Tribute to the Talent!

I’ve previously mentioned that Owen has had some lovely presents from friends and family but I think a special mention should be made of all the gorgeous, carefully made, hand made items he has received.  I blogged about the first thing he got in this category, a beautiful blanket with wild animals on it.  Since then he has had several other things as well though and although I have put photos on Flickr I haven’t mentioned them here.

Funnily enough two of my university friends have sent him home made presents, one a blanket made by Vicky and the other a cardigan sent by Graham and knitted by his wife.
Vicky made Owen a gorgeous blanketHandmade cardigan from the wife of grahad

Graham and I keep in touch through the power of Twitter and another friend on their sent some lovely wee shoes.  Funnily enough both Twitter pals choose green, but this coincidence could just be because they sent them before Owen was born so he may have been a girl!

Tiny baby shoes from @barbaragordon

Various of my Aunts have also knitted lovely wee cardigans for him which could be very useful as the weather turns colder.
Knitting from Owen's Great-Aunties: Dorothy, Kathleen and Sandra

There are some from Aunt Sandra (sent via her grandson Ellis who grew out of them).  There are also some from Aunt Kathleen and Aunt Dorothy – my Dad’s sisters, who can both knit apparently!  Hope knitting isn’t an essential for aunties though – my nieces and nephews have been deprived if so!

Another cardigan, with matching wee booties, was brought round for Owen by one of the solicitors I work with and his wife and are a gorgeous wee matching set.
Cardigan and matching booties from Sandra ToughSpecial booties from Sandra Tough

And lastly is a little cushion made by the lovely lady who made my wedding dress – all those years ago!!
Gorgeous hand made cushion from lady who made my wedding dress

So as you can see I have some wonderfully talented friends and family and Owen is a spoilt little boy – for which we say Thank You!!!

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