Bouncing back…slowly…

I think I blogged yesterday during Owen’s afternoon nap.  Normally he naps for up to an hour, morning and afternoon.  Yesterday it was 1.5 hours in the morning, and 2 (that’s TWO!) hours in the afternoon!  If I hadn’t been distracted by someone threatening me with legal action, which was all a bit disturbing and upsetting, I might have been a bit panic stricken.  However sleep is often the best cure and he did wake up with a smile and seem a lot better for it.

He slept well last night as well, except a bit of gurning about 4am.  A couple of times I nearly went through with his sugar free paracetamol but then he went quiet again, so I just left it.  I don’t think we were awake longer than half an hour.  After our day off I’d apparently forgotten to set my alarm clock, so it was very kind of him to wake up 2 minutes before it normally goes off – and then to go back to sleep whilst I had my shower and breakfast.  Bless him, he’s so well trained and knows our routine so well!  When I went in to get him up he seemed his usual self, smiling and happy.  He’s not quite back to normal but there was no crying this morning, until we got to nursery and I went to leave.  Apparently he wasn’t too much extra trouble at nursery, just a bit sensitive and wanted extra attention.  Quite understandable for a wee sickboy really!

On the bus home he was charming ladies, young and old with his smiles, and I think there were even a couple of waves (waving is still a new and not quite mastered skill).  I was sat next to a bearded man who was saying hello to him – well I think Owen grabbed at him, as he’s prone to do.  Anyone sat near us is obviously there for his entertainment.  Anyway part way up the road the man took Owen’s hand and rubbed it on his beard.  Owen looked rather unsure, so he did it again.  We then got the most hilarious facial expressions – it was as if he was smiling and grimacing at once, in the most adorable way.  He would move away and then reach up for another touch of it and the face would appear again.  Most of the people on the bus, well at the front as it was a bendy bus, were laughing at him as well.  It really was quite hilarious – and it was lovely afterwards as well as several people said goodbye to Owen as they got off the bus – and he loves attention and being waved at.  Quite a tonic for me too after a stressful few days!

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