Fun in the sun

At the weekend I went to Aviemore to meet up with some of my chums.  As it happened we struck it very lucky with the weather and ended up catching the sun (we had been worried we’d get snowed in!).  We were also lucky with our accommodation which was lovely, our chosen activities which were fab, and our company which worked well together as always!  In one weekend we managed to: feed reindeer, eat out, admire a castle on a loch, and have Sunday Lunch on a Steam train.  Oh and apparently my time in the hot tub on the Saturday added up to about 5.5 hours…oops!

All my photos are available at: but here’s some of my favourites!
Their mouths are sooo soft!
One of these beasts isn't a reindeer you know...
Traditional star jump
Babes in the Woods
Girly Sunday Lunch on a Steam Train

And the lesson I learned this weekend? That lying face down across a hot hub is an awesome sensation!
Maria didn't drown

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