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Fab weekend

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Well that’s it, Dad is now 60.  And what a lovely weekend we had which included helping him celebrate.  Obviously any 3 day weekend such as we had is an awesome thing, but we really did well this one!

Saturday we went for a walk to the scrublands round from our house and enjoyed the sunshine.  There are many photos, especially of Owen inspecting a bug, if you wish to see them.  My favourite has to be this one though…

Sunday we were to drive down to my parents place, so we stopped off en route at Camperdown Wildlife Park in Dundee to see the beasties.  Again there are several photos of my own and of Bryan’s.  We even had a picnic lunch in the sun.
My chaps

Owen decided it was time he learnt how to use one of these camera things so I didn’t get to take as many as I might have done normally!
Camperdown - Owen learns to use a camera

Anyway then it was down to Creagan and have dinner with my folks.  Dad had cooked us roast chicken and Owen looked a little concerned when I said it was chicken and then pointed out the window to the chicken run…  He ate mostly mashed potato it must be said!

The next morning, after checking the chickens for eggs and finding one which Grandad wrapped carefully for him to take home for tea, we all headed to Blair Drummond Safari Park.  There we had a fab and lovely time looking at more beasties.  Can you believe neither of my parents can remember ever having seen a real live meerkat before?!  The poor deprived folks!  Of course Owen’s favourite bit was splashing in the puddles, typical boy!  Again several photos, and a video of him splashing are available.
Wee boy, big umbrella, wet Grandad

And I’m happy to report that my folks liked their pressies – last night they were at Pitlochry Theatre to see My Fair Lady, Mum was allowed her pressie a few days early to fit in with performances!  Hopefully they enjoyed it as much as I did when I had to go for work recently.   And who wouldn’t like a canvas of Owen and his Grandad?!
My chaps admire themselves

Feeling old

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

On Monday my Dad turns 60 (regardless of what he says about being 21…).  Then next Saturday my Mum reaches 64.

Obviously their birthday’s are theirs, and I do hope they have lovely celebrations.  But still.  I’m taking this personally.  I’m going to have “OAP” parents.  Add to this the fact that my darling little baby Owen turns 2 on 18th October (already?!) and I’m feeling rather old.  Certainly can’t deny being a grown up now can I?!  Even had a conversation with one of my friends about giving up my stupidgirl tag.  I can’t bear that obviously but I did discuss it.

That’s really all I have to say on the topic, just that its scary, getting old.  Of course the greys don’t help trying to deny it.  So I dyed my hair this week.  Oops.  Colour was a bit darker than usual, I now have pretty much black hair.  Which it must be said I have always wanted to try.  I just didn’t mean to do it just before 2 important functions at my work and then going to visit my parents.  Actually it was probably kinda fitting for the first function as we had the crime author Stuart MacBride into the library to do an author event for us.  He has nothing against the colour black.  Last night though was the President’s Dinner at my work, lots of VIPs from organisations around the city, including the Lord Provost.  I bet he didn’t like my hair.  Oops.

Dad won’t like it either when we go down to support him in his old age…I mean celebrate his birthday!  Ah well, such is life.

I am very excited about our impending visit though, we’re going down on Sunday so we will wake up with him (not literally obviously) on his 60th birthday.  SIXTY!!  The plan is that we have a family day out to Blair Drummond Safari Park so fingers crossed the weather lets us do just that.  I used to go every year when I was wee as we got a free family pass in exchange for having their brochures in the hotel.  I hadn’t been for years until this summer when I went with some fellow Law Librarians.  We had a fab time and I went home with my face painted as a dalmation…
Dalmation me!

Anyway I know you don’t care about me, so here’s the update on Owen…
He’s doing great, can count to 2, speaking lots of words now, obcessed with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Hi ho being frequent words on his lips!), loves cars, tractors, our cats, flirting with girls. He is really intelligent, last week I told him we were going to see his Grandda at lunchtime, he pointed to Bryan and said Dadda’s Dadda – which is right. It wasn’t a fluke either as back home that night he pointed to the football strip Reg bought him and that he was wearing proudly and said Dadda’s Dadda again!

Last time I took him to my parents’ place we drove down at his bedtime, the plan being to let him sleep in the car then quietly transfer him into a bed at their house. However I got out the car to find he’d woken up and was saying “Grandad” very excitedly. We’d got him and all the bags into the house and the monitors set up when he realised he shouldn’t be awake and started crying, but as soon as he was put into bed he rolled over mid cry and went to sleep! Bless him!
Owen and his Grandad

Anyway lunchtime over so will shut up for now, but will try and report back after the weekend!


Friday, September 23rd, 2011

As some of you may know, we have had Bryan’s brother Lee living with us for the last wee while.  Well, after much negotiation he was allowed to have his 4 kids for a 2 week visit.  As they moved to the South of England earlier this year he hasn’t been able to see them since, other than through electronic means which sadly lacks the hug functionality.

Its been fab to see them, although we have to admit it was a relief they didn’t need to stay with us the whole time as our wee house just ain’t big enough!  Owen has loved spending time with his cousins, and they’ve been so sweet with him – even when he woke us all up very early this morning!

(Oops just found this saved as a draft, not sure why I didn’t “Publish”.  Was a while ago they were here but still worth posting now I guess)