Review: Holywood Vampires at the Hydro, Glasgow. Tuesday 19th June 2018.

This could be classed as a rock chick’s dream line up of an evening: The Damned, The Darkness and Hollywood Vampires. A plethora of musically genius gentlemen.

Finding out just how close to the front our seats were, in the vastness of the Hydro, was the first delight. The stress of Ticketmaster ticket release morning was worthwhile. The stage looked awesome with “The Damned” up on the back sheet and the stage full of equipment – and the crazy gents of the band. Three very distinct characters – Dave Vanian, the singer all in black, including shades; Captain Sensible the lead guitarist in quirky read and white fashion statement items; then the keyboard player (and groovy dancer!) in bold skull prints top and trousers. They played Eloise, among others, so all was good.

The Damned at the Hydro

The Darkness took over in a burst of long hair and bright clothing. Justin wasn’t in his trademark lycra jumpsuit – maturity perhaps – but he did take his jacket off part way through revealing a chest full of tattoos including a cassette tape. Someone asked for “The Christmas Song” and received dogs abuse from the stage – hilarious, after all it was June! They did close with A Thing Called Love so we could all singalong, most happily!

The Darkness, Hydro

Finally, it was the turn of the headliners. Out came Joe Perry of Aerosmith, then Johnny Depp and finally Alice Cooper made an entrance with a cane held high. All interspersed with the accompanying musicians – all very talented although obviously not “the names” of the main three. They played some classics from the deceased Hollywood stars they play tribute to, mixed with some of their own songs. One was pretty much “they were my friends, they are dead”. Faces came up on the screen of fallen greats such as Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Keith Moon, and even Prince. River Pheonix hit me hard, I still remember the moment I heard of his passing – reportedly in Johnny Depp’s Viper Rooms. All such tragic losses but at least their music lives on, in recordings and tributes such as this. Johnny Depp sang a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes which seemed even more touching and poignant than the rest of the evening, perhaps just due to a deep respect for both men’s talents.

The encore was School’s out and the place erupted – who doesn’t know and love that song?! An epic evening of epic musical talent.

Hollywood Vampires, Hydro

Further information:

On a personal note – oh my goodness I was in the same room as Johnny Depp! At the end I went up to the barrier and he was on the corner of the stage and that is the closest I could ever imagine being to the chap I have worshipped from afar since 1990 when I saw him in Edward Scissorhands.  I now have photos of him, that I took, myself, of him.  Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the £1,000 meet and greet package – and funnily enough when that was on offer he wasn’t loitering around outside…but I saw him with my own eyes and heard him with my own ears, and that is enough for me.  Although a selfie with him would have been awesome, especially as I was wearing my “Mrs Johnny Depp” t-shirt….  And if you worried about what my poor husband thought of all this swooning, well I didn’t meet him till much later so he’s put up with it all through our relationship – bless him, he even bought me my concert ticket for my birthday!

Hollywood Vampires, Hydro

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