Mother’s Day

Last week was a bit tiresome.  Poor Owen caught a virus at his wee chum’s birthday party the weekend before.
Huge bouncy castle and glitter ball

So he was off nursery, and Bryan and I had to juggle who stayed with him between our work commitments.  Not easy as I had functions on Monday evening, Tuesday lunchtime, Wednesday evening and Thursday lunchtime.  By Friday I was glad to stay home the entire day!

Poor wee Owen really wasn’t himself – huge temperature, runny bum and nose, off his food.  Then on Wednesday Bryan came down with it too!  Yikes!  This was my Wednesday afternoon…
Sick boy position

On Saturday Owen was a bit perkier so I took him off to Doonies Farm so that Bryan could have some time alone – and I was hopeful we’d see some lambs (we didn’t *sigh*).
Owen offers the pig a piece of carrot, just the one

However we did manage to have a nice Mother’s Day as a family.  It was a glorious day up here so we went down to the beach and had a picnic lunch and Owen collected shells and we made a pattern with them in the sunshine.
Ernest worker
Shell picture

My special treat was that Bryan cooked us a roast beef and Yorkshire pud dinner, with chocolate cake for dinner.  Yum.  Then when dropping Owen at nursery this morning I found a wonderful piece of artwork in the form of a Mother’s Day card.  I presume he made it before being off sick, but I’ll need to check that when I pick him up…!

Mother’s Day got me thinking though, about how ace it is to be a Mum.  I had a sad wee think about Bryan’s Mum who is sadly missed, and about my 2 wee babies that were not to be and didn’t make it past being embryos. 

Just one look at wee Owen when he smiles his gorgeous smile and nothing else in the world really matters (sorry everyone else!).  Amazing the bond between mother and child – alarming and fantastic.  Lots of my friends were posting photos of the presents and cards they got but I have to admit I got the best present I could ever get when Bryan handed me our little gooey newborn baby.  Love you always and forever my family.

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