Time flies…but missing someone doesn’t fade

Strangely it came to my notice last week that it was the anniversary of my Grandad’s death this week, then it came to Mum’s notice yesterday – on the day.  I must admit I don’t mentally record the date of people’s passing, its sad enough missing them without drawing extra attention to it every year.  But its strange that Grandad’s was brought to both our attentions this year, and Mum realised its actually 18 years.  Golly.  It really doesn’t seem that long since we last saw him, he came to stay at Creagan for a holiday just before he died.  His last face to face words to my Mum were about always feeling loved when he was with her.

Anyway 18 years on and I still miss him tons and think of him often.  Funny how little things trigger it – like an actor having the same eyes, or Owen suddenly looking like him.  Also funny that its come to my attention when I’ve been thinking of him lots recently as my work is taking me to Perth Races this summer.  Grandad loved horse racing, indeed he was watching it and checking the results in the paper when he “fell asleep”.

The other wee co-incidence is that I found a picture of him last time I was at my parent’s home, and I was unpacking it this weekend so I’d like to share it with you, its from his 80th birthday – all those years ago!

My Grandad and his second wife - my Nanny-Pops!

RIP Archie Holder, love you always xx

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