Little drops of happiness

The current time is quite stressful.  We have sold our house, but not yet confirmed a purchase of somewhere to move into.  Our cat had a recurrence of his stress induced cystitis after a flood of viewers (and associated cleaning) so has been unwell.  Our house has been smelly after the ill beast peed everywhere.  Bryan has changes going on at work.

I’m glad to say that Benson seems quite better now *touch wood* and after a weekend with a Rug Doctor and some Flash the house is smelling better too.

I also am pleased to announce that one of my random photos has been used by a publisher in Amsterdam for their guide to Edinburgh.  If you would like to see it as published go to:

Another lovely thing that happened at the weekend is that my lovely Nirvana Spa representative friend was looking for guinea pigs for some new make up techniques she’s been trained in so I volunteered and she came over and “did my face” for want of a better term!  This is the before and after, I think its quite obvious which is which!
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa

Add to that the fact that Mickey Mouse is coming to town and I got Owen and I seats for it and you have to admit there are still reasons to smile!  (but shhhh, not told the boy about that one yet!)

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