Settling into our new life

Well this is the end of my first full week on my own in the office and I think I’m just about settled into my new routine.  Owen is certainly settled into his as its his second full week at nursery.  He seems to love it there, on his 7th full day he didn’t cry one teardrop all day – so that’s a good sign.  There was one morning this week when I took him in and he immediately held his hands out to Angela.  That was quite hard for me as its usually me or Daddy that he wants but it does make it much easier to leave him with her knowing that he’s happy with her.  The girls that work at the nursery all seem lovely and I think Owen’s really enjoying all the “new” toys and meeting the other children there.

Yesterday I was told what a contented wee boy he is and that he’s so easy to settle for his naps, apparently some wee ones kick and scream but he just lays down and goes to sleep with the occassional gurgle to himself!  He’s the same at home so I’m not surprised really.

Nursery is working out better than I had hoped.  The first day he came home with his report card:
Report card from Day 1 at nursery

I noticed that he’d had porridge for a morning snack – as well as I’d given it to him for breakfast! (Perhaps this is why he only ate half his lunch that day!)  I asked about this and some kids don’t have time to have breakfast before they leave so this is an option for them all.  I had been sending him in with his formula for 10am before his nap, so now I’ve swapped around.  I give him his bottle before we leave the house then he has porridge at nursery.  Its a lot less hassle for me, and will save us a bit of money!  Saves the nursery making up his formula and keeping his bottle seperate as well so better all round I think.  Owen still seems happy so that’s the main thing!

As for me, I’m settling back into work fine.  Spent most of this week trying to get things back to “how I like them” and working out the Childcare Voucher Scheme which my work were kind enough to agree to.  Bryan’s work has agreed to set one up too so that’s fab.  Basically we can have up to £243 a month each in vouchers, tax and NICS free.  We loose that much in our salary (salary sacrifice) but it will save us over £2,000 a year in deductions and will save each workplace about £300 a year in their contributions to NICS for us as well.  So its a win/win situation really!  Just a bit of a faff to set up!  There are companies that can do it all for you but you have to pay them a fee obviously and as each of our workplaces only have 1 employee that qualifies for the scheme it makes more sense to do it ourselves in house.  The other bonus is that our nursery takes credit cards, so once they’ve had the £486 in vouchers I can pay the rest of the month’s bill on our visa and get points for it!  And we all know that points make prizes!

Anyway that’s the man here to fix my boiler so hopefully he’ll be done soon and I can get to work!  I now have a bus pass as our new routine is: all get in car in morning and Bryan drives us to the nursery, he drops off Owen and I and drives off to work.  I then get Owen settled and walk down to my work (although when its bad weather I will jump on a bus).  After work finishes at 4pm I then walk back to nursery to get Owen (again have bus option) and then we both get on a bus and go home.  We can then get him fed, and sometimes bathed, before Daddy gets home.  We then have a bit of time to play before its bottle and bed at 7pm for the wee man.  By the time we’ve had dinner and done our chores that’s pretty much bed time for us too but we sometimes fit in a film, or Bryan plays xbox and I amuse myself online.

If I prepare stuff the night before it means that I only actually need to get up 15 minutes before I used to in order to get Owen and I ready in the morning.  Bryan gets up 15 minutes earlier than he used to as well so that I have some time just before we leave to straighten my hair and try and look presentable!  So pleased I got Owen into the routine that he has to stay in his cot until 7.30 even when he wakes up early, it gives me time to have a shower and my breakfast.  Then once I get him up I can concentrate on him until I get my 15 minutes before leaving.

I love it when a plan comes together!  Oh and what happened on my first day in the office?  There was a CPD and there was some leftovers so I had to “dispose of them”.  I’ve got a hard life, me!
Ah how I missed my staff benefits...

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