15 weeks old already!

Well I just realised that at 2.50pm today Owen turned 15 – weeks obviously!  Hard to believe he’s been ours for that long but then at the same time I am now feeling a bit more confident as this Mummy-ing thing!  There have been quite a few “first”s since my last post – his first wee chuckle, first (and second the next day!) time going to a birthday party, first go on a bouncy castle, first attendance at a wee person’s music group, first trip to town shopping, first feed in public, first afternoon with his four cousins, first swing ride in a park, first look at a book and his first turning of a page himself.  The last thing obviously made his Librarian Mummy very proud!

Owen with his first ever party bagCara, Frankie, Maz, Blue & Berry...

Meanwhile I’ve had my first night out with a whole glass of wine, and another night I had my first beer since June 2008 when I gave up drinking and we started trying for a baby.  This is all due to the wonder of Owen now having his own bedtime.  I feed him at 7.30 and then we put him to bed and he tends to be asleep by 8.30 or 9 at the latest, so we have some time to ourselves.  He sleeps until at least 3 as a rule so its safe for me to have a wee drinkie once he goes to bed – woohoo!  The night I was out at Gill’s I was enjoying myself chatting to the girls so much that I didn’t get home until about 2am – and then Owen was awake an hour later!  That was hard, but worth it!  Nice to have some grown up chat for a change.

Form an orderly queue please

As for weight, Owen is now healthily over 15lbs and filling his 3-6 month clothes nicely.  On our shopping trip I chose him two outfits which are the first clothes I’ve chosen myself!  Everything else he’s worn has been hand downs or gifts – well except for the Manchester United clothes and the Mamas and Papas jacket that Daddy chose!  I am down to 10 stone 11 so only half a stone to loose before I get back to my pre pregnant weight – hurrah!  I’ve already past my pre trying weight as I was about 11 stone when we decided to try for a baby, got down to 10 stone 4 before I got pregnant and put on 3 stone!

Owen can now support his own head so we can now put him in his Bumbo seat, or the in door bouncer.  Its lovely that he can sit up supported and play with toys and as he can now grasp things he is enjoying playing with things – everything fascinates him and needs inspected.  It’s so cute watching him with new things, or with his favourite talking Winnie The Pooh teddy which he just loves.

Owen posing in his Bumbo seat

As I reported with his hip he now only wears his splint at night so that’s lovely as we get much nicer cuddles during the day, much closer!  His blocked tear duct seems to have cleared up so we’re not having to clean it and cream it twice a day, the down side is that when he cries we get real tears – which makes Mummy’s heart ache!!  We’ve still not managed to breast feed the “normal” way but we’re still happy using the breast shields, it doesn’t bother me anymore, I’ve just accepted that we use them and that’s that.  It does mean I’m constantly sterilising them and the machine is constantly on but such is life!  I also can’t just be lazy and stay in bed to feed him during the night, we have to come downstairs and get a shield from the steriliser – and it does leak sometimes so we couldn’t feed in bed anyway.  Never mind, small price to pay and it means I get to check email, Facebook and Twitter whilst the wee one fills his boots!  This is also why it was a big thing for me to finally feed in public, its a bit difficult to be as discrete when using shields, but it is possible!

At Lucas’ birthday party our wee guy started crying quite a lot and we were thinking he was teething but he’s only had a couple of crying bouts in total so I think it may have been his colic, or just that he was too warm or something.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell with babies.  He does like to chew or suck things but then babies like to investigate things in their mouths so it might not mean he’s teething – that will come soon enough I’m sure!

And that, I think, is that!

Cheeky chap with growing hair!

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