#projectomg – the full story!

Since August I have been using the hashtag on Twitter of #projectomg and made cryptic comments about what was going on with our whole house move thing.  Well the time has come to tell the whole tale – although it must be said its one of the worst kept secrets I’ve ever had, I was just too excited!

So what was I going on about?  Well if I can take you back a couple of years…July 2011 I believe…some of my friends were in the process of moving houses and were sending me links to ESPC and possible purchases.  One Friday lunchtime I was bored and started surfing our local property site – ASPC.  Now don’t ask me how but I found a house – very unlike what I normally look at, in a place I didn’t really know where it was and had certainly never been, and way out of our budget.  Then I fell in love.

That night I sheepishly mentioned it to hubby.  “Can we afford it?” he asked so I got looking at mortgage calculators and the next morning I phoned some banks.  Eventually…actually I think it was the Monday which was a local holiday so I was off work but the banks were open…I came back with the answer of yes although we’d be skint.  A yes answer provoked himself into looking at the schedule…and ooohing a bit…  I was given permission to arrange a viewing.  I phoned the mobile number on the schedule and it wasn’t recognised, so I had to wait until the Tuesday to phone the selling agent and ask them to arrange a viewing for me.  A couple of phone calls back and forth and finally on the Friday I got a response “they have taken it off the market”.  Well gut response I squealed “noooo, they can’t do that” to which I was assured they could.

By that time I had been poring over the schedule for a week, reading each tiny detail time and again, memorising all the photos.  I was gutted as I was convinced this was the “forever house” for my family.  I am not one to give up easily when there’s something I really want – anyone who was around when I was trying to get tickets for the MTV awards in Edinburgh will vouch for that, and what an awesome night I finally had when I ended up as a seat filler for the VIPs.  But I digress…

I love the concept “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, and also the Law Of Attraction, and have used them many times over the years.  The more I thought about it the more I thought this could be one of those occassions.  I sat down, picked up a pen, and wrote to the address of this dream house.  I explained I was the viewer they turned down and that I was in love with the house after a week of examining the schedule and so I would appreciate it if they would keep my contact details in case they ever changed their mind.  A mad thing to do perhaps, and certainly no response arrived…

Until 1 year later!  One Friday night after work – 3 August 2012 – I had just settled myself into a seat on the Megabus to Edinburgh for the wedding of my lovely friends David and Becki.  My phone buzzed and I looked down to a text that said we are thinking of putting the house back on the market, are you still interested?  It’s horrid being alone in a public place when you get a possibly life changing text and you can’t tell anyone about it, but oh so exciting!  One text conversation later I had arranged to go and view the house, at last!  At some point I told hubby, can’t really remember that bit.  Luckily after all that time of lusting after the place, all 3 of us liked it when we did get the tour and we expressed an interest but explained our house wasn’t on the market, or ready to be so.  Luckily we had a week’s annual leave with no major plans so off we went and got DIY-tastic and had the necessary surveyor and solicitor visits and got the place on the market.  Obviously I’ve blogged about selling the house, that bit wasn’t a secret for long but we had to try and keep quiet about the house in Newtonhill that we were doing it for in case it wouldn’t work out.

It was a tense few months, trying to sell our house and not knowing if we were taking too long for the Newtonhill house to wait for us.  Every now and then I would text them updates of what was happening and it was fabulous when I could finally text them that we’d sold and they confirmed we could still buy theirs!

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