Naughty non-blogger

Over a month since my last blog entry, shocking.  I really am very sorry, but these baby things sure do keep you busy.  And now I’ve stopped breastfeeding I have far less time sat down next to my laptop.  Am working on teaching him to hold his bottle himself but he has most of them in his high chair with proper food so that won’t help much anyway!

Anyway my plan to get back on track is to blog a few times in the next week, or so, on different topics to bring us up to date – and then to try and blog a bit more regularly after that! 

So coming up we will have the following topics:

  • Owen’s health and development update
  • What we’ve been up to since I last blogged
  • Our holiday to stay with my parents

And I’m still planning on blogging the birth, really should do that before it all blurs in my mind!

In the meantime I must away and make use of Owen’s nap time to try and get further through my Christmas thank you letters, as they are another thing on my To Do list.  Really want to get them done before my birthday next week just in case anyone is silly enough to give me a present and add to my to do list!!!!  Hee hee!

I have still been putting photos and videos on my Flickr page most days so you can watch the boy grow but here’s a selection to keep you going in the meantime:
Owen in ball pitOwen enjoying Rowan bedroomOwen and I in the coffee shop after our walkOwen and his doting grandparentsSo he likes baby rice then...?!Lucas realises his Mummy and book are with another little boy!Come on Daddy let's get em!Baby watch3 generations of RobertsonsAdmiring himself in the mirror

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  1. Jayne says:

    Aww what a cute baby !