Proud of my parents

On Sunday my parents celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.  They have been married 40 whole years!  Quite an achievement.  To celebrate they spent the day….working.  Silly things, but it was a Sunday Lunch for some very special people so understandable I guess.

Proud of my parents

I sent them a card with the above on the front.  Photo from their wedding day and the most recent picture I’d taken of them together, with their much loved little grandson of course.  If it wasn’t for their wedding I wouldn’t be here and so neither would Owen.  Now there’s a sad and scary thought!

Today they had their proper celebration, they went on the steam train that runs from Fort William to Mallaig.  Mum phoned me very excited just before they got on it bless her.  I spoke to her part way up and she was very happy as it was really sunny, such a relief as Aberdeen is shrouded in fog at the moment!!  Would have been a shame if they couldn’t have enjoyed the scenery up there.

Anyway that’s it really, I’m really proud of them for reaching their Ruby Wedding Anniversary, quite a feat in this day and age.  On Sunday I put this on facebook and 39 people “liked” my status which says a lot I think:

“Today is my parent’s Ruby (40th) wedding anniversary. I’d just like to say how proud I am of them for this achievement and how blessed I consider myself to be their sprog”

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