Enjoy Music festival, Hazelhead, Sat 25th July

Sometime ago I heard that there was a dance music type festival coming to Aberdeen. As I love music I had a nosy. It wasn’t really my kind of music but I found on their website that they were looking for staff so I thought it might be a good way to experience new things and get a free lug full of different tunes!

Enjoy Music website

So on Saturday I spent the day scanning barcodes and applying wristbands to hundreds of wrists.


You would be amazed at the differences in wrists by the way – some I could wrap it round twice, some it barely went right round! Some had tattoos, good watches, lovely jewellery, and some were so sweaty I had to wipe my hand afterwards! Then there were levels of hairiness, one chap was really upset I caught a hair in the sticky bit – I didn’t mean to but it’s difficult to get the sticky monsters on straight first time especially when a bus has just delivered a load of folk and they all want past us to the fun stuff!

I was working with some lovely people which added to my fun, for example the guy from Skiddle, the ticket company who had all the clever technology for scanning. We actually just used iPhones to scan – and if someone’s barcode wouldn’t scan you could search for their name. Simple! Plus you could see how many tickets were sold, it was interesting as ticket sales were left open during the event – there were 300 sold after it started – some on phones right in front of us. The wonders of technology!

We were stationed in between the security guards who were searching bags and asking for ID to ensure everyone was over 18, and the police with their sniffer dogs. I loved watching the dogs work, they seemed so happy and excited to sniff everyone but if they smelt something they had been trained to search for they gave a sign and the person was taken away to be searched and interrogated.

My colleagues for the day

The police also had some clever technology…well as long as it was working which unfortunately on this occasion wasn’t long! They wiped a person’s hand then put the swab in their machine and it could tell if the person had handled drugs recently. I was most intrigued!  Apparently 2 men ended up in court for dealing drugs as a result.

It was all most interesting seeing what goes into a music festival.  I arrived when the place was set up but empty, was quite strange.  I spoke to the organiser Russell Aitchison and he was telling me about the walk round checks he had to do with the council for the license for the event and for Health and Safety.

Music festivals are quiet when you get there early

There was one chap turned up an hour before the gate opened. We explained doors didn’t open yet and he looked disappointed but stood to one side out the way patiently.  The chap from Skiddle was careful to ensure he was the first in, once we realised it was past opening time! He got his pic taken by the local press photographer for being first in and posed with his ticket and some wrist bands.  Anyway I saw him at the end of the night right against the barrier waving at KatyB through her performance and totally enjoying himself.  I kinda felt it made it all worthwhile you know?  He was totally Enjoying the Music and lost in that glorious feeling of seeing someone you love on stage.  There were a few faces like that when I wandered round Pendulum, Sasha and KatyB.

Earlier in the day hadn’t been so pretty – there were some people left, complained, asked for refunds as there was a queue for the bar.  I must admit I just felt sorry for them if they felt they needed to get drunk to have a good time.  Why go to a music festival if you’re only interested in getting drunk – there’s beer festivals, or just pubs!  We got grief on the door for the fact that people couldn’t go out and back in again too, I tried to patiently explain that it was due to the licensing for the event and it wasn’t up to us or the organiser but some people got quite abusive about it.  I did feel sorry for a couple of people that seemed to have genuine reasons for wanting out but it was in the terms and conditions of the event and the festival was in a park at the edge of the city, you would think people would just want to make the most of the music whilst it lasted!  Still, we all have different priorities in life.  One of my main ones is music, hence helping at the festival.

I did get to hear everything from the main stage from the gate which was fab.  I really enjoyed Fridge Magnets and local lass Cara Mitchell.  Once I finished work I managed to catch the end of Pendulum‘s DJ set.

Pendulum DJ set at Enjoy Music

Then I hit Food Street and had a wonderful pulled pork sandwich with Angus & Oink sauce (cue Homer Simpson like slobbering).  After that I wandered up to the Digital Love Dance Tent to see, or rather hear, Sasha.  Once KatyB started I wandered back to the main stage and had a wee boogie to her pop-tastic tunes.  She was quite fun, but did something that annoys me – didn’t sing every second word of her most popular song so the audience could fill in the gaps.  I didn’t go to hear a load of (mostly) untalented and (some) drunken singers, but hey ho, its a crowd pleaser so it was good to see everyone enjoying themselves!  Especially that chap that was there queuing an hour before the gates opened.

Katy B

A staff perk was having my car in the staff car park so I offered some friends a lift home, after bumping into them at the end of Sasha’s set once the main stage had gone dark and quiet, and soon afterwards was dropping them in the city centre before heading home.

I really enjoyed my day, I guess that’s another thing off my imaginary music orientated bucket list.  Work at a music festival – check!  I’m still buzzing from being there.  I’m not sure if it was the contact with loads of people, the fab tune-age or the fact I was part of the team whereas I’m used to being just another person in the crowd.  It was fun meeting most of the crowd on their way in, some just took their wristband and went but some engaged in banter – one even hugged me!  Still wondering why one chap waited until he had my attention to do up his cuff buttons, but I obliged none the less.

My day even allowed me to match the recent photo opportunity my son Owen got at his holiday club, thanks to a very nice police lady! :

Owen and a run in with the Police                                              Handcuffed!

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