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BIALL conference

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Most years I go to the BIALL conference – British and Irish Association of Law Librarians.  Two years ago I even joined one of their committees and now help with their Website.

This year I have taken another big step in the world of professional Librarians and I am actually going to be a speaker at the conference!  It’s a plenary session so hopefully the other 2 sessions will be far more interesting and I won’t have to stand up in front of too many people!!  I have presented seminars before, in my last job I did the Devil training.  Sounds fun huh?  Devils are trainee advocates and I taught them about using the library, and the electronic resources available through the library.  In my current job I presented a seminar on Social Networking, the papers for which are on our website, there’s the talk itself and the slides that accompanied it.

Anyway if you fancy a nosy at what I’m doing in June the details are on the conference pages of the website: My session at BIALL


Some links and news

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

My review of Olly Murs at the AECC is now online –

Hubby’s firm has been taken over and he gets described as “talented and motivated” –

My Dad has finally applied to, and been accepted by, The Master Chefs of Great Britain, my Mum and I are very proud –

My parent’s hotel is going to be a venue for their local music festival –

Happy days!  Meanwhile I’m busy planning for our move next month, and 5 days of homelessness.  It’s all go!

#projectomg – the full story!

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Since August I have been using the hashtag on Twitter of #projectomg and made cryptic comments about what was going on with our whole house move thing.  Well the time has come to tell the whole tale – although it must be said its one of the worst kept secrets I’ve ever had, I was just too excited!

So what was I going on about?  Well if I can take you back a couple of years…July 2011 I believe…some of my friends were in the process of moving houses and were sending me links to ESPC and possible purchases.  One Friday lunchtime I was bored and started surfing our local property site – ASPC.  Now don’t ask me how but I found a house – very unlike what I normally look at, in a place I didn’t really know where it was and had certainly never been, and way out of our budget.  Then I fell in love.

That night I sheepishly mentioned it to hubby.  “Can we afford it?” he asked so I got looking at mortgage calculators and the next morning I phoned some banks.  Eventually…actually I think it was the Monday which was a local holiday so I was off work but the banks were open…I came back with the answer of yes although we’d be skint.  A yes answer provoked himself into looking at the schedule…and ooohing a bit…  I was given permission to arrange a viewing.  I phoned the mobile number on the schedule and it wasn’t recognised, so I had to wait until the Tuesday to phone the selling agent and ask them to arrange a viewing for me.  A couple of phone calls back and forth and finally on the Friday I got a response “they have taken it off the market”.  Well gut response I squealed “noooo, they can’t do that” to which I was assured they could.

By that time I had been poring over the schedule for a week, reading each tiny detail time and again, memorising all the photos.  I was gutted as I was convinced this was the “forever house” for my family.  I am not one to give up easily when there’s something I really want – anyone who was around when I was trying to get tickets for the MTV awards in Edinburgh will vouch for that, and what an awesome night I finally had when I ended up as a seat filler for the VIPs.  But I digress…

I love the concept “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, and also the Law Of Attraction, and have used them many times over the years.  The more I thought about it the more I thought this could be one of those occassions.  I sat down, picked up a pen, and wrote to the address of this dream house.  I explained I was the viewer they turned down and that I was in love with the house after a week of examining the schedule and so I would appreciate it if they would keep my contact details in case they ever changed their mind.  A mad thing to do perhaps, and certainly no response arrived…

Until 1 year later!  One Friday night after work – 3 August 2012 – I had just settled myself into a seat on the Megabus to Edinburgh for the wedding of my lovely friends David and Becki.  My phone buzzed and I looked down to a text that said we are thinking of putting the house back on the market, are you still interested?  It’s horrid being alone in a public place when you get a possibly life changing text and you can’t tell anyone about it, but oh so exciting!  One text conversation later I had arranged to go and view the house, at last!  At some point I told hubby, can’t really remember that bit.  Luckily after all that time of lusting after the place, all 3 of us liked it when we did get the tour and we expressed an interest but explained our house wasn’t on the market, or ready to be so.  Luckily we had a week’s annual leave with no major plans so off we went and got DIY-tastic and had the necessary surveyor and solicitor visits and got the place on the market.  Obviously I’ve blogged about selling the house, that bit wasn’t a secret for long but we had to try and keep quiet about the house in Newtonhill that we were doing it for in case it wouldn’t work out.

It was a tense few months, trying to sell our house and not knowing if we were taking too long for the Newtonhill house to wait for us.  Every now and then I would text them updates of what was happening and it was fabulous when I could finally text them that we’d sold and they confirmed we could still buy theirs!

Little drops of happiness

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The current time is quite stressful.  We have sold our house, but not yet confirmed a purchase of somewhere to move into.  Our cat had a recurrence of his stress induced cystitis after a flood of viewers (and associated cleaning) so has been unwell.  Our house has been smelly after the ill beast peed everywhere.  Bryan has changes going on at work.

I’m glad to say that Benson seems quite better now *touch wood* and after a weekend with a Rug Doctor and some Flash the house is smelling better too.

I also am pleased to announce that one of my random photos has been used by a publisher in Amsterdam for their guide to Edinburgh.  If you would like to see it as published go to:

Another lovely thing that happened at the weekend is that my lovely Nirvana Spa representative friend was looking for guinea pigs for some new make up techniques she’s been trained in so I volunteered and she came over and “did my face” for want of a better term!  This is the before and after, I think its quite obvious which is which!
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa
Before and after Mii Mineral makeover - Nirvana Spa

Add to that the fact that Mickey Mouse is coming to town and I got Owen and I seats for it and you have to admit there are still reasons to smile!  (but shhhh, not told the boy about that one yet!)