Yesterday, 18th January, it was 15 months since Owen was born and 13 years since I met his Dad.  Funny when dates collide like that.  Can’t believe its been 13 years since I met Bryan, I was such a different person back then, luckily he seems to like me now too so that’s fine!  Next month we celebrate 8 years of marriage too.  Happy days!

So, how’s Owen at 15 months?  Well he has 8 teeth, he loves dancing, eating, shoes and our cats.  He tries to copy things you do and say.  His attempts at piggie “oink”s and car “brum”s are really quite amusing.  He insists on putting his own nappies in the bin in the kitchen, and woe betide you if you don’t take him straight there to do it once he’s changed.  He helps take his clothes off before baths and knows that Mum likes to make a pile of them in the corner ready for washing, so he likes to be able to get to the corner thank you very much!  He wants to walk everywhere himself and giggles whenever you let him when outside.  He wants to brush his own hair but often just hits himself in the head with the brush instead.  He’s getting quite good at feeding himself, but it works a lot better if you load the spoon first.  On the bus home from nursery he usually woos at least 2 ladies, often blondes and often at the same time. 

Owen likes Mummy's eBay shopping addiction

Oh and in case you were worried about this situation – don’t worry we bought a duplicate Babbity from eBay so the problem is no longer a problem!

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