle for an occassional visit to the back of our shed where poor Jack ended up, in a cling film box as it was the only thing the right size to fit in his glorious tail!

All that’s left

Another moment of fame for Benson and Bryan’s photography

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Who can blame people for voting this photo number 1?

Service interruption

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Sad but true, I won’t be online from the evening of Thursday 5th June until at least the afternoon of Sunday 15th June.  This is because I’m going on holiday to the South of France for a long weekend and then skipping from there to Dublin for a law librarian’s conference.  So you will have to live without my exciting posts for a wee while!  And no, there is no use working out where I live and trying to rob the place as my hubby and the guard cats will still be there.

Guard cats

Talking of whom they just got another “award” on Flickr – woohoo!  Scroll down to second place.

Over and out for now folks!