8 week check up – and general update

Peek a boo!

Today Owen had his 8 week doctor’s appointment.  Until now its been midwives and health visitors but this is the big check up and his first vaccinations – I was dreading it.  However the wee guy was just super.  He is doing really well and passed all the tests and hardly cried when he got his jags, which was great as I’ve been in the waiting room listening to the building being cried down by other babies!  He even smiled when the doctor made a joke, bless him!

His weight obcessed Mum obviously needs to report on his weight!  When he was born he was 8 pounds 15 and 3 quarters (4080 grammes), he then lost weight (as do all babies) but was quite slow putting it back on.  We had various initial feeding issues, as you may have read in my last post.  Anyway last time he was weighed he was back onto the same graph line, or centile, as he was born on and he is still on it now at 13 pounds 6 (6085 grammes).  So that’s super and exciting for us!

His length has gone from 51 cm at birth to 60 and a quarter cm today and his head circumference has gone from 38 cm to 42 cm, this latter is staying on the same graph line as well.

Owen has had a blocked eye duct since he was born and even though I clean it regularly and put breastmilk in it (full of antibodies apparently) it hasn’t cleared up yet.  So the doctor gave us some drops to put in it so hopefully they will help.
A blocked tear duct is not pretty

He also gave me a prescription for sugar free paracetamol (like Calpol) as Owen may be a bit feverish tonight after his jags.  Last week Owen was diagnosed as having colic so he also has some Colief to help that.  Yes, I am most grateful that children do not pay for their prescriptions!

In other medical news, the wee guy is currently wearing a splint.  The day after he was born it looked like he had a “clicky” left hip so we were given an appointment for an x-ray 6 weeks later in case it was not just an effect of being born, as is often the case.  When we went for the x-ray they found that his right hip was under developed.  Where he should have a big ball joint in a bowl, he has a wee ball on a plate.  Good description and diagram here.  The 2 aspects have to rub against each other to stimulate each other’s development and so the splint is designed to do this.  Luckily its been found at an early stage so it should be fairly easy to fix it as his whole body is still in a developmental mode.  He doesn’t seem at all bothered by the splint either as he’s too small to realise there’s anything wrong.
Owen in his splintOwen gets some tummy time in front of the mirror

Last week he went to his first formal meal, my work’s Christmas Library Lunch.  He was a total angel, despite being passed around lots of other guests for cuddles.  His colic issues mean he has wind and likes to be upright so I did have to spend most of the meal holding him on my lap but luckily I’m good at doing things with one hand now!

I also went to my work’s Annual Dinner last month.  Yes, I left the house for a whole evening and Bryan managed really well on his own with Owen – with the help of a bottle of expressed milk of course!  It was so nice to wear a dress, some make up and spend an evening talking to adults.  It was very kind of work to include me on the guest list even though I’m on maternity leave.

In non baby news, we got a new shed as the roof of our old one rotted and fell in.  Our car also failed its MOT and it turned out there was a recall on it so its been in the garage for the last 2 weeks, at least its under warrenty!  And we’ve had the chance to try out a Suzuki Splash as the garage is away up in Peterhead and they had to give us a courtesy car in the meantime.  Our rocking chair also collasped so we replaced it with a “nursing chair and footstool” that swivels and glides back and forward.  Bryan is looking forward to renaming it “xbox chair” once I finish feeding Owen!  Oh yes, and that’s me back to the baby. 

Well he is the centre of my world.
Owen smiling

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