End of an era

Gosh.  Well.  Yesterday was Owen and I’s last day home alone on maternity leave.  Bryan is off work next week and on Monday Owen starts nursery part time.  Every day next week he will be at nursery for 1.5 hours.  We will still go to our toddler group on Tuesday morning and music group on Wednesday morning but they will be our last visits to either. 

This last week we’ve had various visitors for one last visit before I go back to work and we’ve just tried to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. 

Happy swinger

We’ve had a lovely 7.5 months together, it really has been fab.  I’m so glad Bryan and I were able to save enough money up before I needed to go on maternity leave so that I could take the full 9 months that one is entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay.  We really are lucky in this country to have that opportunity.

Then on Wednesday afternoon I will fly off to Brighton for the BIALL conference that runs Thursday morning – Saturday lunchtime.  Quite jammy to work it that my first day “back at work” is at a conference but it is something I have been to most years since I got into law librarianship.  I thought it would be a good way to get my head back in gear – and after being away from Owen for that long putting him into nursery full time on Monday 14th June shouldn’t seem like such a big thing!

Bryan will actually be alone with Owen from Wednesday night till Sunday night as I am making the most of work paying for my flights and having an extra night in Brighton.  Thanks to my parents and one of my aunts giving me money for my birthday I didn’t even have to pay for the hotel that night!  On Saturday night I will be on a night out with various lovely people that I talk to on Twitter and I just can’t wait to meet them all!  I may worry a bit about the fact its called @BrightonPissUp and I’m very out of practice with drinking but hey, I’m willing to give it a go!! 

Once I come home I have the Monday as annual leave, partly so I’m available if anything goes wrong with Owen’s first full day at nursery and partly so I can do laundry and clean the house after leaving my 4 boys alone for 4 whole days!  Then I will be back in the office on Tuesday 15th June trying to remember what I have to do at that “work” thing…!

I keep getting asked if I’m just going back part time so I can spend time with Owen but unfortunately I will be going back full time.  The nature of my job, and the fact we need my full salary, prevent me doing anything else.  The good news is that my hours have always been 9.30-1 and 2-4, plus covering any events the Society is having so it should work out quite well with having a wee one anyway.

I used to get a lift with Bryan to and fro work and just be there extra time as he works 9-5 but now I will get a lift in with him, and the bus home.  If he drops Owen and I at nursery I can go in and get him settled and then get to my work for 9.30, then when I get finished at 4 I can go collect Owen and we can get the bus home.  Hopefully we will get him fed and bathed by the time Daddy gets home so they can have some time together before Owen’s 7pm bedtime.

Unfortunately this adds the cost of a bus pass to the cost of nursery so we will be rather skint for the next 4.5 years until Owen goes to school!  But at least we know he will be getting a varied programme, balanced diet and lots of other wee ones to play with each day.  Think he’ll have a whale of a time at nursery!  It’s really nice as they give you a wee report of his day each night so we know what he’s been up to, what he particularly enjoyed, and what he’s had to eat.

To mark the end of the era of my maternity leave Owen yesterday managed to pull himself up to standing position with only the aid of a coffee table.  He’s growing so fast and developing so many new skills, it really is amazing.  As usual I caught it on camera and added it to my Flickr page, which I have still been updating most days even when not blogging.
Link to video.

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