Owen is growing up…!

Yesterday was Owen’s 4 week birthday, celebrated by a walk at the beach with Hugh and Linda.  We then went back to theirs for a lovely roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and followed by Strudel and custard – yum!! 

Today we moved Owen into Size 2 nappies and he is no longer in “Newborn” clothes but is onto 0-3 months clothes!  He was getting soaked through and my cousin Lynne politely asked if he maybe needed bigger nappies – not sure why I didn’t think about that, think I expected someone to tell me it was time to change size or something!!  After she said that I realised his wee toes were right to the end of his babygrows so that maybe his clothes were getting too tight as well.  So that’s all sorted now.  Big boy!!
Owen is growing up...

My friend Jo sent him this just before Halloween but it was too big for him then, think its most appropriate most days anyway!!  Although he was an angel this morning – Bryan is off work this week so we were looking forward to no alarm clock and Owen let us lie in all morning which was bliss!  I was up at 3am and 7am feeding him but then he slept till 11.30!  Bless him!

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