I’m having a nice weekend.  We had no plans so declared it was a weekend of nothing.  It has been most nice, just spending time with my favourite boys.  We have managed to do quite a few chores, I cut the grass and Bryan cooked 29 meals for Owen and baked some bread, for example.  Had some of the bread as it came out of the oven with some home made raspberry jam one of the solicitors from my work gave me – was heavenly!  Bryan and I also managed to get a little drunk on Friday night with some wine left over from a function at work, and last night we had fajitas and Corona – the perfect dinner partners!  Mostly we’ve been playing with Owen, he’s really got that crawling thing down to a T, he’s even been working on the climbing of stairs (no video as yet, its really all hands on the baby thing!).  *30th July – video now available, just click here.*

He can kind of say “Dada”, “Yes”, “Hiya” and he sometimes does a “Ta” when you give him something or take something away from him.  He understands more words than he can say, the smile if you mention “Petite Filous” at the end of a meal is quite lovely.  Even today – he’s not quite himself this weekend, so its good we didn’t have many plans.  He’s teething at the moment – now got 2 on the top to match the 2 on the bottom – but he’s also got a cold.  Not sure if its those 2 things that are adding to his usual pooping problems but he seems to be in even more discomfort than normal – and now his ears seem to be hurting too so he doesn’t want to eat as the ears and teeth must make eating quite uncomfortable.  Luckily we’re still managing to persuade him but its quite exhausting trying to keep him cheery and willing right through a meal.  Poor wee toot!  At least he slept in the last 2 mornings so I was able to sleep past 7am for a change, not by much but that’s fair enough! 

Talking of the teething – he’s been really cute the last few days wanting to see my teeth, obviously trying to work out what’s going on in his mouth.  He likes to feel them and and flick his fingers over them, really quite funny, when not sore!!

Owen even has an admirer, an older girl at nursery called Hannah who rushes over to give him a bosie every morning when I drop him off.  Of course we have to be careful as he is already bethrothed to the lovely Lydia – and she’s much nearer his age anyway!  Just a shame she lives in England, way south, and we’ve only met her and her Mum online!

Of course Owen’s 9 months old so Dad thought it was time he started taking a turn at driving us all to work/nursery in the morning.
Owen's turn to drive us all to work

Yesterday we all went out in the car, to the excitement that is the supermarket.  Owen is quite happy to sit in the trolley’s seat and look at everything going by..  Well, most of the way round – we have to carry him some of it when Bryan takes a while with his shopping but that’s not too much of a chore really!  I had almost put a changing mat on the shopping list as the second hand one I got from Freecycle has started to split at the seams, but I thought we could just make do rather than spending money.  Anyway walking through the baby section in Tesco, what do we see?  A Finding Nemo changing mat!  It’s fate!  This is the finishing touch to the Nemo themed nursery!  So yes, I may have put something non-essential in the trolley.  Oops.  But he loves it so who cares about the expense?!  The only downside is that its now even harder to get him to lay on his back and keep still so we can change him!
Nemo changing mat! Hurrah for Tescos!

Talking of Disney, since Owen was born I’ve now entered 2 competitions to win a family holiday to Florida/Orlando/DISNEY!!!  I can imagine there will be many more over the next few years but I will state now that by hook or by crook we will go one day.  Bryan’s passport ran out the year we were married and now, 7 years later, we’ve finally renewed it – so that’s the first step!  Owen does now have a savings account as I mentioned we were planning a while ago, and his Child Benefit is going into it each month, and will continue to do so for as long as we can afford to do that.  We also put any monetary presents he is given in there – even when its just a wee amount, like one day this week when a lovely man gave him £1 on the bus for being so well behaved!!  We’ll do what we can to save up so the 3 of us can go when Owen’s about 5, and can appreciate it.  Of course if I win it before that we’ll happily go sooner!!  I’ve wanted to go to Disney World for as long as I can remember.  Have realised now that it will be even more magical to go with my own child so I’m glad I’ve waited this long to go.  Bryan did take me to Disneyland Paris when he worked for Disney Store and got a discount but that’s just not the same.  We did have a cool time but it didn’t stop me wanting to go to Disney World!

Anyway, that’s the weekend nearly over so I’d better shut up about my weekend!  Hope you had a nice one too.

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  1. Chantal says:

    Great for Owen that he can crawl so well. Disneyworld is cool. I went to Disneyland when I was 15 years old and twice to Disneyworld, when I was 16 and 18 years old. And to Disneyland Paris when I was about 25. I prefer Disneyworld. So I hope you win the competition!!!

    x, Chantal