Kicky floppy baby!

Today we were at the hip specialist for a follow up appointment following the original ultrascan appointment and resulting return visit.  He is making good progress although not fully “fixed” quite yet.  So now he only has to wear his splint overnight and we can leave it in the nursery all day every day!  Hurrah!  We have another appointment mid April to check up on it and hopefully that will be our last.

It’s weird, I’d got used to holding him with the splint so he’s now less rigid – and I can’t hold him by his groin anymore!!  The splint was like a little baby holder so you could just hold it – and it kept him straight when feeding – its like I need to learn to hold him all over again!

He was just starting to get the hang of sitting upright, with assistance, so will need to relearn that as well I think.  But in the meantime he’s just enjoying kicking his legs freely!

 If the video isn’t working you can see it here, on Flickr.

To follow on from my last blog post, he continued to sleep through the night for almost a week but the last 2 nights has woken up hungry about 5am.  Not too bad, at least I’m getting a 5 or 6 hour stint of sleep and then going back to bed.  He is a good boy in so many ways!

Our snow is melting so we can start planning some trips out of the house, I think we’ll try a shopping trip in town next week with the pram.  Then in February we’re hoping to go stay with my parents for a few days whilst their hotel is closed and they can spend quality time with their grandson.  Plus Bryan can have some peaceful Man time – or maybe not peaceful as I think he’s planning a gaming weekend with some mates!  I’ll appreciate a change of scene anyway, much as I love my house!

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