Help a library!

As you may have noticed I recently did a book review for Prattsburg Free Library, way off in America.  I did mention it here.

Anyway the whole idea behind this project is to get people interested and interacting.  Obviously people local to the library would be their key audience as they want people to visit the library.  As a variation to the book review idea we wondered if we could get some postcards from around the world to do an exhibition with.  It can be of your home town, or where you’re on holiday.  What would be really great would be if you could write a quick book review on the back, although I think anything (polite!) you’d like to write about books would be much appreciated.  That way the exhibition can have pictures from the front of the postcards and our words of wisdom from the back of the postcards and it should end up looking awesome!

It will only cost you a few minutes, a postcard and stamp, and will be much appreciated.  The address to send it to is:

Prattsburg Free Library

PO Box 426
26 Main Street
NY 14873

Their website is:

Yours hopefully!  Please share this onto anyone you think might be willing to join in


Step 1: Buy a Postcard

Step 1 - buy a postcard

Step 2: Write the postcard

Step 2 - write the postcard

Step 3: Buy postage stamp and stick it on

Step 4: Choose a book, I went for something local, and write a review of it

Finally chose a book for my postcard book review project

Step 5: Post it!

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