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Owen’s health and development update

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Update as promised

Owen is certainly growing well, as Daddy’s biceps will show!  He is now 5 months old and is quite tiring to hold for long as he’s a “decent size”.  He is really interested in anything and everything, especially the cats!

On the 18th March (5 months to the day after he was born) he had his 6 month check with the health visitor and weighed 18 lbs 8 (8kg 390).  He is now 68 cm long.  She was pleased to tell me he is growing in proportion.  She asked loads of questions about how he was getting on and apparently he can do everything he should for his age plus some!  She also said we’d proved ourselves to be “good parents” and so are deemed as needing little guidance and assistance.  I felt so proud I thought I’d burst! 

It was actually just what I needed to hear as we’d just had a couple of incidents which had knocked my confidence.  Firstly we were in his first “road traffic incident”.  We were going into town, stopped off to see my friend for lunch on the way.  She offered us a lift into town and we declined the offer politely as we didn’t have a car seat so it wouldn’t be safe.  Oh the irony.  We then got on a bus which ended up getting the rear end of a trailer through its front door.  It was quite a jolt but Owen was in his BabyBjorn carrier, strapped to my front, and slept through the whole thing.  It really shook me up as it made me realise I can’t keep him safe from the world, even when I’m with him.  Still no one was hurt and as I say, he didn’t even notice. 

Unfortunately he noticed the second incident.  I had gone into the kitchen to puree some apple for his lunch.  He was sat at the back corner of the sofa, between the cushions, with his toy laptop on his lap, happily “working away”.  I’m not very good in the kitchen so took longer than I should have and there was a horrid *Thud*.  Somehow he had managed to get to the edge of the sofa, whilst still playing with the laptop, as I was listening to its noises so I knew he was okay.  Anyway poor wee guy had a grazed nose and as I got to him started crying at full gusto.  I felt soooo bad and awful, and no, he’s not been left on any raised surfaces since.  Anyway I phoned the lovely and helpful folk at NHS 24 and talked it through with them, then got him an emergency appointment at the doctors that afternoon.  Luckily babies bounce well so he was, and is, totally fine.  But what a horrid scare.  So yes, he can move, roll over, wiggle around etc now.  Well done Owen for that development!  And at least he fell from a low sofa onto a carpet and not from his high up changing table onto the wooden floor beneath.  I used to leave him up there and start the bath running or get more nappies out of the cupboard or whatever, but not anymore.  Look on the bright side and learn a lesson for the future, that’s what I say.

Breaking news, as this just happened yesterday – we now have permission to stop using Owen’s splint!  He has been growing steadily, so much so that he is now in 6-9 month clothes and we’ve been struggling more and more to get his splint on at night.  Yesterday morning it had come off totally so I phoned the hospital and they’ve agreed he can probably live without it.  He has a check up appointment on 14th April so hopefully at that we’ll get the all clear on his under developed hip.  He certainly loves standing, bouncing and using it!

The only downside is that he’ll now be able to roll over in the night but as he’s in his cot with sleeping bags now anyway it shouldn’t be a problem.  Still, when I walked in this morning and he was lying on his tummy I couldn’t help myself have a little panic.  Hopefully it’ll be fine though, I’m sure he’s not the first baby to ignore the SIDS advice.  He started sleeping in his cot after we’d been away for a week as he was filling his moses basket.  It’s lovely being able to put him to bed in his own room and know you’ve got the rest of the evening to yourself, and don’t need to sneak in when its your bedtime!
First nap in cot and Grobag

I mentioned pureeing apple, well that was due to the fact that we are weaning Owen onto solids.  In February he got back to the point of needing fed every 3 hours, day and night.  I spoke to the health visitor and we agreed it was time to wean him.  The WHO guidelines like babies to get milk exclusively for 6 months but Owen was a big baby to start with so I’d always been told we would have to wean him early.  So on 25th February we started weaning him from breast milk to formula.  The aim was to get him sleeping through the night so we increased his bottle feeds until by mid March he was just getting one breastfeed at bedtime.  Soon that seemed redundant, and given all the problems we’d had with feeding I was happy to stop it so 17th March was his last feed – and neither of us have missed it. 

I managed to feed him on just breast milk (apart from the first couple of weeks when we were struggling) for over the essential first 4 months and I am proud of myself for doing that, I will admit.  However I am sooooo pleased to get my boobs back and be able to wear a normal bra (or none at night!) without breastpads!!  Yikes!  My first beer was some treat too!  I stopped drinking in June 2008 when we started trying for a baby and I only had the odd glass of champers on special occassions, until he slept through the night when I had a wee half vino a couple of times but was always worried he’d wake up and need fed before it was out my system.  Last night I was out for dinner with a gal pal and had 2 bottles of Miller when we went back to hers – no guilt or worry – just sheer bliss!!!

Anyway, back to the boy!  So the transition from breast to bottle was easy for Owen, but he still wasn’t sleeping through the night so on 3rd March we started him on some baby rice as well as the Hungrier Baby formula.  I was trying to hold out for as long as possible before introducing food, in line with the WHO guidelines but he was just too hungry so on 14th March we started him with his first “proper food”. 
 If the video won’t work you can view it here.

It’s a messy game feeding a wee one but good fun and interesting to see the reaction to different foods.  He now gets porridge with fresh banana for breakfast, a couple of vegetables mashed together for lunch then a fruit with baby rice for dinner – as well as 5 bottles of formula through the day.  And hurrah, he sleeps through the night!  7.30pm – 7.30am ISH!

As far as general development goes he really is a pleasure to be around, always smiling.  He now giggles as well, which is adorable.  He is teething a wee bit, maybe just movement under the gums, but he doesn’t cry about that just chews anything he can get his hands on and drools a lot.  Gel filled keys are always in the fridge to help when needed and he does love the coolness against his gums when they are bothering him.  He can sit up on his own now although he needs a hand near his back as he sometimes leans too far backwards or to one side and topples over.  He loves being held up so he can “stand” and bounce on your lap.  He can hold things and pick things up, he holds his own bottle sometimes and his favourite game today was taking his socks off and putting them in his mouth!

Obviously I may be slightly biased in my love and proudness of him but I’m telling you – he is totally gorgeous and adorable!
Bath time

Naughty non-blogger

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Over a month since my last blog entry, shocking.  I really am very sorry, but these baby things sure do keep you busy.  And now I’ve stopped breastfeeding I have far less time sat down next to my laptop.  Am working on teaching him to hold his bottle himself but he has most of them in his high chair with proper food so that won’t help much anyway!

Anyway my plan to get back on track is to blog a few times in the next week, or so, on different topics to bring us up to date – and then to try and blog a bit more regularly after that! 

So coming up we will have the following topics:

  • Owen’s health and development update
  • What we’ve been up to since I last blogged
  • Our holiday to stay with my parents

And I’m still planning on blogging the birth, really should do that before it all blurs in my mind!

In the meantime I must away and make use of Owen’s nap time to try and get further through my Christmas thank you letters, as they are another thing on my To Do list.  Really want to get them done before my birthday next week just in case anyone is silly enough to give me a present and add to my to do list!!!!  Hee hee!

I have still been putting photos and videos on my Flickr page most days so you can watch the boy grow but here’s a selection to keep you going in the meantime:
Owen in ball pitOwen enjoying Rowan bedroomOwen and I in the coffee shop after our walkOwen and his doting grandparentsSo he likes baby rice then...?!Lucas realises his Mummy and book are with another little boy!Come on Daddy let's get em!Baby watch3 generations of RobertsonsAdmiring himself in the mirror