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Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Yes, I do seem to be lucky…but I think that the fact I enter lots of competitions also helps when it comes to winning them. So many people complain they “never win anything” so you ask how many competitions they tend to enter in a week and they look at you blankly. Come on people, you have to be “in it to win it” – that’s just logic!

Recently I have done very well though. Thanks to our Disney Florida holiday booked through Kate Milton, our Travel Counsellor Bryan and I were lucky enough to get a trip to Rome last August. 3 nights in a five star hotel with tickets to the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Oh my, what a time we had! Hubby even enjoyed himself so much he suggested a selfie! Did you know the Coliseum is Really Big?!

Wednesday in Rome

Then we bought a replacement car for my 12 year old Suzuki in the January Sales. Arnold Clark were doing a #newcarfeeling competition where you had to post a selfie with your new wheels.


The week after we got Bumblebee the main prize was a VW Campervan tent. I’ve always wanted a VW Campervan so this seemed like the next best thing – and yes, we won! Happy Owen, although so far he’s only slept in it inside as its been quite a cold and snowy start to the year so not quite camping weather!

There's a campervan in my upstairs lounge!!

My father in law messaged me about a Twitter competition to win a Manchester United top, so I entered that – and won it too. Not arrived yet but Bryan thought I should get one for me as he and Owen already have a few, so looking forward to getting that and being able to fit in when they watch matches!

Last week Joe Bonamassa was to play the AECC, they ran a competition to win tickets on their Facebook page and I said I’d love to take Owen as he’s just started guitar lessons and I thought that the amazing Blues guitarist would be quite an inspiration. So I picked Owen up from school on Monday afternoon, after being away for a long weekend with his Dad and not having seen him since dropping him there on Friday morning. We went home, had dinner and chatted about our weekends and then I suggested he did his guitar practice as his lessons are on Tuesdays and he’d not practised all weekend. We went through to listen for a change and whilst we were there I got a notification, on my phone, from AECC. Yeap, we’d won! I’d not told him about the competition so he wasn’t disappointed if we didn’t win so it was exciting news to him, especially as the concert was the next night and would mean staying up late on a school night! It was a fabulous night and just brilliant to see his chin on his knees as he sat in awe of JB. The next morning I asked Owen what his review would be and he said thoughtfully “loud…but good”, and here’s one of the photos he took…

Owen's photos of Joe Bonamassa at AECC

To add to the magic, not only did one of my photographer friends give Owen a set list, but then… I recognised the man in front of us as being in a local band Full Fat so was speaking away to him – we’d all won our seats! After a minute or two he asked Owen if he was the wee boy who had danced in front of them at a music festival…and yes he was, at Celebrate Aberdeen a few years ago!

Full Fat at Celebrate Aberdeen festival