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Pox Boy

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

One week to the day after the Tuesday afternoon call from nursery about Owen having a head injury comes another call from them.  This time he had chicken pox and I was to take him home.
'I so so sore'

At least we have now got that over and done with, before he’s at school age.  Also apparently it gets worse the older you are so its better to get it young.  Hopefully he won’t have it again, although I believe that is possible!

So we had 2 weeks of juggling jobs and Pox Boy.  Luckily he seemed to like being green when smothered in Aloe Vera cream, and enjoyed many bicarbonate of soda baths which also seemed to help lots.  He was such a good boy with it, there was only 1 night he didn’t sleep well, and he’s admitted he had a “little scratch 2 times”.  It’s so hard watching your wee one in pain or discomfort though.  Mostly I stayed home with him although he had one day of Daddy, one day of Uncle Lee, and even one day of coming to my work and helping me!  I actually got a lot more done than I thought I might and even he did some work, sorting out my white and red rubber bands into seperate piles. He really enjoyed a picnic lunch on my office floor complete with tea party with our lovely cups etc.
Picnic lunch and pretend tea party at Mummy's work

Once he was over the worst, and no longer contagious, we even had a trip out.  I probably could have put him back to nursery but he still wasn’t himself and I didn’t want to rush things and make him worse.  He went back last Friday for one day so he had the weekend to recover as nursery is tiring and then he’s been back full time this week.

Our trip out was even more sucessful than I had hoped.  I’d told him we’d go to the Disney Store and Maritime Museum and he seemed excited about both.  We got a lift in with Bryan so were in town super early and went straight to Disney.  They hadn’t opened yet but when they did the ladies asked Owen if he would like to open the store, so he got to help turn a huge key and then watch all the lights come on and the animations around the walls start, with the sunrise first.  They then gave him a replica of the key to take home!  So exciting!!
Opening ceremony
Disney key in pride of place on new bedroom door

He wasn’t quite so taken with the Maritime Museum, not enough pirates apparently…!  Although he did like seeing the huge model of an oil rig as that is where Grandda works and I showed him where all the helicopters that fly over our house land, so that was good.
We think this one is a pirate ship - it even has treasure!

It was quite nice that we got to spend lots of time in his new bedroom just after he moved in as well. He had been in the smaller of our 3 bedrooms with a Finding Nemo theme. However whilst Lee was staying with us Bryan got used to not having a big “den” so when his brother moved out we redecorated that room with a Toy Story theme and moved Owen into it. The smaller room is now a spare room/computer room. Of course not all the time that Owen spent in his new room was spent appreciating our decorating efforts bless him…
This might be why he didn't come when I called him for lunch

Happily the pox marks are now fading and I’m not aware of any scars remaining so we may have got off lightly, and the scar on his head seems to be healing up nicely as well.  More excitingly, yesterday (Tuesday) passed without any phone calls from nursery!

First A&E trip

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Monday afternoon came the phone call you dread.  “Nursery” came up on the screen and I took a deep breath and answered it.  “Don’t panic but Owen’s had a fall, please can you come and take him to A&E for stitches in a cut on his head”.  ARGH!!  My baby!!  etc.

I phoned Bryan and we both raced to nursery, him in the car and me by foot.  I got there first and went in to find Owen calmly sitting with the manageress pinching the wound to help it set in place.  I was told he had screamed and cried for a bit when it happened – a good thing apparently as it means he was not unconcious at all.  I was told the doctor’s surgery may be able to handle it but when I phoned they told me to go to A&E.  By this time the car was outside so we went out to meet Daddy.  First the staff apologetically got me to sign a letter about head injuries to say they had indeed given me a letter about head injuries.  They kept the Accident Report Form for the next morning when I was rather more composed!  It’s sad that there is so much paperwork in the way of child care these days, the staff would much rather spend more time with the kids – or let you out the door to the hospital faster!  However it is all deemed necessary by the powers that be so it must be done!
On way to A&E after falling at nursery

Aberdeen has a seperate A&E for children so we took Owen in there (same reception as when he had his hip problems so it wasn’t too new and scary).  Owen declared “I got sore bit” to help the receptionist and pointed to his head.  A short wait later a nice male doctor came and took us through to one of the wee rooms and had a look at him.  He cleaned the wound, gave us a second handout about head injuries, and said a nurse would be through to glue Owen together.  Another wee wait (“where’s the man?” “I get glue?”) and the nurse came in, talking about Humpty Dumpty much to Owen’s pleasure!  We were asked to lay him on the bed and they squirted some glue and sent us home – with a handout of course!  This one was on the gluing procedure and its aftercare.
Super star sticker for being good boy whilst glued together

Owen was most excited to get a sticker – and some chocolate from Daddy, and off we went home.  We have to keep it dry for 5 days to allow it time to work and then it should fall off and that will be that.  Not as scary as first trip to A&E could have been but unfortunately it is unlikely to be the last trip!  Still if he’s as brave as he was with this it won’t be too traumatic for Mummy!!  The doctor did say it will probably scar but should fade in time, so here’s hoping that’s right.  Still, who hasn’t got a scar from some incident or other when they were wee?!