A challenge!

As I take lots of photos anyway, I decided to join this group on Flickr – 2011: The Photo A Day Challenge.  I have made a pact with myself to not let all the photos be of a certain young man, but we shall see how that goes and I promise nothing!  If you wish to check my contributions, and see my year in pics so far, you can just click on this link anytime you feel like it.  I figure it will be quite nice at the end of the year to look at the collection – might help me write my Christmas newsletter too.

I was inspired to do this, mainly, by two lovely young ladies who I have the pleasure of knowing on this wonderful beast that is the internet.  Both of them did a 365 days project last year which I enjoyed watching develop.  Poppet with a Camera’s results are available here, and Squeezeomatic’s results are here.  I had been wondering how each of them felt about it as they reached the end so was interested to read their comments under their last photos – Poppet’s last , Squeeze’s last.

But then, you never know how you’ll like something until you try it for yourself do you…  Watch this space, literally!

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