Excited much?!

Well I have to admit to being very excited, I have been introduced to a lovely lady who has said I can be a reviewer for her website.  This means….FREE CONCERT TICKETS!!!!  It’s like heaven or something, hurrah!  Of course I have to try and write good stuff for her so she keeps “using me” so to speak.  Fingers crossed.  The theatre reviewing I used to do was good practice, plus we recently had a seminar at work called Proof Reading for Professionals that I attended.  So it has to be said I’m trying!  My first review is on the website at: http://www.game-shot.com/index2.php#/info1/1/  Yes I went to see The Wanted, for free, in good seats, with my fab chum Gill.  We may have screamed a bit at young boys…
The Wanted go up on a platform

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