We are just back from Bryan and I’s first proper holiday together since our honeymoon eight years ago.  Given the choice of anywhere I wanted I chose self catering in Carnoustie and as you can see we had a whale of a time!  My photos and videos are online here.  ADDITION – Bryan’s photos are now available too!!

We were staying at a lovely converted stables that had a sports centre next door so most every morning but one Owen and I went for a swim after breakfast.  Most afternoons I went for a “proper swim” as well, and occassionally jumped in the sauna or spa bath.  One morning Bryan even got up in time for a swim with us which was a nice treat for Owen.

Each afternoon we did a different activity, we were really lucky with the weather – the only times it rained were during the night or the Thursday – when we’d arranged to go to Edinburgh to meet up with some friends and meet a 3 week old baby so we were going to be inside anyway!

Owen and I are excited!

So we travelled down on the Saturday, via Charleton Fruit Farm near Montrose.  Had an ice cream and a play.  Once we checked into our accommodation Owen took a nap, I unpacked and Bryan found the nearest Tesco and got us stocked up.

Sunday it only seemed right to hit Carnoustie beach.  We paddled, built a sand castle, played in the park, and enjoyed the sunshine.

Helping with sand castle

Monday was a bit cloudy so we headed for St Andrew’s Aquarium where we had great fun waving at each and every fish and beastie.  Owen tried to copy a seal’s flipper movements which amused me a lot!

Owen liked St Andrew's Aquarium!

The next day we headed for Camperdown Park in Dundee which has a Wildlife Centre.  Now we have passed signs for this many, many times and I wish we had been sooner as its ace!  Will certainly be stopping off there in the future, either just for a run around in the huge play park or to visit the animals again.  I was disappointed to find that the elephant I’d seen mentioned on the website was only a sculputure but all the other animals were cool!  Even the wolves got up to see us, and Owen was quite taken with the brown bears.  We were slighty scared by a skunk who looked a bit dead but on close inspection he was just having a very deep sleep in the sun!! 

Sunbathing skunk

The next day we were all a bit skunked…so we had a quiet day flopping around the house, kicking footballs around the disused tennis court, and doing not much else.  Then in the late afternoon we went back to Carnoustie beach and had a lovely time at the play park.

Loving swings

Thursday, as I mentioned, we went into Edinburgh and met up with our friends Iain and Laura and their daughters.  We all had lunch and then Owen and Rose were set loose in a soft play area.  Then it was back to the Young household for a visit from Kieron and Lyndsay and a good catch up with all their news as well.  It was lovely to see them all – especially the tiny wee baby who I was allowed to hold a couple of times!

Sweet dreams

Friday we were obviously running out of time so managed to do two different destinations!  It was also the day Owen said “no!” to the swimming pool in the morning.  First we went to Crombie Country Park and had a nice walk looking for nature, most of which Owen scared away in his noisy ways!!

Striding out with Dad at Crombie Country Park

Then it was home for lunch before we headed to Arbroath to see what their beach entertainments were like – and they were glorious!!  A huge paddling pool, a play park and….a miniature railway!  Obviously we HAD to take Owen on it.

Mummy may have liked the train as much as Owen...Fun in the sun

That night we were going to get an Indian meal from a take away we’d been told about but we decided to have a leftovers meal instead to eat up all the bits and pieces in the fridge.  It was an odd mix but rather satisfying nonetheless!

Saturday was home time, but not before one last stop off!  I had often noticed Brechin Castle Centre from the road when passing so it was finally time to explore it.  Unfortunately when we got there we were firmly told there were to be no picnics and there were no animals anymore – but on the upside it was free to enter!  Inside we found those huge bouncy cushion-like things which proved to be quite entertaining for rather a while!  Owen was also excited to get to sit on a tractor and pet a cow! 

There's something on my leg!Owen strokes a cow!Happy wee boy!

We had our picnic in the car, with ice creams for pudding, and then headed for home.  Bryan and I agreed it had been a sucessfully enjoyable holiday for all of us, just a shame it wasn’t longer!  The only thing we hadn’t done that we had planned to was to spend a rainy afternoon at the cinema for Cars 2 – but we certainly enjoyed the sunshine in its place, and we can always do that now we’re home! 

Owen spent the afternoon re-acquainting himself with his toys and books before heading happily to his own bed.  After which Bryan, Lee and I enjoyed a Pizza Hut with beers, ice cream and a good movie.  There’s no place like home!

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