“Granny and Granddad coming, not chickens”

So Owen said over and over again, before they finally arrived, having left their chickens at Creagan!  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, collecting me from work and Owen from nursery and driving us to the beach.  There we played on the sand and went to the amusement arcade whilst we waited for Bryan to finish work and join us.  We introduced Owen to slot machines, the ones you put 2p in and hope it knocks more 2ps out.  We also showed him how to go round and check for fallen money.  Granny bought him £1 of 2ps when we got home he had £1.05 and we had played for quite a while!  Good lad!  Once Bryan arrived we met up and had dinner out, which was lovely.  There’s a place on the first floor at the beach called Captain’s Table where you get lovely views of the sea and lighthouse…and on this occassion some folk dressed as animals…no idea why but they waved at Owen lots!
Corrupting their grandchild
Animals wave at Owen
Grandad and Owen enjoy flakes

Wednesday Owen and I were booked off nursery and work respectively and we spent much of the day at Storybook Glen exploring which was a good laugh.
My Dad hated every minute..obviously
High 5 for Tinky Winky
Granny, Grandad and Owen in a train
Nee naw!

That night Bryan cooked us a lovely dinner and we sat and chatted till bed time, then in the morning the Robertsons went back to “normal life” and the Gunns headed back south to tend the chickens!  Fun times and happy memories!

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