9 months!

Well Owen is now 9 months old, that’s 3/4 of a year.  He’s been outside as long as he was in!  So what stage is he at?  Well… he has 3 teeth; he loves pulling himself up to standing and today managed to stand twice without holding anything (for a very short period, but still!); he can move from lying to sitting to standing and back down again on his own(as long as there’s something to hold for the standing bit); he sleeps 7pm-6 or 7am and knows he doesn’t get up till 7.30; he eats just about anything you put in front of him (yesterday he enjoyed some BBQ food, today was home made sun dried tomato bread, although refused lovely fresh raspberries); he loves nursery and is quite happy being left there in the morning, but gets excited when collected as well; he can say Dada and seems to know this is Bryan, he also gives you things and says Ta; he loves bubbles and dancing and Petit Filous.  Generally he is a wonderful and amazing wee guy, but I have been told I may be biased.  Now he is so mobile he can be a bit akward, especially when trying to change his nappy or bath him!  It is great that he’s so keen and able but sometimes it would be a lot easier if he just lay there!!

Anyway here’s a wee pic of him on this momentous day, its rather nice that George cat is in the background as today is the 3 year anniversary of him and Benson coming to live with us as well.  I love all my boys, am so lucky to have the four of them to live with!
Owen with his 9 month birthday presents

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