Christmas with a 3 year old is magical


We had a lovely Christmas, I would say the best ever! Owen being 3 meant he understood and appreciated everything so it was totally magical spending it with him. We managed to do a few Christmassy things in advance – we saw Santa arriving by helicopter at BA Stores, Dunecht; we went for a walk with Santa and a reindeer drawn sleigh from White Horse, Balmedie and; went to a Jo Jingles Christmas party, with a visit from…Santa, of course! As well as this there was a party at nursery with Santa so Owen had 4 parcels under the tree from the big man in red before we even got to the 24th! Plus Owen was in his first ever show – a nativity at nursery in which he was a shepherd. Ooh we also went to see Aberdeen’s main pantomime this year as it was Owen’s beloved Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, we all loved it and had a great time – although afterwards we had to check out that Gangnam Style by PSY video as we’d never actually seen it – Owen can now do the dance quite well I’m afraid to say.

Nursery was shut from 21st December to the 7th January so I arranged to be off the full 2 weeks as well (only took 2 days of annual leave as I have such a fab job!). Bryan was off for most of it, although on call so occasionally had to sit with the laptop and swear a bit (yeap that’s my opinion of his job…!). Christmas Eve Owen and I were alone together waiting for the excitement to begin, somehow we came up with the decision to go and fly a kite. At first I thought we were silly but it was actually a totally fabulous thing to do! I made him watch the bit from Mary Poppins before we go when they sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” so he was singing that the entire time as well, bless him!

Mid afternoon Bryan escaped from work, and then my parents arrived for their 2 night stay. It was the first time they have stayed away from Creagan at Christmas, and the first time Dad hasn’t cooked Christmas lunch since he was about 16 he thinks! It was the first time I’ve spent Christmas Day with my parents in quite some years, and the first time Owen has had all his Grandparents in the same place. Bryan’s Dad and Sasina joined us for lunch on Christmas Day – and obviously a good amount of playing with someone’s new toys afterwards. All this added up to a special occasion, but back to Christmas Eve! My folks and I took Owen to our local church for their Carol Service (first time Dad has been in a church for anything other than a wedding or funeral since he were a lad!). It was a lovely service, and Owen was so excited when he recognised “Away in a Manger” and was able to join in with the singing. The wee girl in front of us made everyone laugh as we sat down after the first couple of songs by saying, just as it went quiet: “can we go home now?”.

Once we got home it was a case of putting out the stocking, a carrot for Rudolph, a mince pie and water for Santa, some Santa dust in the garden with the reindeer food we’d made at the Jo Jingles party and, the magic key so Santa could get in as we don’t have a chimney. Finally boy went to bed, an hour late but completely zonked as soon as his head hit the pillow!

Christmas Day was a glorious blur of wrapping paper, spoilt boy smiles, grandparents, turkey, crackers, giggles and yet more smiles. Although my parents met Bryan’s Dad for our wedding, they hadn’t met since so hadn’t met Sasina. It was nice for them all to have a chance to get to know each other a bit more – and of course Owen loved having them all together. We did miss Uncle Lee but he was down south with his children so we didn’t grudge him that! Of course Bryan’s Mum is no longer with us but I made sure she was included by using a gorgeous table cloth she’d given us, set off my table setting perfectly.

On Boxing Day we let our chef have a much deserved lie in then we all went out for a walk – and took the kite again. Owen and my Dad both had fun flying it, and it was a gorgeous day to be up on Perwinnes Moss. Think we all needed the lovely hot home made Butternut Squash Soup Bryan gave us for lunch once we got back though! Next we left Bryan at home to play with his new photography software he got for Christmas (worth every penny if you ask me, ever seen his photos (2 in this post are his)? ). Mum came with Owen and I as I tried to keep up with Dad in his Christmas pressie of a new (to him!) Jag, down to Stonehaven, where we all visited my Great Aunt Dorothy. From there we split to go home but Owen and I took a wee detour to visit our friend Noreen and say thanks for Owen’s Cars Busy Book – she knows him well!

Since then its been play dates with friends and family, a very cold but enjoyable walk on the beach, a lovely walk at Bennachie with Nicole and family..

Bennachie Walk

…and lots of playing with spoilt brat’s new toys. Santa gave him Thundercats figures and sword, just as he’d requested when he phoned him at the North Pole, as well as more Gruffalo stuff, a jigsaw, Disney CDs, and a kilt for playing King Fergus from Brave (for some reason he’s been calling me Merida a lot since we saw the film at the cinema). Our lovely neighbour brought over a wooden fort her grandson didn’t need so that has become the Brave castle, with Lego furniture we’ve styled for the purpose, and we’ve been fighting off the Clans and the baddie bear. We got the figures with a Brave Busy Book he chose from Tesco with some Christmas money he got, and it has a mat with the woods where the witch lives and where Angus the horse can run. So much fun! The wee man’s imagination is really good so he’s quite happy using things out of context to suit the game he wants – he’s also recently discovered Lego so Uncle Lee, cousins Lucas and Maya and Grandda and Sasina all got him some of his own. He’s so proud of “my own Lego” as opposed to Mummy’s cast offs that he’s been playing with!

I’ve included a couple of Bryan’s photos but mine are available here if you need more!

Hope you had a good Christmas too, here’s hoping 2013 is good for all of us!

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