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Conference time again

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I write this from a hotel bed in Belfast as I’m here for the annual BIALL conference I am usually lucky enough to attend through my wonderful work. Link for conference:

The last 2 years I’ve had to leave Owen for a few days to attend but this year has been the hardest to leave him as he was asking me not to leave, or at least to take him on the plane with him!  I am consoling myself with the fact that he is excited to be coming to collect me from the airport on Sunday morning, he consoled himself by running off into the ball pit at nursery with a joyous squeel.  Anyway I took our now ‘traditional’ photo outside nursery before I left..
Third year I've left Owen at nursery to leave for BIALL conference

If you don’t know what I mean see:  

How Do You Find The Time?

Friday, June 8th, 2012

I’ve been tagged by Mrs Browlee in this #meme started by Sex, Drugs, Rocker and Stroller.


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Righty-o. Lets crack on, shall we?

How and when do you find the time to…

… do your laundry?

I tend to do little bits of preparation here and there (ie take my clothes off, turn them inside out and put them in the correct laudry bin and try and grab hubby’s as he throws them at the pile and do the same).  When Owen is in the bath/shower that’s kinda his time with Daddy so I sort more throughly then and put a wash on most evenings.  Sometimes I get another wash ready so its in the machine for the next morning when we get in from work/nursery so its finishing about his bath/shower time and I can get it hung up then.  We don’t have a tumble drier so everything has to go on a clothes horse then rotate round radiators to finish off before going away, that tends to be done in the evenings.  Recently its been so hot that 24 hours on the clothes horse has been plenty and away it goes!

… write a blog post?

Well I don’t do that as much as I’d like but before I start work or during my lunch hour is usually when I do blog if I’m going to.  Hubby drives us to the nursery in the morning and then goes to his work which he starts at 8.30 so I then have an hour before I start to: check Owen into nursery, walk or bus to work, maybe do some shopping for work on the way, read the paper, check facebook etc, blog, do my teeth and straighten my hair if I didn’t do before leaving the house.

… look after yourself (ie; wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc)?

Ok should admit firstly that I’m not very good at being a girl so don’t tend to do make up or skin care type stuff that take up time.  I get up before the guys do to wash my hair, or at weekends I don’t get my shower until hubby is up and can take over with the wee un.  Bubble baths happen very rarely, usually on a Thursday night from 8pm as that is hubby’s xbox time so if I’m not going out to a chums that’s my time to do whatever I like (often laundry catch up of course!) 

… spend time with your other half?

We have good chats in the car on the way to nursery/work most mornings, around “yes dear that is a nee naw”, “no sweetie I don’t want your bogie”.  Then some evenings we mark as ours and make an effort to sit on the sofa together, have dinner and watch something we both enjoy on tv (usually until I fall asleep in his arms of course..).  I recently got given a voucher for a night in a hotel and we’re really looking forward to the thought of a night away..just need to chat up my brother in law to look after Owen for us…! 

… do fun stuff with your LO?

I get Mummy and LO time on our bus home, I always have something to entertain him in my bag.  We usually have almost 2 hours together before Daddy gets home.  Then at the weekends early morning is our time as Daddy gets his lie ins that he needs (don’t feel bad for me, I get frequent early nights which are what I need!)Weekend mornings are chore free, just time to read books, chill out together, play cars or jigsaws.  We never put the tv on, its just our time to be together.  Obviously once OH gets up its family time, although chores have to get done too.  Now LO is getting older he can help with some stuff which seems to excite him anyway so that’s great!

… spend time with family?

My parents live a distance away so it is hard to get to see them, especially as they own a hotel so weekends are their busy time but that’s the only time we’re not working.  We do go down now and then for a visit and sometimes they come up and stay a Tuesday and Wednesday night and Owen and I take the Wednesday off work/nursery to spend the day with them.  Bryan’s Dad and brother are both a lot more local so we can pop in to visit or go round to watch the football, or they can come to us for dinner or whatever.  Bryan is very close to his cousin Ray and they have 2 wee ones so we get together when we can which is great.

  … socialise with friends?

Oh that’s easy, Owen goes to bed at 7pm so that leaves every evening free!  My job involves a lot of socialising anyway, plus there’s lunch hours, and weekends – if they like spending time with Owen too.

… prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler routine?

I don’t, my husband is in charge of shopping for, and cooking of, food.  I do make dinner for our son on work nights as he and I get in first but its often reheating last night’s dinner or boiling some pasta. 

… deep clean your house?

Now and then I take a day off work and let hubby take Owen to nursery on his way to work.  Then I get down and get scrubbing.

… do the food shopping?

As previously mentioned this is assigned to hubby, we either all go at the weekend or he goes whilst Owen and I play at home.  Occassionally he and Owen go and I get some cleaning time – useful to get rid of them to hoover the house or mow the garden.

… bulk ironing?

I just don’t.  I dry everything flat.  Life is just too short.

Weekly routine – get up 7am, shower, get boy up and dressed, breakfast.  If week day get off to work, dropping boy off on way, work, spend lunch time doing chores such as checking finances or organising new insurance policies or shopping for himself’s next size of pants, then more work, collect son, bus home, dinner, bath and bed for him, then eat dinner, do dishes etc and get to bed.  If weekend day then dressing is often after breakfast, accompanied with playing and reading.  Days vary a lot depending on plans, visiting, shopping, fun activities etc.  Always try and get back home in time for his dinner, shower/bath and bed routine.

Allllllrighty then. Who shall I tag…?
Hmmm, will add some as I find willing victims!!

“Granny and Granddad coming, not chickens”

Friday, June 1st, 2012

So Owen said over and over again, before they finally arrived, having left their chickens at Creagan!  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, collecting me from work and Owen from nursery and driving us to the beach.  There we played on the sand and went to the amusement arcade whilst we waited for Bryan to finish work and join us.  We introduced Owen to slot machines, the ones you put 2p in and hope it knocks more 2ps out.  We also showed him how to go round and check for fallen money.  Granny bought him £1 of 2ps when we got home he had £1.05 and we had played for quite a while!  Good lad!  Once Bryan arrived we met up and had dinner out, which was lovely.  There’s a place on the first floor at the beach called Captain’s Table where you get lovely views of the sea and lighthouse…and on this occassion some folk dressed as animals…no idea why but they waved at Owen lots!
Corrupting their grandchild
Animals wave at Owen
Grandad and Owen enjoy flakes

Wednesday Owen and I were booked off nursery and work respectively and we spent much of the day at Storybook Glen exploring which was a good laugh.
My Dad hated every minute..obviously
High 5 for Tinky Winky
Granny, Grandad and Owen in a train
Nee naw!

That night Bryan cooked us a lovely dinner and we sat and chatted till bed time, then in the morning the Robertsons went back to “normal life” and the Gunns headed back south to tend the chickens!  Fun times and happy memories!