Bad blogger

Well, hello there!  Been a while huh?!  I do apologise, not really sure how that happened.  Especially as I have a task reminder set up on my phone that bleeps at me most days with “Blog”.  Hmm, then I finally log on to see I haven’t done it since February.  And its now June.  How did that happen?

I can’t say its cause I’ve been ill or out of the country or anything exciting like that.  Nope, I’ve just been working and looking after Owen (and my other fellas) and trying to fit in having some fun in-between.  We are all fine and dandy, if a little pushed for time and skint – but we’re not special in that!

Owen is almost 20 months old, he’s obsessed with Toy Story at the moment, but recently its been Cars, trains (we took him on a steam train), and Mickey Mouse (we took him to see Disney on Ice).  He is talking lots now – not all of it understandable.  Important words in his vocabulary are: Dada, Mama, No (who taught him that one?!), Ball, Tractor, Cheese, Pasta, Cat, Dog, Please, Ta, Hiya, Tata (and started trying Bye bye).  He prefers to eat the same as us whenever possible, although still takes some off your plate as well as eating his own.  He now uses a Doidy cup to drink from after deciding lids on his drinks were silly things.  He occassionally will give kisses (with the hugest pucker you can imagine) but he has to be in the right mood or you get No, No, No with much shaking of the head!

Bryan’s fine, working away, dreaming of winning the lottery and stopping work.  Just his usual!  He’s started playing (doing?!) Airsoft with his cousin Ray occassionally.  It’s like paintball but with pellets instead of paint and they use replica guns.  Still it gets him off the sofa and means Owen and I get some Sundays to ourselves which makes up for all the times I go off and leave Daddy in charge.

George and Benson are usually miaowing hungrily but are also fine.  They are so cute with Owen and seem to know he needs to learn to be gentle so they put up with him.  He is usually good with them, and they love his new habit of bringing in a few bits of grass for them when we get home!

Lee, my brother in law, is still staying with us.  He moved in about November time when his relationship ended, unfortunately she’s now moved to England with their 4 children so he’s kinda lost them too but they talk most nights.  They used to be home schooled but yesterday was their first day at “proper school”.  I was so proud when I saw a photo of them all grinning happily in their green uniforms, bless them!  Its so lovely having Lee around and I’ve really got to know him a lot better over the past few months.  Owen loves his Uncle Lee too so is great that he’s getting the chance to spend time with him.

And me, well I’m my usual busy self.  June is even more mental than usual with me being away 3 weekends out of 4, but you only live once so I might as well enjoy it!  I must admit I tend to update Facebook a lot more than on here, its quicker and easier to do I guess.  I love the “check in ” feature to show all the places you’ve been, quite fun!  So if you miss me blogging you could always cyberstalk me over to FB…

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