Owen @ 1

So yes, our wee boy is 1 already!  I can now try and stop panicking about cot death if I wake up and its not because of Owen making a noise.  I hate that feeling when you go “ooh I’ve woken up and its not cause my baby is crying, that’s nice…  Oh gosh, why isn’t he crying, what’s wrong with him, there’s no noise from his room”.  Anyway the statistics drop a lot as of today for him so fingers crossed we’re past another scary thing.  Of course there are plenty more things to worry about now anyway!

The boy is doing great, he can totter a step or two unaided.  Although usually finds this so funny he collapses.  Its very difficult to video but I have tried!  He loves books and sits and flicks through them for ages, sometimes several at the same time.  He can say Da, Ta, Du and Ma.  I do come last, even after the duck, it must be said.  He’s very keen on ducks though, we were looking through a book yesterday and a duck was under one of the flaps and he pointed at it and said “Du du du” very excitedly!  Pointing is his other thing at the moment: he points at places he wants to go, things he wants to have, people he wants to do things for him (I register highly at this one, lucky me!).

Happy chappy!

We’ve had him swimming, and he still loves his baths – especially the bubble machine.  The cats are still much loved by him, although they are learning to move faster as he can really move now, either crawling or with his baby walker.

He eats well and sleeps well – usually!  Had a bit of conjugitivis the past week so that’s upset him a bit, understandably!  Generally he goes to bed at 7pm and knows he’s not allowed up until 7.30am so if he wakes up early he just chats away to his teddies until I go and get him.

All in all, he is fab and amazing.  Its hard to believe he’s really ours but I tell you something – I ain’t never giving him back!
Birthday Boy!

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