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Hello dear reader, thanks for caring enough to drop by.  Or is it just that you’re nosy?  Ah well, either way – welcome!

This blog does not have much use or reason, its just a way for me to empty my head of some of its waffling and to share my photos.  I’m not trying to prove anything or educate anyone so if that’s what you’re looking for – you are in the wrong place!

I could just mention that if you see a photo that you like in one of my blog entry you can click on it and it will appear larger so you can see it better.  There, maybe someone has just learnt something!  More recently I’ve been linking to Flickr pics so clicking on those will take you to my Flickr page, where you can see loads more of my photos and videos.

Any questions let me know, I’m afraid I had to disable comments but there are links part way down on the right hand side to other sites I contribute to, such as Facebook and Twitter.  You can also choose a category heading and see any posts I’ve done under that heading.  They are just a rough idea of what each post is about but its quite useful if you want to see everywhere I’ve mentioned a particular subject.

Anyway happy reading!

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