Hip specialist report

Today Owen had his check up with the hip specialist to see how his under developed hip is doing.  He’s been wearing a splint for about 3 weeks now but we were given no indication when he got it about how long he would need it.

So he got x-rayed and then we were in to see the specialist.  She is very pleased with his progress in such a short period of time.  Apparently with the kind of splint he has its a minimum of 6 weeks wearing it full time and then it goes onto just overnight wearing of it.  She has given us an appointment for 4 weeks time and hopes that after that appointment he won’t need it full time anymore.  Here’s hoping!

I have to say, he was a wee gem again.  There’s lots of poking, prodding and pulling happening to him at the moment and he takes it all quite happily.  Today he was smiling at me as the lady put cold gel on him for the ultrasound and he just stared up at me as the hip lady manipulated his legs to test them out.  Such a good boy, I’m so proud of him.

2 Responses to “Hip specialist report”

  1. Beangirl says:

    Kids are wonderfully resilient. Your little man is a gem.

  2. geeklawyer says:

    I am so pleased to hear this. Glad he’s doing well