Busy making decisions

Anyone who knows us will know we’re not great at making decisions.  Recently however we have made some HUGE decisions (hence being too busy thinking to blog much!).

One is a bit self explanatory:
Buy our house!

Yes, we have put our house on the market!  Full details online if you’re interested/nosy.  People keep asking why, and where we’re going.  Well, obviously we have to sell our house first but the plan is to move to the south of Aberdeen, hopefully with a view of the sea.  When we moved to Aberdeen 5 and a half years ago we chose Bridge of Don as it was a nice area, we had 2 lots of friends there and it was the right side of the city for visiting much of Bryan’s family.  Since then 1 couple moved away, Bryan’s Mum passed away, and Bryan’s brother and his partner split up and she moved to England with all our nieces and nephews.  Most of our weekends away are to Edinburgh or visit my parents (i.e. south) and Bryan’s Dad, favourite cousin and my Great Aunt and Fairy Godmother are all in Portlethan or Stonehaven.  So south makes sense.  Hopefully if we move out of the city we’ll also get more for our money, I really miss the second loo we had in our last flat for example!  We will miss Bridge of Don and all the ace friends we’ve made there but we’re not going too far away – and I really won’t be lying if potential buyers ask if we have any problems with the neighbours and I answer “no, they are all ace, couldn’t ask for a nicer street full!”

The other big decision we’ve made is about that wee man that we love so much.  We have decided we would like him to have a bilingual education and to that end he will be getting registered with the local Gaelic unit at Gilcomstoun Primary School when its time for him to start school.  We went and had a tour and were impressed by the facilities there plus the research we’ve done into the benefits of learning another language whilst young showed great results.  We’re going to try and introduce him to a bit more Gaelic over the next 2 years, he already knows the lullaby I sing him and we’ve been using some of the resources on Gaelic4Parents.

So there, that’s our update!  Oh – and here’s the wee man himself just in case you’ve missed him!
Today is tie day

2 Responses to “Busy making decisions”

  1. Steve says:

    Hope you find the house to make into the home of your dreams. Envious of a sea view!

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