By George, we’ve got it! I think we’ve got it…

…to paraphrase Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady.

To what do I refer?  Well I’m afraid this is where I started talking about my boobs again!  If you were brave enough to read my blog entry about breastfeeding you will know that Owen and I were not managing to proceed in the traditional manner.  We have been using breast shields, which works fine but you do get some leakage and you need to sterilise them in between every feed. 

Well, at the weekend, during one of his feeds, I glanced down at one point and there was Owen feeding, and there beside him was the shield!  I did a double take, then checked that I could feel milk leaving me, and sure enough he really was feeding without a shield!

Trying not to get too excited prematurely I squealed at Bryan.  Anyway the next couple of feeds he would knock off the shield now and then, until now I don’t even get the shield out, I just sit down with Owen and away he goes!

I’m still trying not to get excited and think we’ll never need a shield again but I had such lovely supportive comments from various people after my main blog on the topic that I just had to share my glee – and here’s hoping it lasts!  Of course this Sunday he will be 17 weeks old, which is the minimum age for weaning, so not much longer that he’ll be feeding!  I will try to hold out for the recommended 6 months exclusively on milk, but it depends if he gets super hungry before that and needs more.  At least when I’m weaning him off brest milk onto formula it won’t be a new thing as he had formula for the first four weeks or so until we got established feeding.

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