Stupid germs and stuff

So I’d been warned that babies at nursery bring home germs and that Mummies often catch it worse.  I have proven the theory.  Hurrah – or something!  For several weeks I’ve had an annoying tickley cough, so last Monday I saw a doctor and got some medicine.  On Saturday morning I was changing Owen out of his night time nappy and nearly fainted.  No it wasn’t that bad a nappy – indeed I didn’t even get it open before putting him safely back in his cot and going to get Bryan.  We phoned NHS 24 and they arranged for me to see G-Docs, the out of hours doctor up at the hospital.

Got there and he found I had low blood pressure which got lower when I stood up – not good.  He decided it was either that the medicine was lowering my blood pressure, I was getting a virus or I was pregnant.  At the use of the P word I burst into tears.  It is rather unlikely as I have a coil but we did a test all the same – phew, negative!  The advice was to stop taking the medicine, go home and rest “eat, drink, watch Dr Who”.  Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

We had a quiet Saturday afternoon, with me going to bed at 8pm, and I woke up far worse.  Sunday was mainly me sleeping, drinking water and coughing.  Happy Birthday Bryan – here’s the baby, I’m out of it.  Poor man!  He made the best of it and took Owen to the beach where he had his first ever paddle in the sea, they then went to the supermarket and did the week’s shopping and came home with a get well card and a shell from the beach for me.  I hardly ate all day, which is most unlike me as any of my friends will know.  In the afternoon I called the lady who had done my maternity leave cover  and arranged for her to work the next day for me.

Anyway its now a week later (forgot I’d started this post, sorry!) and I’m almost back to normal.  But I’ve missed a bit of the saga – on the Monday I went to see my GP, I have now been diagnosed as having vasovagal.  And no, that’s not a “nasty girl thing”, its a tendency to faint.  It makes perfect sense really.  When I get overly hot and/or dehyrated I have been known to get fainty.  Week 25 of pregnancy I really did faint and thought it was just a pregnant thing.  Several years ago seeing Oasis, I blacked out and came too with the sound and lights technician peering at me, and found I had been dragged into his wee box before someone bounced on me.  When I did my work placement in London I went to a concert at Wembley one night, after spending my lunch hour buying a ticket, only to end up on the floor as Bjork sang on!  So now I have a name for these episodes, and know that I have to be careful and not let myself get too hot and too dehyrated.  Really not sure why having a name for it makes it less scary, but it does, so that’s me happy!  Well until I faint again!!  But now I know to watch for the warning signs, and when they come I need to sit or lie down and drink water.  Simples!

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