I am saddened

As I posted on Twitter and Facebook about 3am this morning when I found out:

  • Genuinely gutted. Just heard that Nizlopi have split up. Sad, sad day but at least I had one awesome night with them on 20th April 2008

For those that don’t know what or who this is, they are were a band.  Luke and John, two lovely guys – and yes I did meet them.  I was their “street team” at the gig in April 2008 and helped spread the word about the concert; for which they thanked me personally, bless them.  And they came and offered me a blanket when I was standing outside in just one of their t-shirts getting folk’s email addresses for their mailing list and telling them to buy t-shirts when they got inside – of course I declined the blanket as otherwise folk wouldn’t see the t-shirt! 

Nizlopi did folk music, with a twist, but became best known for The JCB Song which was an internet hit and thrilled people like me who like all the fab stuff they mention in it – like JCBs, Dads, Transformers and BA Baracus! 

The guys are awesome musicians and I wish them all the best in their solo futures.  But in the meantime I will be sad.

Luke sings and dances like a god

This is a photo I took at their concert in Aberdeen, I was sat on the front of the stage at one point but was enjoying myself too much to take many photos, and I seem to remember I had the camera on weird settings and couldn’t clear them.  I do have a very special video clip where Luke sings straight into my camera during the set – but I ain’t sharing it!

Funnily enough we had started discussing names for the baby we intended to try for at the time.  Bryan had said we should have twins of each sex and call them Luke and Leia, like in Star Wars.  Possibly a joke to start with but we actually liked the names so they were both on the table.  After meeting Nizlopi Luke I realised this was an even better name as, not only did it have a geeky connection to the much loved Star Wars, but it had a connection to the world of music as do ours.  (Bryan after Bryan Ferry and Maria after West Side Story).  So that was a decision made in my book, Luke Robertson it would be if we were blessed with a boy.  Until 9 months later when Nicole and Ray had Lucas Robertson.  The boys will hopefully grow up as best buddies so couldn’t have such similar names.  Ah well, c’est la vie – looking back I’m quite happy we ended up with Owen, I love the name – and wee guy!

In the email to their mailing list Luke included a lovely poem which I shall share here in the hope of increasing his adoring fans.

  • Oh what a time what a world in crisis
    Being made out of volcanic speed
    A time of greed and need
    Of deep fissures between us all
    And these flowers of hope amid the rubbish heap
    The deep strange story in our troubled chests that seems to shine a light on a possible future
    I know we can make it to the world we envisage
    And to not do so is weak and leaves us all desolate
    So lets go there together forever singing
    That laughter is in us all for the giving
    We’ve gotta keep going to where we know we’re bound
    Straight on brothers straight on sisters!

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