Christmas 2017

We had a lovely time off work over the Christmas period, mostly spent with family which of course made it more special. Christmas Day Bryan cooked for 7 of us as Owen had both sets of Grandparents. Boxing Day we swapped Sasina (who needed to go sale shopping!) with Lee, Leanne and Ash and Bryan cooked for 9. Hogmanay was spent with Ray, Nicole, Lucas and Maya so just 7 to cook for (and a smash cake!).
Hogmanay 2017 at our house

Lots of games were played, Christmas board game gifts included King of Toyko and Destination Scotland. Owen got a tablet from his Grandda so that was in his hand a lot too! Owen did a LOT of reading too, he got a Manchester United annual from Granny and Grandad and a Liz Pichon novel from Santa…he also got book vouchers which were quickly turned into another 6 Liz Pichon books. All were read before returning to school!
Christmas book vouchers spent

Unfortunately, we only had a bit of snow before Christmas and Owen had a bad cough at that point so we didn’t actually get to go playing in it…unlike my recently retired parents who sent us photos of their snow man one day and then each of them in a snow car the next! One way to clear the drive ways at Creagan!

Bryan and I got each other tickets for Country 2 Country music festival in Glasgow in March again so we need to wait for our presents but at least now we’ve been twice we know its worth waiting for! And we have some nice lunches booked for whilst we’re down there for the long weekend!

I hit the January sales to replace our 12 year old Suzuki so am now the proud owner of a wee 2016 plate Fiat 500 – exciting!
You may remember I like a wee competition, well we bought the car from Arnold Clark and they are running a #NewCarFeeling thing that I entered with the pic of Owen and I with the new car (that’s not our number plate by the way, previous owner messed up keeping her personalised plate so will reclaim in due course, actual number plate starts SG – fitting for @StupidGirl_no1). Anyway, we won a VW Campervan tent! Not arrived yet but I’ve always wanted a campervan so I’m rather excited! Bryan is convinced it’s a play tent rather than something you can actually camp in but if it’s the one I googled, its full size and sleeps 4! Time will tell.

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