Bad Mummy

Poor wee Owen.  As if a throat and ear infection isn’t enough to cope with, Mummy then decided that his favourite comforter was too germ ridden and needed a wash.  And then had the gall to try and put him to bed without it!  You what?!
Bad Mummy!

Bunny Babbit is usually in Owen’s cot and is usually cuddled as he goes to sleep.  Last night though, he was in the washing machine getting dizzy and I felt like such an awful Mummy watching Owen searching his cot for him.  No matter how many other teddies I gave him, the crying continued until finally he managed to get to sleep.  Normally we put Owen in his cot and he may gurn for a wee minute but that’s it, last night he was crying like the world was ending.  It wasn’t enjoyable!

Tonight it didn’t take as long, although he was obviously looking for Babbity.  I think it helped that he decided he wanted to go find Daddy who was upstairs so climbed the entire staircase!  I was close behind him but he managed the whole of the stairs on his own – must have helped tire him out!

Health wise, he is definately getting over his infection.  Seems a lot happier.  However, I did have to give a parental signature today for his first Accident Report at nursery.  Poor wee chap!  He and one of the wee ones both wanted the same toy, and it ended up giving him a wee cut on his chin as they fought over it.  Apparently he hardly cried about it but it was bleeding for a wee while.  I’m quite glad I missed his first blood – not an essential “first” to be part of!  I probably would have cried more than he did!!  Talking of nursery, it was so sweet when I went in with him this morning.  3 of the wee ones came over to the door to say hello to him and one wee girl even brought him a yellow ball, was so sweet!!  He did look like he might cry when I was leaving though – makes such mixed emotions, you don’t want them to be unhappy but you do like that they want you with them!  He did look pleased when I collected him tonight, started waving at me with a huge grin as soon as he saw me!  He’s just mastering waving as a concept so every wave seems special!  As we got home we had a chat to one of the neighbours and as she was saying goodbye to him he did a 2 handed wave, which I hadn’t seen him do before, it was really cute!!  It may have been his wave of approving her suggestion that she babysit for us sometime – at least I may persuade myself of that now that the new A Team movie is out….oooooh!

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