Toddler alert!

Well that’s Owen walking now, video proof here.  He’s so cute about it, been building up to more and more steps unaided but sometimes still needs a finger to hold onto.  Not a whole hand, just a finger, he is a big boy after all!  On Saturday Bryan and I spent quite some time at opposite sides of the lounge going “come give me a hug Owen” and he toddled from one to the other of us, hugged us and then walked to the next person and hugged them.  So cute, I had a lump in my throat a couple of times.  Oh and he can do kisses now, sticks his lips out as far as he can – unless he’s blowing a kiss in which case he whacks himself in the face (see video of this too!).

Owen now has 6 teeth, 4 up top and 2 down bottom and likes all sorts of different foods.  Give him a whole apple and he’s happy for ages…and the lounge gets littered with bits of reguritated apple skin!!  Generally he eats well, and anything we give him.  There are favourites – such as banana, blueberries, chocolate buttons (yes he’s mine!) and haggis!  When he first discovered lasagne and garlic bread he literally giggled with delight through the entire meal.  He no longer has bottles, although he still has some milk before bed but just normal cow’s milk, we’ve finished with that super-expensive, annoying to make formula stuff!

Trying to think what other major developments I should report on..  He says Da, Ta, Ma and versions of Duck, Cat and Tractor.  The other day his Uncle Lee spotted that he’d said Tractor with a Devon accent – no idea where he got that from… (for those who don’t know I was born in Devon and lived there till I was 8 which is where my love of tractors came from.  Owen has a John Deere calender in his room which one of my Twitter friends gave me and the first time he said tractor was when we were changing it to November and seeing what the new picture was.  Proud moment, and luckily Dad heard it from the next room so it was verified!). 

Owen does some cool things, like tonight it got past 7pm and suddenly he just crawled to the bottom of the stairs, waited for me to follow him, then went up the stairs, into his room (once I opened the door) and stood up next to his cot.  Yes Mummy, bed time now.  Bless him!  He has ways of making you do what he wants, like when he brings you a book and then turns round and sits on your lap – or if you’re not on the floor stands between your legs and reaches up the way so you pick him up.  A lot of the time he points at things he wants – like the bubble machine in the bath, he loves baths and bubbles.  He does sometimes cry if he doesn’t get what he wants, can understand how kids become spoilt brats as giving them what they want shuts them up but we try not to give in too often – especially if the cheeky brat points at my chocolate!!  Generally though he’s a happy, smily wee guy.  The other morning he woke up giggling and kept giggling whilst we got up and ready for nursery.  Oh and nursery, he loves nursery and the ladies that look after him.  The other night with all the snow we offered one of the ladies a lift home and he was sooooo delighted that she was getting in his car, just giggled and smiled.  So nice to know he’s happy there, much easier to leave him in the morning when he’s all excited to be there and see all his wee friends.

We had a long weekend booked last weekend to go to Edinburgh and attend 2 birthday parties of our friends (a 3rd birthday and a 31st!).  Unfortunately with all the snow we decided it was best not to go.  I grabbed the chance to take Owen to Codona’s Winter Wonderland so he could meet Santa.  Good time to go too on the Friday as there was hardly anyone there so we could take our time and let him have the chance to examine things in his careful considering way.  Not that Santa got any smiles, it must be said.  But once we moved through to see the reindeer there were huge smiles – and would he let go of his present?  Nope!  He didn’t open it either, just gripped it in front of him as if his life depended on it.  Was a bit of a mission getting his snow suit back on and getting him in and out of his car seat to go home!! 
We met Santa Loving the reindeer and his pressie from Santa

As for us, well we’re fine.  We’ve both had various bugs and stuff that comes from having a wee one at nursery but we’re coping!  I’ve benefitted indeed, as I finally lost the weight I always wanted to and am less than 10 stone (for possibly the first time since I was in my early teens!).  Not sure I enjoyed the sickness bug, diarrea bug, winter vomiting bug etc etc that got me here but at least they all had a silver lining!

Last month we had a week off work, which was lovely.  My parents were on holiday in South Carolina so we went and housesat their house.  Nice to get away for a bit, and it gave me the chance to see some pals and Bryan the chance to play in the big kitchen! 
Owen takes a nap in the 4 poster bed room
The added benefit of parents owning a hotel is that we could have some friends to stay whilst we were there, so we’d invited all our Hillside buddies for the weekend.  Bryan cooked us a 3 course meal ready for their arrival on the Friday night and I laid up the Baronial dining room, so once the kids went to bed we all had a yummy dinner.  We also indulged in cooked breakfasts both mornings, naughty but nice!  On the Saturday night Bryan had help in the kitchen, all we could hear was Kieron yelling “yes chef”, “right away chef”, “is this how you want it chef”, in his role of commis!
Creagan Visit

Anyway, must get to bed, Owen doesn’t always manage to sleep quite as long as we’d like and I can’t cope with 6am starts if I’m late to bed!  Hope that’s brought you up to date with us a wee bit though, couldn’t miss blogging that our baby is officially a toddler now though could I?!

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