Poor wee mite!

So Owen is ill.  I mentioned at the weekend that he wasn’t quite right.  We thought it was just teething as he does now have 4 teeth.  But no, yesterday I had the first phone call from the nursery.  They were asking if they could give him sugar free paracetamol, which I of course agreed to.  When I collected him Angela said even the other children were giving him funny looks as they are not used to him crying.  The medicine had helped but he was certainly not himself.

Usually on the bus he’s standing on my lap, watching and smiling at everyone and everything, this time he just sat on my lap and did the sleeping with his eyes open thing.  No one got smiles.  We got into the house and I put him on the floor to take his jacket and shoes off – usually this is when he shoots off to play with toys.  Nope, just sat there and looked sad.  Poor teething baby I thought and made his dinner.  He cried through much of that.  Daddy took him for his bath whilst I popped to Asda to get some more sugar free paracetamol from the Minor Ailments Service so we could take a bottle to nursery.  When I came home they were obviously still bathing Owen.  Then when Bryan lifted him out he started crying.  It seemed that picking him up hurt, and he seemed to be reluctant to move his right hand.  We took him downstairs and tried to get him to crawl.  Nothing.  Right, that’s just not right, time to phone the doctor.  I really love NHS 24, I wish we never had to use it but they are so lovely and helpful – well apart from when I mentioned his arm and there were questions about trauma and I could tell they thought we’d abused him and hurt his arm.  Yikes.  I was told we had to see a doctor that night, which I was actually quite relieved by as Owen was obviously in a lot of discomfort.  They phoned us back with an appointment at G Docs, the out of hours clinic, at 8.10pm.  So off we all trundled, Owen in his PJs wondering why we were in the car at bedtime.

The doctor gave him a through examination and declared he had a ear and throat infection.  The arm thing must just be that achy feeling you get with flu, think we all know how rotten that feels, poor wee mite.  The really interesting thing she told us is that when a baby is ill it often regresses back a step so because crawling is a new thing to Owen he will have stopped doing it as he’s ill, not necessarily because it hurts to lean on his arm as we were afraid it seemed to be.

She gave us a prescription and told us we had 15 minutes to get to Sainsburys before the pharmacist shut – off we raced.  Got there in time – and they didn’t have any of the stuff we needed!  DOH!  They also told us all pharmacists in Aberdeen shut at 9pm.  Drat.  Owen was so tired with it being 2 hours past bedtime that he was asleep before I got back to the car in a strop.  So we went home and put him to bed, when he woke up gurning near bedtime we gave him some sugar free paracetamol – and he slept right through till 7.45!  Bless him!

I arranged to be off work today once he was in bed and arranged with Bryan that one of us would go to Asda pharmacy at 8am and get his prescription before Bryan went to work.  Sorted.  Until I got to Asda and the pharmacy opened at 9, I’m sure it said 8 on the website!  Grrr!

At least it gave Owen and I a reason to go for a walk and get him some fresh air, maybe not ideal to do before his breakfast but he napped most of the way there and back so it was fine.  Today mostly he has napped, eaten, and of course, taken drugs. 
Today mostly we will be cuddling Bunny Babbitt

He does seem to be quite a bit better already, when I phoned nursery this morning they said usually 2 doses of the medication is all it takes for them to bounce back so I’m hoping when he wakes up from the current afternoon nap he will be feeling quite a bit better.  His naps have certainly been longer than normal today so I’ve managed to answer work emails and do some household chores.

Fingers crossed we’re through the worst of it.  Its horrid watching your wee one suffer and not being able to “fix it”.  Listening to an album of Disney songs on Spotify has helped, I even let him watch a bit of TV as sitting still seems to be his favourite thing.  The cats have been giving him attention too which is nice and has made him smile a couple of times.  They have each had a good brush during his naps so they seem quite chuffed I’m off work, George is curled up asleep beside me now, I did wonder if they missed me now my maternity leave is over.  Expect they like the peace and quiet though really!
Not a hair out of place

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